The Criminal Minds - 28th of September 2023

Hello Everyone,

This blog is going to attempt to be non essay length, and to be mostly about the imminent and very exciting Criminal Minds's tough for me too keep things short, cos there is always a lot to say, but in an effort to be succinct and bring you all up to date:

The Smart Es and Jimmy J and Innercore releases are packed and shipped. They have sold astonishingly well, and we may well run out in the next few weeks, so a huge thank you for the support on those. 

We have had a LOT of vinyl arrive recently. This is because three different vinyl streams have all converged to land at the same time.

We have the releases I ordered 3-6 months ago, when pressing times were quoted to be a 10 month turnaround. Most of those are arriving early because since being ordered, pressing times are now closer to 3 months.

Then we have the records I ordered 7 - 12 months ago when pressing was meant to be around 10 months...those are arriving on time.

And finally, there is the arrival of things that were cut in 2021 and moved from MPO after endless delays. I am referring to epic EPs like those from Dj Beeno and Sunny & Deck Hussy, and Sanxion (arrived but not released yet). We still expect the long delayed Groove Control (Hyper-On Experience Remix) to land any day as well. These are all arriving now, inexplicably lol. But thank goodness - the Sanxion EP test presses came out in 2021. Its ridiculous.

Anyway, this is all relevant because two of the LONG delayed MPO transfer releases that just got here are by The Criminal Minds. So let's talk about this!!!

On the 28th of September, we are going to release a barage of TCM insanity:

KF182 - The Criminal Minds - Rocksteady EP

KF196 - The Criminal Minds - B-Boys Taking Over EP

The incredible double album: KF226 - The Criminal Minds - Genre Non-Specific

KF227 - The Criminal Minds - Remixes Non-Specific (Blame / Bay B Kane / Ron Wells Remixes)

KF224 - The Criminal Minds - Remasters Volume 1

These releases were all meant to be spread out over the course 18 months, with the first two EPs landing late 2021 and the album in 2022...but due to the tedious mess with vinyl that we have covered numerous times already, instead they have all arrived in the last month or so, and within 4 weeks of each other.

This was not the plan.

But plans change.

And as they changed, we decided to make the most of it, to maybe, even, try something a little different...

Normally, if I have 6 records from a single artist, well - I add a USB or a slipmat and BOOM: thats a Box Set. 

But I have been looking to do Box Sets in a different way for a while now - its an expensive format at a time when people are struggling, and I get bored doing the same thing repeatedly. I feel like to stay in one place for too long is to invite it's time for a change.

Instead of combining all of these epic releases into a box set, we are going to switch it all around. This time, you can buy all of these records individually...BUT there is a Box Set option, and the Box Set option gives you ALL of the releases packed in a nice outer box, and it comes with a USB featuring TCMs entire back cataloguge, all remastered...and the best bit is, we are going to make sure this sells for LESS than it would cost to buy each part individually.

Box Set Image:

KFZ19 - The Criminal Minds - The Masterworks USB

I am hoping that this new way of doing things will appeal to everyone. I think it will, and I think The Criminal Minds are the perfect artist to start this new way of doing things. They have been consistently one of the most high quality and innovative artists in the scene, so it seems fitting to do a high quality and innovative release with their new and remastered material.

VIPers will get the opportunity to pick up the box version early, but there will be some available for general public on the 28th of September, and of course, all the releases individually at that time as well.

I am very excited about this release. The original plan was to release the first two singles, then the album, then the remixes, represses and digital. the vinyl delays buggered that idea up, but...when one door closes, another opens, and I feel like this is actually an even better way to release The Criminal Minds than we were going to do. I hope you enjoy them as much as we have enjoyed putting this together....

Nice one,


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Big news, I will create a box set for sure :) big ups KF family!

Commented 20th September 2023 05:36


Awesome stuff!

Commented 20th September 2023 10:02


Epic as usual, nice one Chris

Commented 21st September 2023 11:51