Knite Club 3 - Tickets Are On Sale NOW!

Hello Everyone!

This is the Knite Club 3 Announcement Blog.

Please read carefully before rushing off to buy tickets!!!

Sometimes, I look at how things are done within our scene and I think "Thats fine, but can we do it better?" In this case, I was looking at ticket pricing for Knite Club 3, and I realised that, possibly, we could. 

To put on an exciting event like Knite Club, at an awesome venue like Scala, with huge acts in multiple rooms, you have to invest a lot of time and money. We do it for the love of it, but there are a lot of expenses up front, so it is risky. The bigger the event, the higher the risk, and the more tickets you have to sell.

Which makes ticket pricing one of the most difficult things to judge. Too expensive or too cheap, and you don't cover the costs, and it's possibly the last event you do.

Over the years, a ticket selling method has become standard, and it goes like this: 

1. Announce event and put up "early bird" tickets at a cheaper price for a limited time or amount. 
2. Slowly increase the price as the event gets closer to happening, revealing acts to help tempt those who have not committed and bought a ticket yet.
3. Sell the most expensive tickets on the door. 

There are variations, but this is the tried and tested method. 

And frankly, it's not a great way of doing things. Here is why: 

1. You are selling the tickets at their cheapest price to the most loyal fans. At Kniteforce especially, we have found that means selling tickets to those who are the most eager to go, and who would be willing to pay more because they love your work, they want to support you, and who understand it is a risky venture. 

2. On the flip side of that, you end up selling the most expensive tickets to those who are unsure of the date, or who are a little skint when the tickets go on sale, or who may decide to go at the last minute. All of which is punishing those who are less able to plan ahead, or simply do not hear of the event until later, and likely putting them off from going because it becomes too expensive.

3. Lastly, this system is annoying for the promoters themselves, because it means most events see an influx of tickets when the event is announced...and then they have to spend all the rest of their time trying trying to hassle people to buy tickets before the price goes up, and then attempt to sell more tickets while increasing the price, which is just...mad. 

I would like to try something different with Knite Club 3 ticket sales. 

Right now, you can buy Knite Club 3 tickets for either: 

Bass - £10.00 (We Love You)
Midrange - £15.00 (We Love Each Other)
Treble - £20.00 (You Love Us) 

Ticket fees are included, and you can choose which price to pay. 

For this event, I am going to trust in the good nature of our loyal customers and fans. I am going to ask that if you can afford to do so, please buy the "Treble" tickets. You do not get any extra goodies for doing this, but it will allow us to keep growing and pushing Knite Club to be bigger and better, and to happen more often. We would like to do 3 or 4 events a year, and events in other countries, but to do that, we need your active support.

But if £20 is too high a price, or if you are unsure if you can make it but want to have the option, or if you are skint - god knows it's tough out there - you can buy the "Bass" ticket. Or the "Midrange" ticket if thats a better option. It's up to you, there is no judgement from us, and we wont know who buys what. We appreciate every ticket sold and the faith you guys put in us to give you an incredible night out! 

But we want EVERYONE to be able to come and enjoy what we do, so I figure, let's try it. 

In the end, I am taking a risk on this because I would love to find a new way forward. If it works, I will keep this system going. If you are reading this, you know me well enough to know every penny I make I reinvest into the scene anyway. And if it doesn't work, well, I have already secured a jaw dropping line up, so the night will be amazing all the same, just as the last two were. 

And thats my who speech lol. Here is a link to the tickets:




And here is the flyer, revealing almost nothing...for now. But Im telling you, this is gonna be massive...

See you on the 21st!

Nice one,


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This is inspired Chris. Love this idea. Really hope it works πŸ˜€ . #inforthetreble

Commented 21st March 2024 07:29


Can’t wait for the event! 2 treble tickets purchased!

Commented 21st March 2024 07:54


So hope to be there again! Big up on the tickets too cause yeah it does help in my total with travelling and such as well BIG UP

Commented 22nd March 2024 03:32


A great idea for sure, I hope it works out, I remember when Knite Club first came about, and there was mention of it coming to Bristol! I went to Lost Horizon on Saturday for Pete Cannon & A Guy Called Gerald and had a great night, I don't go out much anymore, but it was such a great atmosphere, not just there either, went to a Punk event at the Exchange before that, and it was the same there, so just wondering if the Knite Club in Bristol was still a possibility? Oh, I got to mention this! My Kniteforce Bomber jacket got a lot of attention, not just at the Lost Horizon, but everywhere, the first person I saw when I got off the bus, came up to me and said "Is that a Kniteforce coat" and gave me a fist bump!!!!! πŸ˜œπŸ‘πŸ’–πŸ™

Commented 26th March 2024 06:05