Kniteforce Prime is Here!

Hello Everyone,

This is a quick little blog to talk to you about Kniteforce Prime. Here is a video about it...

But I wanted to expand on this a little. I talk to a lot of producers and Djs in all styles and of all ages, and the one thing that they all really seem to agree on is that the years 1990-1995 are the most incredible, informative and groundbreaking of the scene. We all love the early years, when the music spread its wings and really found its unique voice. Voices actually. Thousands of them. The amount of variety those early years had is astonishing. So it is no surprise that the resurgence in both represses and new material and new remixes is so huge and so popular right now, and that it only seems to be growing.

But I have noticed something a little odd. Despite the overall love for that era, the first few years in that group are hardly represented at all. There is a huge variety of 150-165 bpm old skool out there, covering all the styles, jungle, rave, and more, on a multitude of labels....

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New Release Schedule...

Hi Everyone,

So I have been banging on about all the deliveries and releases we have coming, and thought I should do a blog that gets into specifics a little bit...And this is that blog. All your questions are answered below!

But before we go any further, I want to emphasise this is very much a schedule of releases based on unreliable information lol. I mean, we have been given delivery dates for a HUGE number of releases. We have been told FOURTEEN releases are arriving at the end of March, and a week later, on the 4th of April, another FIFTY are apparently going to be delivered, and then another TWELVE in May.
We have also been told of releases in February, and to be fair, so far they have been pressed and shipped correctly, only slowed by customs shenanigans. So there is a good chance the below schedule will work out. But even then, it has HUGE gaps in it, and things may need to move around. Plus some things just arent on there because of a change in the pressing plants systems - so there is no mention of Dj Solo for example, but that was...

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Hi Everyone,

There has been a lot of blog posts recently, because a lot has been happening, but this one is really important and contains a lot of information!

We have finally been given a schedule for the upcoming delivery of releases, and basically, between now and the end of April, we are getting around ninety releases. NINETY.

This is because all the very delayed releases are finally going to arrive. There is quite a lot to say about this, so let me elaborate on what is expected and what is going to happen.

Firstly, all of you who have records on presale or are waiting on orders. EVERY one of the records will be here by the middle of April. So 8 weeks maximum. Some are coming earlier, some later, but all are coming.
This means we will have:

KF159 - Ray Keith Box Set
KF155 - Liquid Lethal
KF154 - Jonny L (Remixes)
KF180 - The House Crew Box Set
KBOGR45T / KBOGR47T - Baraka Bundle

All of the above are absolute priority and we will be sending them out as soon as humanly possible. I say as soon as humanly possible because these releases are all part...

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NEW RELEASES THIS MONTH - Actual new releases. No, really. Not Pre Sales. New Releases.

Hello Everyone,

GOOD NEWS! After months of not much, the first few releases (that should be the start of an avalanche of vinyl) have been confirmed as on their way! They are two brand new Kniteforce White releases. And when I say brand new, I mean of course "cut in April 2021 but only arriving now" lol. Still, I have to say, these two are absolutely amazing EPs, and will likely sell out super fast as we only have the usual 250 of each pressed:

KFW13 - DS1 - The Bully Parade

And...KFW14 - Sub Fundation - Some Love To Come EP

Do I need to mention the last DS1 EP sold out in a week or so and is now changing hands for around £30? And that Sub Fundation's last EP did nearly the same and is almost as sought after? Maybe not. But I did mention it anyway lol. Both of these EPs are as good, if not better, than their predecessors, and Evento 201 is perhaps my most favourite track on KFW so far. So dont miss these. They will be on sale on the 18th of February, I would think. Im not...

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Big Store Updates...

Hello everyone,

One of the small advantages of “not many records coming in” is we get time to reorganise a little.

So today I updated the store! 

We have a lot of stock to shift before we are inundated with new vinyl, so the bargain Bucket has reopened with a ton of discounted EPs etc…

On top of that, we have added:

A bunch of records that were out of stock but we only have one or two of, including earlier KFWs and things like Acen - Thrilla and more. Only one or two of each tho…

We have added some more of the epic Pronin release!

We have added a few more on Tunnel 02, 03 and 04!

And for you digital fans…we have added complete digital collections for 

Complete Kniteforce (KF01-KF80)
Complete KFA (KFA01 - KFA100)
Complete Knitebreed (BREED01 - BREED20)
Complete Remix Records (REC01 - REC20)
Complete Influential (INFL01 - INFL20)

We have also made every one of the releases within those complete bundles available for download individually. Of course, many of the VIPers and long time fans will have most of these, but it does mean a few of the Influential, Knitebreed, Kniteforce and Remix releases...

