BREED31 and KF142 Update, and other things...

Hello Everyone,

Right, we finally have sent out all of the Acen Box Sets. With a few small issues, that went fairly smoothly. We are very relieved to have that done, and are moving on to the next problems haha!

So lets talk about Breed 31 and KF142.

The latest news is we have been told by the delivery company that they were delivered on the 5th of March. Which, if they were, it wasnt here, so I am calling bullshit. We have demanded a proof of delivery, but are getting silence from the delivery company. So I finally lost my rag and said to the pressing plant that the courier has obviously lost them, and it is time for the pressing plant to repress.

At this point I do not know if they will be found and will appear next week, or if we will need to wait for a repress. If they do repress, it will be swift, hopefull 3-4 weeks, but it is still too long.

So here is what we are going to do:


We will be packing and sending those orders next...

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And we are finally back on track...mostly...

Hello everyone,

Right, so updates on things!

The Box Set is being packed and sent out. We have already done the 5 x Vinyl sets. We did these first because while we got the full delivery of those, we did not get KF140, the 6th vinyl. That arrived a few days ago, and we are now packing as fast as we can. We will work over the Easter weekend and with any luck, we will get the vast majority, if not ALL of the box sets, on their way by next week.

I dont like to swear on my blog too much, words are powerful and should be used sparingly, but might I just say a healthy "thank FUCK for that". I love the support from you all, I will be eternally grateful for the patience you have shown and the amazing success of the release, and I am certain Acen feels the same way. But god damn I will be pleased to see the back of it lol. That many orders hanging about in the store, and the endless frustration for everyone? Not fun. One of my proudest moments in this industry is getting to put this record out...but...

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Box Set Arrived! Baraka / Champion Sound Presale on Friday....

Hello everyone!


That is a picture of the Box Sets. Not all of them, because we moved loads before we thought to take a photo lol...but yes, they have landed AT LAST. We are getting them sent out now as fast as we can. 


That is a picture of the presale that is about to open on Friday.


I have to say, as I have said before, I really do not WANT to do another presale after the issues with the Acen Box Set, but realistically, both Covid and Brexit were the reasons for the long delay on the box set. Neither of those things will hinder us too much on this one, we have been told 12 weeks from order to delivery. And besides, I have no choice with the Baraka release. I have had so many enquiries that guessing the right amount to order is absolutely impossible and as I can only do a single run, its either this or people who want it don’t get it and scalpers ahoy.


It seemed to make sense to me to have this preorder going on while...

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Free "Apology For The Delay" record and updates!

Hello Everyone,

Okay, here we are again with the updates, but there does seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel at last, and some explanations (even if they are a bit poo) and a free record to talk about :)

So first things first: Breed31 (Worldwide Epidemik) and KF142 (Remixes 15). 

The issue with these two releases is as follows: They were sent from the pressing plant mid January, a little late but not massively so. But this was just after Brexit, so they got shipped to the UK where customs sat for a while as everyone scratched their bums and wondered how to process them. 
When no one could work out which box to tick, they were sent back to the pressing plant. 
That was February the 15th.
The pressing plant was so overwhelmed with Brexit problems and delays and orders stacked up due to Covid issues, they just left anything they got returned to them sitting in the warehouse. Not good. And I did not hassle them because they said they were coming and stuck at customs. Basically, I did not know they had been shipped back, and the plant...

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Isotonik Merchandise and other news...

Hi everyone,

Okay, so we have released some new merchandise on the store! New KF Footie shirts as many people seemed to want that, and a wicked range of Isotonik / Orange goodies, to celebrate his new vinyl release…which isn’t here. It has been pressed, I am told, but we have no idea when it will get here, so we went ahead and did the merchandise anyway! Plus the wicked video too…

And so, after the initial joyful start of the blog, we are back to the never ending saga of the missing records.

To date, the missing records are:

KF142 (Remixes 15) - due 1st week of Jan.
Breed31 (Worldwide Epidemik) - due 1st week of Jan.
INFL19 - Various Artists
K07 - Future primitive
KF133 - Coco Bryce
KHECT05 - Mystic & Fire / Eye On Life
KF127 - Sunny & Deck Hussy
KF145 - Dj Ham
KF144 - Liquid Crystal
KHECT02 - The Eliminators (Repress)

This is around 4000 records. Not to mention missing test presses for:

KF143 - Phuture Assassins
REC28 - Jimmy J
Breed32 - Sunny & Deck Hussy

I genuinely cannot tell you where any of these...

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And then, everything at once...

Hello everyone,

Alright, I will keep this as brief as I can but bring you all up to date...

