Hello Everyone,

How are you? I am knackered, thank you for asking lol....It has been a crazy few weeks…and I expect it will stay that way for another week or two, really. So lets jump right in with the most exciting thing ever...

The House Crew Box Set

This is finally ready to go live on Friday 3rd December, which, to the regular KF people, means 7pm on Thursday 2nd of December. This Box Set is genuinely amazing featuring a huge range of talent on remix duty, including Manix, Ratpack, Blame, Acen, Hyper-On Experience, Ant To Be and Liquid..., not to mention the first three new tunes from The House Crew in decades, and of course the origianl classic tunes, all lovingly remastered....I am so excited to finally be able to put this up for pre-sale. 

As mentioned previously, this pre-sale, like all pre-sales, is something I would rather have avoided. But remember the Acen Box Set? We ordered 500 of that, and at the time we were worried we would have loads left over. And we ended up needing 1500, all of which have sold. Actually, we could have done...

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The Immediate Future....and a little bit after that too....

Hello everyone,

Right, lots to talk about so we will get straight to it. This blog is here to tell you about the current and upcoming things, and the why’s and how’s!

Firstly, we have the super exclusive Kniteforce Khristmas Hamper, as pictured:

This is limited to a little under 200 units, and will be available from Thursday 18th November - that is, this week!
It contains a 12” vinyl record that has never been repressed and that originally only came out on test press. Like all the items in the hamper, it is exclusive to the hamper - none of these things will be available in any other format or on their own at a later date. Likewise, there is a USB full of goodies, a brand new CD, a mug, a slipmat and a keyring, plus a calendar and an Xmas card from yours truly. I realise the Xmas card might put you off buying it, but it is, at least, amusing.
And we have a video for it, because why not…

A week after that is the Black Friday sale. We are doing that as a 48...

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KF176 Acen - Trip To The Moon (Dubplate Mixes) - the promised record to apologise for the delays....is very delayed...Update

Hello everyone,

This is a quick blog to explain the situation with the promised free record:
KF176 Acen - Trip To The Moon (Dubplate Mixes)


To recap (because oh my god this is ridiculously late)…Due to the Acen Box Set being delayed to many buyers way back at the beginning of the year, we told those late receiving customers they would get a free record. 

We then cut and ordered the record.

And here we are, nearly 6 months later, without the record.

There is a special sort of irony in the fact that this record, to make up for the late box set, is so very much later than the box set was. It would be funny if it wasn’t so terrible. Sigh.

Now, it SHOULD have been here in July or August. It is one of maybe 10 records that we have in production that should have arrived in August. In fact, August should have seen releases from Fizby, Innercore, Dee Sub, DS1, Sub Foundation, Nutty Tax, Sandman, and New Decade as well as this record.

Since then, there have been the 8 or 9 records due in September, which include Ramos & Supreme, Dj...

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New releases and updates!

Hello Everyone,

Wow, its been a while since I did a blog post. This makes sense though because it has been insane.
The last 3 weeks Lee and I have been flat out doing orders. Nearly 3000 have gone out.

At this point ALL Baraka orders, ALL NRG Box Set orders and ALL the orders we have that contain KF153 - Jonny L - Hurt You So original (but NOT the KF154 Remixes) have gone out.

We have not yet received KF154 Jonny L - Hurt You So (Remixes). We don’t know when that will arrive, despite asking. Frankly, the delays are so absurd that if we get it before Xmas I will be thrilled.
I know some of you have ordered that along with other records. So if we don’t have it in the next 4 weeks or so, we will probably go through all the orders and send out what we can. We will absorb the extra postage costs as a gift to all you loyal customers and because the wait is ridiculous.

Right, on to all the news! We have a ton of releases about to drop on Thursday 21st! First up we have two new vinyl...

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All The Vinyl Problems and Solutions


And welcome to the “depressing state of vinyl and what we are gonna do about it” blog. 

I am making this post because I find I am answering the same questions repeatedly, so instead of doing that, I can link people to this post and all will be explained nicely! 

In a nutshell: Records are delayed because there are not enough pressing plants in the world to meet the current demand for vinyl.

Vinyl has risen in popularity by an insane amount - I cannot offhand remember the figures, but it has been a steady rise in popularity for the last few four or five years, and then late 2020 into 2021 it rose by 400%, or something crazy. 
Much of this has been driven by hipsters buying reissues of Fleetwood Mac or whatever hipsters buy. Vinyl is basically the “in” format for music, and has overtaken CD sales for the first time in decades.
The problem is, in the early 2000s, vinyl was deemed dead. Even in our own scene, very few labels still pressed vinyl, and that was the same worldwide for pretty much all the music industry. This meant that many of the record pressing plants...