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Updates and Excites!

Hello Everyone,

Its Blog Time! Hooray! Right, what can I drone on about today? Hmmm…a few things…so lets go!

New Releases and Things:
We have found a clever scheme which enables us to press 99 records and add labels and get the whole thing turned around in 6-10 weeks. This is ideal for things like represses of records that aren’t massively in demand, or if we have too much music that we want to get out sooner rather than later, or for limited edition 10 x Vinyl Luna-C Box Sets, or, for example, this label:

We have a few releases lined up on Nine-T-Nine Records, which is a label name I spend a good 42 seconds thinking about. And it is a label that can cover ALL the labels, hence the changing logo on each EP, dependent on what is featured on the vinyl. To do this is a little more expensive than doing a normal run - it's basically test presses with labels, so the quality is the same as a full release, but the number we can press is topped off at 99 - but it does mean I can offer exclusive vinyl...

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Loads of News in small (ish) chunks! Please read!

Hello Everyone,

I hope you had a lovely New Year? I did, it was nice to spend Xmas and New Year with my family, something I haven’t done for over a decade what with being in the USA and etc etc.

Anyway, this blog is full of short bursts of news about upcoming things, so let’s jump right in!

1. Price Changes
We all know, whenever you read “price changes” what it really means is “price increases”…but not in this case.
We have numerous plans for music this year, but one thing I am going to try and do is bring prices down. This will be a little bit difficult to navigate, as in general, prices have gone up on every aspect of vinyl production - the actual records, the cut, the card for sleeves, you name it. But there are some places I can cut costs, or at least not raise them. For example, with box sets.
6 Vinyl Extended Box Sets have been previously sold at £87 plus VAT, and 5 Vinyls at £75 plus VAT. I can bring those down to £80 and £70 respectively, so I have already done so with the 5 vinyl NRG Box...

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Goodbye 2021, Hello 2022....

Hello Everyone,

So this is likely the last blog post of the year, and usually people do recaps or something about the year gone by, I think? I don’t know. I have some skills in the music areas but not so much in the “how normal people behave” areas. Still, as you have read so far, why not do an enormously long blog about 2021? Exactly.

So let me start by saying, despite the long, irritating, and exhausting issues with vinyl, 2021 may well have been the best year I have had in this industry. It was relentlessly busy, but so much has happened that it is hard to even know where to start. So let’s do it via the people who made it all happen.

The Customers and Supporters

Right at the top is you guys. Yeah it’s cheesy as hell, but it is the base that everything we have been able to do is built upon. You guys have made this year not just possible, but incredible. The faith you put in my label, the outpouring of support and remarkable patience you guys have shown when issues have arisen, and the amount of music you guys have...

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A Statement Re: Suburban Base

Due to ongoing legal procedures, I will stick to documented and verifiable facts.

The situation as it stands:

1. Suburban Base was asked informally, and then via a lawyer, to provide a contract or other legal evidence showing their right to sell music written by Austin Reynolds. 
To date, they have not done so.

2. Suburban Base were then issued a cease and desist from the lawyer. They have refused to comply.

3. Suburban Base was aware of all of this before they released the recent vinyl containing Austin Reynolds work.

4. Suburban Base continues to sell Austin Reynolds work, and to license his music, without his consent, and without any legal right to do so.

Why are we making this public?

1. Suburban Base is currently selling, and  clearly intends to continue to sell the music in question illegally, and against the wishes of the artist.

2. Suburban Base has not paid any recording royalties to either Austin or myself in over two decades despite numerous licensing deals and the music being sold on all the major digital sites and on vinyl.

3. Other artists will perhaps be in a similar situation and will benefit from this information. If...

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Updates on ALL the delayed vinyl and Pre-Sales

Hello everyone,

I wanted to give you all an update on the pre-sales, and what we have been told, and what I think is going to happen, because those two things are not the same lol.

Firstly, have a look at the image:

The keen observer will notice that all of the releases are set for “March 2022”. Basically, that’s what we have been told is the delivery date of everything. As you must know by now, Kniteforce has a huge number of releases that have been cut, and most of which have had the test presses delivered, but the actual finished runs of the records have not arrived. According to the record press, ALL of them are coming in March 2022, or maybe April 2022.

I sincerely hope not lol. At last count, that would mean a delivery of roughly…

93 x 10” and 12” singles


6 x Box Sets

Which is, I don’t know, 100,000 records? Lol. I don’t think they are all going to come in March 2022. If they do, we will have our own personal record fair. But here is what I have done as far as priorities go:

The above pictured...

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