Covid / Xmas and Brexit proper messed up all deliveries because our pressing plant is in France, lots of people were out or working from home at the pressing plant so that got dragged down, Xmas made for massive delays with deliveries, and Brexit buggered up importing while everyone ran around asking what number they needed to put in what box on which form.

It seems like that is just about over with, so the result is:

1. The Acen Trip To the Moon Box Sets are pressed and should be with us any day. It is still incredibly slow to get things from one country to the next for reasons no one seems to be able to explain, but we remain (cautiously) optomistic that records will arrive this week. It is out top, absolute, priority to get those sent out to you, closely followed by:

2. We were told today KF142 (Remixes 15) and Breed31 (Worldwide Epidemik) have been released from Customs and will be with Lee this week. So as soon as those 2 arrive, we will also be...

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Update re Postage and deliveries!

A heads up to all customers!

Postage remains chaos. Every aspect of it. I dont even know why at this point, some of it makes no sense.

Individual deliveries to varous places seem random - some are fast, some are slow, some are "did it come via horse and cart?"

But courier is, if anything, even worse it seems.

For example: The price to ship to the USA has basically doubled. Apologies to my US customers, but prices are going to go up there. Our system of sending in bulk to the USA to save you money is still in place - and still WAY cheaper than doing it the "normal" way. But still - why? Cant blame Brexit or Covid for that one IMO. Seems to me its just taking advantage of the choas to raise prices.

Also, even simple things like moving stock from one place in the UK to another is just bollocks. We have 2 packages just...stuck. Delayed. Doing nothing.

Meanwhile, we STILL have 6 titles stuck at customs, thats nearly 3000 records:

KF142 (Remixes 15)
BREED31 (Worldwide Epidemik)
KF133 (Coco Bryce)
K09 (Future Primitive)
INFL19 (Various)
KHECT02 (Eliminators Repress)

Some of those have been sitting...

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Here is what You Need To Know, and New Releases!

Hello everyone - some much needed info here, so please read carefully!


Over the last 3 weeks, our pressing plant has notified of 14 deliveries on their way, via the usual method, delivery notes. In the past, when we got a delivery note, we would have the records within 48 hours, because it means the records have been pressed, packed and shipped.

So far we have had 8 of the 14 releases.

One we had to pay customs charges on.

One arrived with no notification.

The others are stuck in customs.

The bottom line is, no one, not the border control, not customs, not the courier services, knows what to do with imports or exports. Some companies are doing this, some are doing that, some are charging import taxes, some arent. This is all because of...I wont say it, because then certain people will go "no its not, its the fault of the rain" or some other crap, anything but admit "it" was a crap idea and "it" has been terribly implemented which is why no one has the foggiest idea of what to do.

Obviously, Breed31 - Worldwide Epidemik, and KF142 - Remixes 15,...

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Is it a blogpost or a mini novel?

Hello Everyone.

As usual lots of changes! Phew, it seems like its always lots of changes at the moment, but maybe that is to be expected if you move from one country to another haha! Ah yes, I mentioned this on Facebook,  but will confirm it here: My family and I recently moved back from the USA to live in the UK. I wont go into all the reasons, but in a nutshell, the USA has rubbish healthcare, too many guns in the hands of too many stupid people, and we had no family there. Now that I have children, I think they should grow up with thier aunts, uncles, cousins and grandmother...and be able to go to school without getting shot, and then be able to go to the hospital without their parents going bankrupt! 
Plus also, Kniteforce is doing pretty well right now, and I kinda have to be here in the UK for it!
So there is that. I am glad to be back to the sportsball and the rain. Ha.

Now, on to music related infos!


FINALLY, the 100 missing Acen Box Sets are going to start going out. We...

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Updates on deliveries and the rest...

Hello Everyone,

I hope you had a good Xmas and New Year? Mine was alright. And for 2020, I think "alright" is about as good as can be wished for haha!

Ok, straight to business...Let me update you on some things.

Acen Box Set

As most of you know, we had space reserved for the Acen Box Set to be pressed, and it was for 500 units. However, when they arrived in December, we only got 407, and about 30 of those were damaged. So we have sent most of that 400 and hit dispatched on the site. If you have NOT received an email saying your order has been dispatched, then it was not in that initial 400. Some of the European orders in that 400 are only going out this week, because for a few days leading up to Xmas, we were unable to send to Europe due to Covid issues and closed borders.

Now, we ARE expecting to get the missing 100 box sets from the initial 500 in the next few weeks, so a few more orders will go out. After that, the rest of the Box Set orders will go out in February, as...

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