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Liquid - Lethal

Hello Everyone!

Anyone who follows this blog regularly knows that I tend to get very excited and talk about all the things. And today we are talking about an album I have barely mentioned at all, even though it is seminal work by one of the leading artists in our scene, a legend in his own right, and all around thoroughly nice chap. I am of course talking about Liquid, and his brand new album “Lethal”.

Why Chris? Why haven’t you mentioned it until now, the day of the pre sale?

There are a few reasons, but the main ones are that I wanted this album to get your full attention,, and because Liquid and I have been working on how to put this out for a while. It has been a tough one to put together because unlike most of the releases on Kniteforce, this is both full on, proper old skool business release of the sort of quality you would expect from a master of his craft such as Liquid, but it is also more than that.

What do you mean Chris?

Ok, look. Some things are just a thing. Other things transcend the thing they...

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All the news and excitement!

Hello Everyone,

Sorry for blog that is likely riddled with spelling mistakes and errors. I am writing it in a very short period of time while waiting on a phone call from Liquid about his forthcoming and stunning new album, and Jimmy J arriving in the studio. 
I meant to write this on Monday. Its now Thursday. Time is not on my side recently. 
So anyway, enough blah. Let me hit you with all the news!

First up, some updates. 
Vinyl is still being idiotic. KBN09 - Phat & Phuturistic was pressed and sent 2 weeks ago. But its not here yet. Where is it? Yes. Meanwhile, KBOGR46T - Baraka  is also STILL not here. I was told that despite being massively over burdened with orders, the pressing plant isn’t even at full capacity as they cannot get enough of the pic plastic to press the vinyl. We use MPO, one of the worlds largest pressing plants - so its not like some pokey little pressing plant. This situation? Its the new normal. Not only that, they ar enow having trouble sourcing materials for sleeves etc. In case you want to read more about all of this, here is a...

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NRG, Dj Rap, Ray Keith and Baraka....

Hello everyone,

How are you today? The wife is outside in the sun, the kids are flopping about exhausted from swimming, and I am hiding in the shade writing this blog because its too hot for me! Anyway, a  few small things to go through...First up, the Extended Six Vinyl NRG Music Maker Box Set is down to its last 75 copies, and I expect that to be gone either by the end of this week or the end of the month. Sales have slowed down a little bit as they do on these bigger items, but I would say if you are thinking about getting it, now is the time as we are defintiely not going to do extras on the Extended set. We spoke to the pressing plant and moved some things around, so that once these are gone we should have stock of the 5 Vinyl version...not many, but some :)

And look, a lovely review from our friends at Life Support...


In other exciting news (July is full of exciting news as it happens) we are assurend by...

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Coming Soon - The Pre Sale Section of the Site

Hello Everyone,

I should have titled this "Pre Info Re Pre Site Update Re Pre Sales" but read somewhere that titles are important, and shouldnt be confusing. Anyway...before I get into the rest of it!

If you have bought:

KBOGR46T - Baraka - Nutty Bass  /  I'll Be There or

KBN09 - Phat & Phuturistic - Part 1 / Part 2

As part of the bundle or on their own, you can now download the digital files. We are still waiting for the vinyl, but as it is so delayed, I hope this will keep you going for a minute...:)

Now, onto the business of the day:

We have just configured a pre sale section on the Kniteforce Site, which is now live. This will function to solve a lot of problems at once. Before I get into whats coming when, I wanted to let you know about the changes and how this SHOULD improve things for us all.

The Pre Sale section will only have pre sale items in it. You WILL be able to buy pre sale and non presale items at the same time, but it will make the situation clearer - that is to...

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I Bring You The Future!


Bonus points if you read the title of this blog and added (the future, the future!) in your head. 3rd Party for the win. And no, I havent signed 3rd Party lol.

This blog is about upcoming releases, the when and the how. And also the why, because I know you all love a long winded explanation haha!

So...yeah...ok, a lot of things have happened recently to make a right mess of any type of scheduling I had for upcoming releases. And thats a bit of a problem, because you may or may not have noticed this but...we have a few releases coming out lol. The sheer amount and variety makes release management a challenge at the best of times, even when its just standard 12" release. But what we have coming up? It is not standard. And this is not the best of times, what with the issues at the pressing plants. Even putting that aside, the sheer numbers make things difficult, and then there is every style from 1990 old skool rave, to underground jungle classics, to new material from legendary artists, to modern hardcore, to Empyreals forthcoming gabber EP on Malice. Oh, and releases from our...

