New Record Labels, New Dj Mixes....

Hey Everyone,

Todays blog is all about some new labels we are releasing music on. Some? SOME? Yes some. But it is all with good reason.

We like our current system - it works well to have our new releases on our store, and then to give them out to other stores via Kniteforce Distribution. But even so, it is also nice if some of our releases remain exclusive to our store. Only, it might get a little confusing for everyone - which KF releases are exclusive to the store and which arent? It could be hard to keep track. 

So you will soon see a brand new green bordered box on the Kniteforce front page, for "Exclusive to the Kniteforce Revolution Store" releases. Bit of a mouthful that. Might have to abbreviateificatefy it.

And then that idea morphed into having some labels that are exclusive to our store. Because why not? That would be fun! So thats what we have done. 

This allows us to test new artists and new material, and give our main artists more outlets for their releases, and generally have a good time doing that! So lets talk a little about each label!

The first is one that was already exclusive to our store, but will become more regular. And that is NTN (Nine T Nine) - which, as the name suggests, is limited to 99 copies. And NTN will come in a spiffy Kniteforce Revolution sleeve! We have two new ones in progress:

The long awaited Dark Knite label is finally moving. This, as the name suggests, is for dark and menacing music. The first three certainly lean into the deeper and darker breakbeat / jungle sound, and all have their own sleeves and etc. These will be limited to 150 copies. We have upcoming releases from Sikka, Dj Stephano, and Danny Styles, and every one of them is an absolute slammer. Sikka kicks it off with "Criminal History" and this will also have a CD album with it...

We also have an actual Kniteforce Revolution label, with the first few EPs already made. Dj Terrace has a series coming out on this label, and Stephano once again pops up - he is quite prolific - and we have upcoming music from Sunny & Deck Hussy and Jimmy J and others for this label...and once again we have nice sleeves and bonus material and things like that...

Finally, we have Kniteforce Insanity. The less said about this, the better, but like actual insanity, it will show up on the site unannounced and blow your minds because the music on these is, well...nuts:

Other than that, a few things to it can be a little tricky to keep track of all things Kniteforcey, we have had our good friend Fredrick, aka Event Horizon, do a September 2023 round up mix. Its a mix featuring the vinyl releases from Kniteforce and its labels in September 2023. Next month, he will do one featuring Octobers vinyl releases. And so on. These mixes will be available for free download from the site, starting this Thursday coming!!!

And somehow, after no free Dj mixes in years, I have three to tell you about...The one above of course, and then the much sought after and in demand Knite Club 2 mix from our very own Dj The Lowercase. This mix will also be available on Thursday at 7pm, for free download, and its absolute fire so dont miss it:

Lastly, and this is a bit amazing...I have been asked to do regular mixes for Apple Music. Yeah. So I said no of course. Haha, no, I was all over that. The first one will be available from the Apple site soonish, and I will let you know when. But its mean to be a regular thing, so...yeah. I know. Weird life, this.

And thats all for the day :)

Nice one,


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What sort of tunes will be on the Apple mixes?

Commented 11th October 2023 08:54

Something core

Replied 11th October 2023 10:27


It's unbelievable to be mentioned in a blog :) I should get an easier name to write (thanks mom), Fredrick -> Frederic.... close :D Big ups Chris and thanks for the opportunity to do work on Kniteforce :)

Commented 12th October 2023 05:02

I will try and get your name right, but alas, as Manfred will tell you, I am not good at real people names lol

Replied 12th October 2023 10:04