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Hello Everyone,

Well, once again its been a while since I blogged. And there are about 14 very good reasons for this, some of which will totally blow you away...but for now, I have to talk about the 14 or so reasons the blog before this was late haha...dunno why its 14. Just the number of the day, I reckon.


I need to talk about three things mainly, and they all sort of mingle and cross each other, so this is...deep breath...the...why am I out of breath?


So...hmm.,..where to start? Basically, the Kniteforce Family of labels has a load of excellent and exciting new releases coming, and many of them have exclusive versions for the upcoming Record Fair Extra-or-din-air (TM pending) - "The Run Out" which is happening on the 21st of April in London (click the links for more info):

The Run Out

And some of the incredible releases we have for the Run Out can be won if you buy a ticket to Calling The KniteClub - the excellent boat party on the 18th May (click the link for tickets purchasability):

Calling The KniteClub

I think the best way is to talk about the releases, and then the special editions, and then the where and when to get stuff....So first off, I am surper excited and very proud to announce the long gestating arrival of KF279 - Ray Keith - The Golden Years Volume 2 Box Set:

As you can see, it has a track list to die for. And not only that, we have a limited edition where each of the records is its own unique color is a peak at a few of them...they are even better in real life than in my shoddy photos lol....

This "multiple colored" version can be bought at The Run Out, and if there are any left after the event, it will be available in colour and black vinyl versions on the 25th of April from the Kniteforce store. We are also giving away one free in the Calling The Kniteclub Ticket competition - of which there is more information below!

Next up, we have the very exciting collaboration with Karma Records, which is both on a limited edition clear blue and yellow vinyl (to match the sleeve) and of course, this release is quite obviously part of the Move-E series of releases, so comes with the special sleeve and sticker for your collection. Again, the color variant is for Run Out, but will be available alongside the standard black vinyl version on the 25th of April if we have stock...

Another HUGE exclusive for the Run Out is the first in a run of brand new remixes of absolute classics on the Labello Blanco label. The first out of the gate features Stu Keating / Sikka's fantastic remix of Macka Brown - Go Down Baby, flipped with TNO Project's remix of Princess Of The Posse - Do The Right Thing. 
Not only has the Stu Keating remix been cained by Jay Cunning and others, because it is superb, but this EP is...lets say you wont have seen anything quite like it...I will leave it at that for now...

The last confirmed Run Out and April 25th release is a bit of a combo deal, from yours truly, Firstly, there is the GOLD vinyl version of the upcoming KF303 - Luna-C & Mad Mind Jox - Piano Progression / Piano Progression Two EP. Gold Vinyl, gold tinged sleeve, and best of all, it costs a bag of gold per record. Haha, not really. 

And then there is KF220 - Luna-C - Fractured 3, a triple pack album with remixes from some incredibly talented people, such as Pete Cannon, Nookie, Phuture Assassins and others...

This triple pack is another massive release that can be won via the Calling The Kniteclub competition. The rules are pretty simple and can be found here:

Calling The Knite Club Competition

If you have already bought a ticket, don't worry, you will be automatically entered. But still, feel free to advertise the hell out fo the event, because it is going to be really bloody good, and I am very excited about it...and also about the limited vinyl available on the boat:

Other than all of that, which is already too much to are some of the upcoming releases in "likely" release order lol:

KF183 - Sunshine Productions & Dj Koncept

KFRR01 - Dj Terrace

KFRR02 - Dj Stephano

DK02 - Dj Stephano

KFW23 - Haze N Fader

KFW24 - Hannibal Selector (limited Edition Sleeve and labels with the first 100)

KLB06 (Limited Edition Sleeve for the first 100)

KLB08 - Macka Brown

And thats about all the things, other than a quick passing mention about Knite Club 3! Tickets remain available at the bargain price of £10, with the option for you to be more generous if you feel like it - and man, the majority of you have been so lovely. Huge thanks for that. A really solid amount of tickets have already sold and many of those were at the Treble or Midrange prices, which just goes to show my faith in the overall goodness of the KF supporters isn't faith at all, its fact. Big Up yourselves.

We will be announcing headlines aren't gonna believe what we have this year, but you ARE gonna love it. For now tho, if you do not have your ticket yet...why not? You might as well....

Knite Club 3 - Dont Die Wondering Tickets (Dice)

Knite Club 3 - Dont Die Wondering Tickets (Skiddle)

Knite Club 3 - Dont Die Wondering Tickets (Fatsoma)

And thats the whole shebang for the day. Big love,

Chris / Luna-C


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Amazing stuff coming!

Commented 2nd April 2024 07:24

Yeah, its pretty exciting!

Replied 2nd April 2024 08:38


Love the limited edition graphic sleeves, expect those will go quick! :)

Commented 3rd April 2024 01:25

I think tis a nice change of pace to do bonus sleeves!

Replied 3rd April 2024 06:31


Incredible news! So many cool releases and on coloured vinyl... Such a shame that I live that far away... I hope that there are a few left which I can grab on the store. Big ups Chris and KF Crew!

Commented 3rd April 2024 05:21

Usually we have extras after a record fair :)

Replied 3rd April 2024 06:31