This weeks status updates and plans...

Hi Everyone,

Jeez, I am exhausted. I think the relentless pace is finally getting to me a little. I am going to try and take a day off in the coming days. So much going on, and all of it wonderful, but no matter how awesome it all is, I am still getting worn out lol. Happy, but knackered. Anyway…so…err…a new blog post.

So this post is just to try and keep you all up to date and to address a few things that have come up! Firstly, status report!

KF180-181 - The House Crew Box Set
It is here, it is packed, I am picking it up tomorrow, and it will start shipping next week I promise! 

KF159 - Ray Keith, KF186-190 - Dj Force & The Evolution, KF176 - Acen Dubplate Mixes
These are both delayed by a paper shortage of all things. Yup. The pressing plant cannot get hold of the paper parts - labels and etc - to press things. I am told end of May now. I know, I know, at this point I literally want to bash my head into a wall. But I also know this is a problem...

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Pre Sale Updates and Status Report

Hello everyone,

I thought I would send an email updating you on the status of all the pre sale and current releases!
As most of you know, we have had a few schedule dates given to us by the pressing plant. The first of these was April 4th - a date when 50 titles were due to be pressed and shipped. So far we have had about 34 of those titles land with us, and we are still waiting on a few of them. Here is a status report on each!

1. KF180 The House Crew Box Set, KF154 Jonny L Remixes, KBOGR47T - Baraka.
All of these have landed and are in our possession. The Baraka have been sent already where we can, the Jonny Ls are going out today and throughout the rest of the week, and the House Crew Box Set should start shipping from Monday next week.

2. KF159 Ray Keith Box Set
This one is particularly annoying - I know a lot of you are eager to get your hands on it; It was not part of the 34 titles that have landed with us, and it has not shipped yet. Having...

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Knite Club, Status Report, New Release Alert...

Hello Everyone,

Wow, do I have a lot to talk about today. In all my years in this industry, I can’t think of a busier time, except for maybe when Smart Es was riding high in the charts…maybe…but even then I spent a lot of time just messing about (no, never, I can’t believe that!) whereas right now I barely have time to think (again, surely not lol)…

Right, so first up, lets talk about:  Knite Club

For a long time, I have wanted to do events. And for a long time, people I know, and customers, have been saying to me “Why don’t you do some events?”. But the problem with doing events is they are difficult to organise, and when people were asking that question initially, I was in America. 
Since returning to live in the UK, the label has exploded in size and the need for Kniteforce to do its own events became ever more obvious. 
For one, and without trying to sound arrogant or whatever, I think Kniteforce is possibly the largest label within the “repress / new old skool music / we really do need a name for...

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This weeks New Releases and Updates!

Hello Everyone,

I am sure you are all bored to tears with my blogs at this point. All you really want to read is “your order is on its way” and believe me, that’s is the thing I want to be saying haha! Still, with so much going on, and as has always been my way, I want to keep you as informed as possible!

First up. These are the releases going on sale on Thursday:

KOOR07 (New Decade)

KOOR08 (Various)

KRSR01 (Ramos & Supreme & Sunset Regime)

KRSR02 (Ramos & Supreme)

KFA120 (Doughboy)

We will also be adding the remained of the House Crew 6 x Vinyl Extended box sets - we now know exactly how many are shipping, so we now know we have 25 available of those before it becomes the 5 x Vinyl set only.
We will also be putting up the leftover parts from the Liquid Lethal bundle, including the USB and the 10”….the actual bundle remains the cheapest way to get all of those items, by a solid margin though, so you might wanna grab that…
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Dj Force & The Evolution, Nine T Nine Records and Doughboy USB and Vinyl...

Hello Everyone,

I guess I will be blogging a little more frequently from now on, because a lot is happening, and things keep changing so fast that keeping you up to date is even more of a prioriy. As any of you who follow me on social media will now know, we have been told another 8000 records shipped to us on Friday, including some of the pre-sale we have been waiting on for so long:

KF155 - Liquid - Lethal 2x 12"
KF154 - Jonny L - Hurt You So (Remixes)
KBOGR47T - Baraka - Nutty Bass / I'll Be There (Hyper-On Experience and Ant To Be Remixes)
KF180 - The House Crew Box Set

All of those will be packed and shipped as fast as possible. We have not yet had notification that the KF181 House Crew Bonus 12" has been shipped, and of course we will need that before we can send The House Crew Box Set out. Likewise, no news on KBOGR45T being shipped yet either, so the Baraka bundle is waiting for that. But I expect to hear both of those have shipped very soon, probably this week. And we are...

