Knite Club Aftermath, This Weeks Releases, Smart Es and Jimmy J and Innercore and more...

Hello Everyone,

Its time for a new blog, and I am sitting on a sofa absolutely wiped out from one of the best nights of my life - I am of course talking about Sunday nights sleep. But also, the night before, Knite Club 2 at Scala. That was alright as well lol.
Anyway, there is a whole lot to say, so I better get on with it! There are two parts to this blog, the first about Knite Club 2, and the second is about Thursdays new releases, which are tied into Knite Club as its the "Knite Club 2 Store Extravaganza".

Section 1: Knite Club 2 - the Second Coming.

If you have been online at all, you will have seen that Knite Club 2 WENT OFF! It was AMAZING. I am not going to bang on about the things you might have already seen online, might have already seen them online. I will stick to a few things I want to share with you.
Firstly, I do these events for the fun of it, and while it is a lot of work (and man, it is a LOT of work)...

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Knite Club Final Line Up, upcoming releases and more...

Hello Everyone,

Well, I am knackered. How are you? ever start to a blog. But I really am. Kniteforce Distribution is in full swing, but the last 4 weeks all I have done is build shelving and move records about. Nothing reminds you that you are 50 like doing loads of unexpected physical labour haha!

But enough of that - I am not really complaining because its brilliant to be working with the people I am working with, and the business is taking off in the same way a jumbo jet does...slowly with a lot of effort at first, but now were are speeding down the runway....Any stores looking to buy our records wholesale, or labels looking for distribution, please click the KFD logo above...

So let's talk about the upcoming and the further aheads! We are very pleased to have packed and shipped ALL the Acen Trip To The Moon color vinyl repress orders, and all the Isotonik Box Set orders.

We have also been told that a lot of records are about to land. A LOT of records. Obviously the Acen - Monolith box set is imminent. As soon...

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Kniteforce Distribution / Kniteforce Store updates

Hello Everyone!

Just another little blog to update you on some things you might find interesting! Lets start with Kniteforce Distribution!

We have already started shipping stock to stores, and more and more labels are joining us as we get up and running. Having said that, is it our intention to keep the distribution small and focussed, aiming to work hard for our scene specifically.

Most distributors have to sell every style to survive because the margins are thin. But Kniteforce is a record label primarily, and we were already going to be doing our own distribution anyway, so for us, to sell our friends music alongside our own ours is not only a pleasure, but good business for everyone.

We do not have the same pressure as a usual distributor, so we do not have to behave that way. We can work really hard for a few labels we like and believe in, giving them the time and care they deserve, rather than having to sell as much of everything as possible. So thats what we intend to do.

With that in mind, here is our labels list...

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Important Information Dump - But shortest blog in ages all the same!

Hello Everyone,

I emailed those of you awaiting the Trip To The Moon represses yesterday saying I was chasing information. I now have information, but as there were other things to say, I thought I better say them to everyone :)

So firstly, Trip To The Moon represses. The factory has some sort of issue which pushed everything back a week, but I am assured they will ship next week. As soon as they land, we will pack em and send em!

But as a general note, we only pressed 300 of each of these, and some of them are down to their last 90 or so. So if you were planning on picking those up, probably now is the best time to do that!

Next, Isotonik Extended Box Set: Once again, we are going to be shipping late next week as that s when the slipmats should finally arrive. I cannot believe the whole thing has been delayed by sodding slipmats lol, but there it is. Despite improvements, it remeains a very weird world we live in now.

I have been told KFW17 - Dj Beeno, and KFW18 - Sunny & Deck Hussy will...

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The Acen Monolith Box Set: All You Need To Know (Blog 2 of 3)

Hello Again,

Welcome to "blog the second" which I am writing on the same day as blog the first, cos time is so short! Tomorrow (Tuesday) The Lowercase and I are out collecting KF stock, and some other labels stock, to bring back for Kniteforce Distribution, so I figured better get this done today. Gonna be knackered tomorrow!

Before I start, I wanted to confirm with you who are waiting on the Isotonik Box Sets: Those should go out by the end of this week. And those of you waiting on the Acen Trip To The Moon represses pre sale - I expect thos to arrive late this week or next week. The sooner the better for all of us, eh?

Anywho, as you might have guessed, this blog is all about Acen. And thats always a great topic to talk about, because Acen always has so many very exciting musics happening haha!

Right, lets start by confirming a few things! The Monolith Box Set, and the two Rare / Unreleased EPs and the SECRET EP will go up for presale on the 27th of July. 

I do not think it will be a very...

