Long Overdue and Important Updates and Information!

Hello Everyone,

Its been a little while since I did a blog, mainly because my feet havent touched the ground in the last 8 weeks or so. The business and home move took a lot of time and energy, the distribution side of Kniteforce is going from strength to strength, and a ton of music has landed so fast and then gone out so fast that its been pretty much non stop.

So this blog will be kept a little short as it will be very easy for me to get side tracked haha. I say that, but we all know its a lie...But lets pretend its not, and start with the hit points, yes?

Black Friday Sale:

We are going to do a gigantic sale, starting on Thursday at 7pm. We are slashing prices on all the older box sets, the vast majority of older releases, a few newer releases, and just generally hoping to open up more space and see some music that has been lingering...linger off.

The sale will last until certain releases sell out, or run low. I intend to keep a keen eye on things as they progress, so some releases available on Thursday, such as a the few Acen Box Sets I am going to let go at a discount, will stop being on sale by Friday, I suspect, and so on.

Now, on Saturday 25th of November, Kniteforce is back in Bristol at the...

Black Gold Record Fair 4:

This was the first record fair we ever did, and it is one we love to do because even though it is in Bristol which is quite a treck for us, it feels like home! As always, we will have a wide selection of music for sale, including the first chance to get your hands on the second part of my Fractured box set, which is 5 vinyl and a USB. Plus we will also have Sikka's new EP on Dark Knite, which has a CD album with it. And we have the two new SDR releases from Dj Beeno and Renegade Bob Ross. AND we have some test presses as well...all of those are available first at Black Gold:

VIPers: keep your eyes peeled as some of the above may well be available to you sonner rather than later :)

Other than that, we will have test presses and other rarities, and we will continue the Black Friday sale at Black Gold, so if you want to save on postage,..,.,

Releases About To Land:

I am still battling for a schedule with one of my pressing plants (I work with three now lol) so it is tricky to say exactly what will arrive. So this list is sort of an "expected by Xmas" sort of deal. I am gonna do it by adding images of new releases and a little info...maybe. Of particular note is that we have a new series of linked EPs that sweeps across ALL the KF owned labels. We are childishly calling it the Moov-E series because..err..we are childish haha. It came about by accident, but sometimes something happens and you kinda feel like the universe is saying "hey, why not do this?" and when the universe speaks, I listen.
So basically, Sikka did this amazing EP for Influential, some of his best work by far. Sikka, aka Stu Keating is (in my humble opinion) one of the biggest "missed" talents our scene has seen. I am not the only one that feels like that: Jay Cunning has been smashing his EPs, because the dude has an abundance of talent, so we feel the fact he remains a bit unknown is a crime. We intend to change that.

But I digress.

Sikka sent me an incredible EP for Influential that happened to sample tiny snippets from the movie Predator. Its one of my favourite releases in a while, and it seems to be striking a chord with everyone who heard it. As Stu Keating, he also had am EP for Kniteforce with a few samples from Aliens in it. Both movies have been sampled before, but the tracks in this case are exceptionally good.
Anyway, these came about at the same time as Ramos's cohort, Birchy, sent me a killer EP with a Terminator theme. And all of those EP's landed as we cut the Pennywise PA Mix and CLown Mix - which is, of course, "It". So now we have 4 releases that all sort of share bad ass 80s movie DNA. 

With that in mind, we decided to do sleeves with these EPs that suit their lead tracks, and that also can be put side by side to make a continuous panoramic image.

Some of these sleeves will be limited. For example, the upcoming Pennywise release will have the "bonus" Moov-E sleeve come with it as part of the initial 100 run, but the general release will be in the same style as the previous Symphony Sounds releases. The sleeve version is an alternate version, if you will, but only artwork wise. This is harder to explain than it is actually to show, so you will see lol.
Likewise, we have releases coming on Prime and KFW that also fit this theme, and will also have sleeves that come with the release as an extra, rather than as the main run of that EP. We figure is a bit of chaotic fun that can be used across the labels - it looks incredible and it fits a theme. 

Wow, that was much more than I intended to say. So lets get back to business lol...here are the expected before Xmas releases. And please bear in mind that "expected to land with us" doesnt mean they will, or that they will be released before Xmas, just that they are due. Many will likely wait until after Xmas, cos its too may otherwise:

KF255 - Dj Beeno - Afterlife 3 x 12" and USB Album (Part of the KF Crew Series)  (This is an exclusive release for the Kniteforce Revolution Site, 150 copies only)

INFL28 - Sikka - The Predator EP

KF265 - Stu Keating - Aliens EP

KF266 - Borchy - The Terminator EP

KF297 - Neuromancer - Pennywise (PA Mix / Clown Mix)  (This is an exclusive sleeve for the Kniteforce Revolution)

KF298 - The Rood Project - Crimestretch EP

KFRR01 - Dj Terrace - Tracked EP (This is an exclusive release for the Kniteforce Revolution Site, 150 copies only)

KHECT11R - Midas - Groove Control Remixes (long overdue, and shloud be releases with Hectic 1-20 remastered plus remixes USB)

NTN03 - NRG - Feels So Good  (This is an exclusive release for the Kniteforce Revolution Site, 99 copies only)

NTN05 - Ramos & Protocol - How Low EP  (This is an exclusive release for the Kniteforce Revolution Site, 99 copies only)

REC31 - Al Storm & Diakronik - Warehouse Party EP

REC36 - Dwarde - Tall Tales EP

Be Excited for the Future:

And here are releases we are cutting or about to cut, and that you can expect to land next year...

KF279 - Ray Keith - Golden Years 2 (5 x 12" Box Set)

DK02 - Dj Stephano - Darkness EP  (This is an exclusive release for the Kniteforce Revolution Site, 150 copies only)

KBO03 - Al Storm & Euphony - Livin' In XTC EP

KBO04 - Euphony - Lockdown London EP

KF167 - Jonny L - Roots (10")

KF221 - Legends Vs Legends Vol. 6 (10")

KF261-264 - Dj Nex Remasters / Repressed / Remix series

KFP10 - Innercore - Rave Generation EP

KFP12 - Con-E - Left Side Lost EP

KOOR15 - Flatliner - Dream EP

KOOR16 - Volatile State EP

KLB05 - Smokey Joe - Gimme My Gun EP

KLB06 - Untitled - Untitled EP

And thats about it for now, other than to say, we have three Knite Club events planned for 2024, one of them is a collaboration with one of the best party promoters around...and the first is about to be announced....

Coincidentally, here is a pic of me and Sammy Purcell on a boat:

And thats all....turned out to be quite a lot lol.

Ah well. Life eh? Fookin marvellous...

Nice one,


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Damn! Fantastic! Love the 4 special blended sleeves:)

Commented 21st November 2023 02:43


I need to bring a seriously packed wallet to this fair

Commented 21st November 2023 03:15


Great stuff!

Commented 21st November 2023 05:05 | Updated 13th December 2023 06:33


Kniteforce is the gift that keeps on giving! Fantastic stuff to come 🙌🏻

Commented 21st November 2023 05:13


Smashing it out the park as usual, best label around, can hardly contain myself in anticipation.

Commented 22nd November 2023 12:44 | Updated 23rd November 2023 03:48


Big news, stress test for the bank account, but also so many good tunes. Can't await to get them. Big ups Chris and your crew, you do an awesome job.

Commented 22nd November 2023 07:26


Pharking shweeeeeet!!!!!!

Commented 22nd November 2023 11:14


Just purchased the acen box set. I only wanted the close your eyes xxx mix which I could never get back in the day. Well worth £40 ☺️

Commented 23rd November 2023 07:25