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No Releases Tonight, and other news lol

Hello everyone!

A little update to let you know there are no new releases coming out tonight (March 31st 2022)! It has been particularly busy the last 3 or 4 weeks, and it is definitely going to get even more busy from next weekend, but for tonight, there are no new updates.

However, in a weeks time, on April 7th, we will be opening up sales on the Dj Force & The Evolution box Set.

There will be 150 of the full 6 vinyl extended set with slipmat and USB (Containing every track they ever made for us, every remix and a few extra remixes). Also, three of the records are coloured vinyl to match the original Fall Down On Me is in clear red, Perfect Dreams in a kind of transparent white, and then the bonus 6th vinyl is a color that I cant remember cos I ordered this box set about 4 million years ago lol. But I am sure its gonna look great!

After those 150 are gone, there will be the 5 vinyl set, and if we have extras on the 6th vinyl, we MIGHT have those...

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This weeks updates, news, info and socks*

Hello Everyone,

I feel a bit like this today:

Well, the crazy keeps on coming, so here’s me trying to keep up with it lol….Let me hit you with some updates, starting with what’s hitting the store this Thursday 24th March at 7pm (UK Time)! And its an impressive array that leans mostly jungle but also with a big cheesy anthem in the middle of it. Brilliant!

Okay, so lets start with the main vinyl releases. First up, we have the classic and much sought after (I know this cos people would always hassle me about it) Dj Magical - Rush Hour EP on Remix Records:

REC33 - Dj Magical - Rush Hour EP

Then it all gets a little more jungletastic. Perhaps this one has been a little lost in the general melee, but its an excellent repress of a highly sought after EP:

KAP02 - Nzo & Invincible - Big Up The Dj EP

Next up is a proper awesome USB from Dj Raps incredible Propa Talent label, this is the first in a run of USBs covering the back catalogue. Full of the excellent labels earlier works, plus exclusive tracks...

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Kniteforce Prime is Here!

Hello Everyone,

This is a quick little blog to talk to you about Kniteforce Prime. Here is a video about it...

But I wanted to expand on this a little. I talk to a lot of producers and Djs in all styles and of all ages, and the one thing that they all really seem to agree on is that the years 1990-1995 are the most incredible, informative and groundbreaking of the scene. We all love the early years, when the music spread its wings and really found its unique voice. Voices actually. Thousands of them. The amount of variety those early years had is astonishing. So it is no surprise that the resurgence in both represses and new material and new remixes is so huge and so popular right now, and that it only seems to be growing.

But I have noticed something a little odd. Despite the overall love for that era, the first few years in that group are hardly represented at all. There is a huge variety of 150-165 bpm old skool out there, covering all the styles, jungle, rave, and more, on a multitude of labels....

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New Release Schedule...

Hi Everyone,

So I have been banging on about all the deliveries and releases we have coming, and thought I should do a blog that gets into specifics a little bit...And this is that blog. All your questions are answered below!

But before we go any further, I want to emphasise this is very much a schedule of releases based on unreliable information lol. I mean, we have been given delivery dates for a HUGE number of releases. We have been told FOURTEEN releases are arriving at the end of March, and a week later, on the 4th of April, another FIFTY are apparently going to be delivered, and then another TWELVE in May.
We have also been told of releases in February, and to be fair, so far they have been pressed and shipped correctly, only slowed by customs shenanigans. So there is a good chance the below schedule will work out. But even then, it has HUGE gaps in it, and things may need to move around. Plus some things just arent on there because of a change in the pressing plants systems - so there is no mention of Dj Solo for example, but that was...

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Hi Everyone,

There has been a lot of blog posts recently, because a lot has been happening, but this one is really important and contains a lot of information!

We have finally been given a schedule for the upcoming delivery of releases, and basically, between now and the end of April, we are getting around ninety releases. NINETY.

This is because all the very delayed releases are finally going to arrive. There is quite a lot to say about this, so let me elaborate on what is expected and what is going to happen.

Firstly, all of you who have records on presale or are waiting on orders. EVERY one of the records will be here by the middle of April. So 8 weeks maximum. Some are coming earlier, some later, but all are coming.
This means we will have:

KF159 - Ray Keith Box Set
KF155 - Liquid Lethal
KF154 - Jonny L (Remixes)
KF180 - The House Crew Box Set
KBOGR45T / KBOGR47T - Baraka Bundle

All of the above are absolute priority and we will be sending them out as soon as humanly possible. I say as soon as humanly possible because these releases are all part...

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