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Knite Club Mega Reveal: All You Need To Know (Blog 3 of 3)

Hello Everyone,

And welcome to my third blog of the week, 3 of 3...Its being done tonight because of boring technical reasons related to advertising Knite Club and giving people a chance to get the tickets before the price goes lucky you! Early info! Whoop!

Also, I am happy about it because I have been looking forward to this for about, oh...all my life. Haha, no. I mean, yeah, but also, kinda?

I am super stoked to be able to announce the latest acts for Knite Club. I know you were all excited to hear about Acen and The House Crew and Dope Ammo and Jimmy J & Cru-l-t and Pete Cannon and so on...and now you get to find out about our next headliner. And this headliner has not only agreed to play the event, but has also signed to Kniteforce for new releases and has done a remix for Acens new single and...Anyway, look, I guess you ought to just look at the video first:

Haha! Fucking hell. After years and years and a lot of searching, I finally gave up ever getting in contact...

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Kniteforce Distribution: All You need To Know (Blog 1 of 3)

Hello everyone,

Welcome to blog one of three...there will be another tomorrow talking about Acen and his Monolith Box Set, and then one on Wednesday revealing one of our major headliners for Knite Club. So its a busy and exciting week.

With that in mind, I am gonna jump right in and talk about distribution.

First up, our whole scene was somewhat rocked by the news last week that Unearthed Distribution is calling it a day, and closing up shop. 

This is very sad news because Unearthed did a terrific job of selling our music worldwide. For me, and for many of the other labels in our scene, it feels like we have lost a business partner, a resource, and some very good friends as well.

The reasons for their closure are ones we have all felt - but in a nutshell, Covid, then Brexit, then the Cost Of Living Crisis have led to difficulties in selling vinyl records. Combined, the latest hit was one hit too many for Unearthed.

Like most labels, Kniteforce is build upon direct sales via our own website and Bandcamp - thats our bread and butter and how...

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Labello Blanco and Symphony Sounds....And A remix competiton (coming soon)

Hello Everyone,

Wow things move fast! I mean, not turtles, for example, but certainly fighter jets. And sometimes, record deals.

I am of course referring to the recently signed deal for the repressing and new remixes from one of the most incredible and legendary labels the old school ever saw - the one and only Labello Blanco. This one kinda happened because of another incredible, but still secret deal I have with a proper old skool legend, so its all a bit amazing really!

So yeah, basically, Kniteforce and Labello have teamed up for a run of direct represses of some truly classic releases, including Macka Brown's Dubplate Style and Go Down Baby, Bug Kann & The Plastic Jam - Made In Two Minutes, Prizna - Fire, and many more. The deal also covers a few releases from Urban Gorilla, and allows for a few new remixes to be made alongside the remastered represses, and the release of some rediscovered tracks that never saw the light of day back then, and finally, the repressing of some rare and long sought after EPs.

And even more exciting, we are going to do a remix...

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A Blog Of Release Dates (dan dan dddaaaahhhhh)

Hello Everyone,

I have actually been putting off writing this blog because there is so much happening, and it is happening so fast, that as soon as I start writing it is basically out of date. Not to mention, it has been the busiest ever. Like, so ridiculously busy that Cindy and I have been working from the moment we get up until just before we fall asleep, and my mornings now start at 5:30am. This is partly due to being away for a week - you wouldn't think it, but a weeks holiday lets all sorts of things pile up (such as record deliveries) and so you have to manage those things while also doing the usual day to day stuff. It's been a lot, is what I am saying. Too much even. For example, last week, we had...hmmm....7 pallets delivered, containing NINE different releases and some sleeves. Planning the schedule for that many releases is tough, especially when they are having to slot in between the imminent release of the fantastic Isotonik Box Set, and numerous Acen EPs and upcoming Monolith box set!

The label has grown so fast the last 6 months, and the combination...

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Friday Info Drop, including Isotonik, Acen and much, much more...

Hi There Guys,

It's been a little while, did you miss me? You thought you buried me, didn't you? Risky. Cos I always come back, deep down you know that, and will either get that reference, or not lol. Either way, local boy done good.

Anyway, sorry for the long gap in blogposts, it has been a bit busy. And that is, of course, an epic understatement. Any of you following the site and KF in general will know that we have a lot going on, and not just the vinyl - there are events, and plans, and all sorts of interesting things going on behind the scenes. It is a lot of fun...but the sheer amount of vinyl landing has probably been the main reason why I have not had time to write a blog post in a bit.

Having said that, it is nice to start a blog without having to bring you all up to date on why something is late, because nothing is late and all orders are shipping out fast. We have NO pre-sales going on at this time. A week or so ago, we hit the "mark as sent" on...

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