Collaborations Galore! And other news, I suppose....

Hello Everyone!

Its been over 2 months since my last blog, and a lot has happened, so much that a recap would be...just...I cant even remember all the things. It would take the entire blog and you would all fall asleep haha!

What I do know is we had way too many records arrive in December. And also in January. February seems like it might be busy too. Basically, deliveries galore, with the result we now have planned release dates up until mid March. All of which will change as other music lands, no doubt. I sometimes think my main job now is "music juggling" heh.

Also, Kniteforce Distribution has grown to where we are now looking after over 60 labels, and our new distribution website is just now going live, so with Xmas in the middle, it has been a litle bit chaotic. Massive, massive understatement haha!

Still, with all of that, I have found time to wok on music and other fun things, more of which will be revealed in due course. But new tunes from Jimmy J and Cru-l-t, Luna-C, and Industries Of The Blend, plus upcoming remixes and such...its really nice to be studioing again. I have done more in the last 8 weeks than I did in the previous year!
Speaking of years, noone knows how a year will turn out, but I do think this year is going to be the year of the collaborations for Kniteforce. We have, of course, forged strong ties with artists and labels that align with our values over the last few years, so it is natural that we would want to work with these good people.

So let me tell you about the first two collaborations, which completely unplanned, have arrived at the same time!

Calling The Knite Club

The first, announced a few days ago, is the epic Calling The Kniteclub boat party. This is something we started organising way back in the middle of 2023, and it is a huge pleasure to be working with Radio Sam and the Calling The Hardcore crew because, well...we like them. And they do high quality music and parties. And Sammy lives just down the road to me anyway lol.

Knite Club has already defined itself as a big event with big ideas, and Calling The Hardcore regularly smashes it with huge names and extraordinary line ups for their events. So do we need to combine forces? Absolutely not. But if there is anything I have learned in the years I have been doing this stuff, it is NEVER be boring, and never get bored. With Knite Club, just as with the label and the distribution arms of Kniteforce, we want to do new, interesting and groundbreaking things.

And if we cant do that, then fun excellence will do! 

I do hope you will come to our party! At the time of writing, more than a 1/4 of the tickets are sold, and that is in under 48 hours. I would advise picking yours up as soon as possible, so you can enjoy a day of dancing and hanging out with the KF crew, the CTH crew, Ray Keith, Pete Cannon, Mixtress, Sunny and Deck Hussy and the one and only Dj Jedi.

Also, cos we wanted to make a good idea even better, we have a limited edition special coloured amazing12"  vinyl release exclusive to the party featuring brand new music from Try Unity, Jimmy J & Cru-l-t, Z-Neo and Alex Jungle:

I love saying things are unmissable, and this is unmissable, so I will simply say, this is unmissable. Unless you miss it in which case, eh, we tried lol.

Here is a link to the tickets, so get in:

Calling The Kniteclub Tickets

The Alliance

Our second double exciting slice of collaborative amazement is also pretty incredible. Good 2 Go records have established themselves as a record label with an insane work ethic, fantastic artwork from the legend that is Junior Tomlin, and numerous massive releases from the likes of Sappo and Blame and many others. We at Kniteforce have of course also worked with Blame and Junior on a number of projects, and as all those mentioned are thoroughly good eggs, we decided to try something a little different as a collaborative vinyl release:

We have a double pack featuring TWO big remixes by Blame and split into a Kniteforce disc and a Good 2 Go disc, both with coloured vinyl and in what I feel is one of the best pieces of Junior Tomlin art ever, and, well, thats maybe a bit much, a bit hyperbolic. But only because Junior's art is always so damn good that picking a best is a fools game. Even so, look at this gorgeous sleeve design! The records have already arrived so trust me when I say, this is a stunningly beautiful release with incredible music from Blame, NRG, Ross Fader, and Sync Dynamix.

This will be available on the 15th of February on the kniteforce store!

So those are the first two collaborations of the year, and there is more coming, are going to have to wait!

Still, you will not be surprised to hear that more music IS on its way. We have some epic releases in the pipeline, some you wont believe, and some you will and then realise it was just a dream, and then find out that "dreams become realiteeeeeEEeeee" haha.

So here are a few goodies to look forward to in the coming weeks and months...

And thats about it for now...I know there are lots of other thins we have talked about, such as The Dream City project and Wots My Code remixes and Out Of Romfords new EPs and such...all is on the way, I just have no idea!

Hold tight crew, its gonna be a 2024 and a half. Or something.

Nice one,


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Nice one Chris! We look forward to seeing you on the boat party! Keep up the good work ☺️

Commented 2nd February 2024 04:39


Amazing news Chris, slowly I fear my wife will kill or leave me while I bag that much releases 🤣 keep up the great work, Kniteforce 4 ever ✊

Commented 3rd February 2024 08:46


That record sleeve tho... It is stunning! Lotta good stuff just on the horizon.

Commented 3rd February 2024 06:42


Awesome stuff. Any chance of nookie give a little love repress. The 1994 one

Commented 16th February 2024 04:11