Luna-C - Fractured, The Run Out, Uncle Dugs, and poor math.

Hello everyone, 

Lots of news today, so lets start with...I am doing an interview on Kool and Rinse tomorrow, with the one and only Uncle Dugs. His show is from 11am - 2pm, and I am on at 1pm! Tune in:


Next up, THE RUN OUT (in capitals and in bold, for dramatic effect, dan dan DAAAHH)!

This is going to be one hell of a record fair...look at the line up! Its going to be AMAZING. My friends AKO, Over/Shadow, N4, and Mined will be there, along with Reinforced and Infrared, and that list is just incredible! It is taking place on the 15th of October in London!!!

I think the idea here is to move on from where Clashmouth left off, with all the labels brining their A game. With that in mind, we are going to have a few exclusives and a ton of early releases. 

For the exclusives, we will have:
A limited run of 100 of Neuromancer - Pennywise PA / Clown mixes, on splatter vinyl

A limited run of 100 of The Man Like Pennywise - Suspension Of Disbelief / Mystery, on splatter vinyl

And then we will have the following as "get 'em early" releases. All of these will come out at some point in the near future, but it may be later in October or November, depending on what arrives and when.

INFL25 - Vinyl Junkie & SR - Allnighter EP

INFL27 - Scartat & Cubstar - Til The Morning EP

KFA129 - Rave Alarm - Garbage Pail Rekkid EP

REC30 - Sanxion - Distant Lands EP

KFP07 - Silent Approach (aka Sikka) - Louder EP

KFP08 - Red Dragon - Hysteria EP

KFW21 - Dj Beeno - The Relationship EP

KFW22 - Dj Terrace - 2 Up 2 Down EP

So I am not sure of the official release dates on the KF store of any of the above...all I know right now is these have landed with us, and its a selection of superb music in myriad styles, and I cant wait to release them...but...I have to wait...because a lot of music is arriving, and juggling release dates is my latest challenge.

For example, I am expecting the first of the Fractured box sets to arrive any time. 

To recap: Fractured is a collection of my work, remixed by lots of my friends in the business. I figured as I am now lucky enough to call many of the hugely talented and legendary artists I work with "friends", why not have them remix my work? So I did. And like most of my ideas, it got out of hand, and then when it got out of hand, I was like "eh, its finnneeee" and just carried on lol.

The result was, instead of a single five vinyl box set, I actually ended up with two five vinyl box sets - so thats eleven records in total. No, wait, ten. Ten records. And the plan was to space the two sets out over 2022 and early 2023. 

That plan was of course destroyed by the boring issues with vinyl pressing and blah blah. Both sets ended up being cut, test presses done, and then....they did nothing.

"Did Nothing" continued for quite a while. 

There were huge delays for all my artists at that time, and I wanted my other artists to get their music out first because frankly, as the owner of Kniteforce, I can afford to wait where some of my other artists could not.

Only....because I waited so long, I accidentally ended up with a Fractured part three, featuring three more record. Meaning this a total of fourteen records. No, wait, thirteen records. Math. Its hard.


Anyway, all of this is to say, Fractured - Part One, is expected to arrive very soon. It is a 5 vinyl set, featuring remixes from Hyper-On Experience, Blame, The House Crew, Liquid, Ron Wells, NRG, Paul Bradley, The Lowercase, HSI, Beeno, Wicked XXX, Renegade Bob Ross, and Dope Ammo. It also has some new material from me...and by new, I mean, I wrote these about 2 years ago but they are finally gonna be available. It also comes with a 32 GIG USB, because I wanted to put all of the tracks by Luna-C onto a single USB, and once you throw in remixes and collabs, it turns out I have done 270 tracks across my labels. And thats just as Luna-C. Haha. Jeez.

As the very recent Criminal Minds set worked out pretty awesome all in all...well, we actually underordered so I hope to do better this time, but it worked out, we are doing the same idea re: a boxed version of Fractured, and then also selling individual EPs. The Boxed version will be with the USB, and will be cheaper than buying the individual parts that make up the set.

But the individual parts will be available while stocks last.

Oh, and all 5 records are color vinyl - did I mention that? Yeah. Its a ridiculous project really. There will only be 300 of each record, and if we sell them all, its unlikely to cover the costs, but you know, I have always used my own work for funzies, and this is certainly that!

It is going to be available to VIP members of the site from tonight.

So thats part one. Fractured Part Two (Splintered) moves into my other personalities (hence the name of the project, you see?) and also has an absurd amount of remixes from dear friends and colleagues...And it ALSO comes with a ridiculous USB and coloured vinyl. This one should be ready in November:

And lastly, Fractures Part Three (Dreamwise) is cut, but I am not sure how it will arrive. It has glorious artwork from our original KF artist, Rebecca Try, and will arrive when it does, likely in December...

So all in times ahead!

As always, thank you for the continued support from all of us at Kniteforce! Oh, and I finally started writing my new book, too...

Nice one,


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I get excited just reading this stuff, let alone hearing it!!

Commented 5th October 2023 12:29


Wow! Damn!

Commented 5th October 2023 12:46


You have a talent to keep me breathless, one blog with so many awesome news. Keep up your great work and deep respect!

Commented 5th October 2023 01:27


OMG Wow lost for words moist drouling!!

Commented 7th October 2023 12:41