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Please Answer My Question and Baraka Pre Sale updates!

Hello everyone,

I hope this blog finds you well this fine summers day? I am too hot, as is my standard position for the entire summer months, but other than that, I am great :)

So lets dive right in. I am going to assume most of you read the previous blog about the mess of the press? If not, you can find it by, you know, looking on this very page haha. Anyway, fairly shortly after I wrote that, we got hit with our first major delay, and it is unfortunately on these two titles:

KBOGR46T - Baraka - Nutty Bass / I'll Be There

KBN09 - Phat & Phuturistic - Part 1 / Part 2

These two titles are of course part of the Old Skool Jungle Bundle. We have already received one of the others - KLEG06 - Q Project - Champion Sound, and we are told KBN07 has been pressed and is on its way to us. So we have already sent out ALL the orders that we could, the ones which ordered KLEG06 but not others. And we will do the same with any orders for just KBN07. But the vast majority of the orders...

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The Mess Of The Record Press - Please Read

Hello everyone,

A slight departure from my usual blogging, in that I want to talk to you about the current (and general) state of the vinyl pressing industry.

Its fucked.

Thanks for reading! See you next week!


Haha, I kid...well...sort of...But there are significant changes (problems) going on and it is an industrywide issue. So I am writing this so that you know what is going on when it comes to pressing records and how it affects Kniteforce, but also our dear friends at Liftin' and Blue Badger and Time Tunnel and MPS and Cantina and, well, everyone.

In a nutshell - demand for vinyl massively outstrips the availability within the pressing plants, and it has come to a fairly alarming head in recent weeks. A little history:

Vinyl is an OLD medium. We are talking everyone wearing a hat in a sepia toned world where leeches were used as medicine old. The actual making of a record is a long drawn out multistep process that has changed very little from its inception, but involves cutting the music into an acetate, “growing” the A/B side stampers in vats of chemicals, heating up plastic with a huge boiler then splatting...

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Whats coming, whats exciting and whats new.

Hello everyone!

The answer is Nookie. So now you know. And the answer to the next question is yes, box sets, and yes, all of it. And yes, Daddy Armshouse too. Brilliant eh?

Now thats the way to start a blog! Boom, straight in with the news, and then dont follow up with any more information for ages, or answer any questions! Wheeee....

Unfortunately there really isnt a good way to follow on after that. It kinda blows everything out of the water, so I am gonna do a sort of "hit points" blog to bring you all up to date!

1. As of writing, we are down to the last few Hecticly Hectic Bundles. Which is amazing because we DOUBLED the number of bundles, and still, pretty much sold out in a week. Big thank you to everyone who supported, you are all awesome. And yes, Hect06, 07, 08, 11 and 11R are coming soon!

2. We are about to get the test presses on KF176 - which is the "free" bonus Trip To The Moon Dubplate Mixes vinyl. Once the tp is confirmed as good, I will put in an order for that and we will work out...

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What we are doing now and soon...

Hi Everyone and Keith,

I hope you all had a smashing weekend full of wonder and joy and small pieces of plastic with one slightly jagged edge suggesting that it was broken from something, but not giving you any hint of what it is, or whether it is important or not so you arent sure if something is about to be really broken or not.

Anyway, this week Lee is busy packing all the Breed31 and KF142 orders and Boxing Day bundles and getting them out of the door. Meanwhile, yours truly is packing the new Out of Romford, Coco Bryce and Influential releases.

Yes, Kniteforce has reached the stage where we now have THREE different areas of packing, the good one (Lee) the other good one (John, who does all the merchanside) and the "this is bound to go wrong" one, me! Huzzah!

Still, look on the bright side....errr....hmm.

Anyway, so here is what is out now:

And here is what will be out next...

And then after that we are probably gonna do this, but by then it might have changed cos all is chaos!


And thats all I...

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BREED31 and KF142 Update, and other things...

Hello Everyone,

Right, we finally have sent out all of the Acen Box Sets. With a few small issues, that went fairly smoothly. We are very relieved to have that done, and are moving on to the next problems haha!

So lets talk about Breed 31 and KF142.

The latest news is we have been told by the delivery company that they were delivered on the 5th of March. Which, if they were, it wasnt here, so I am calling bullshit. We have demanded a proof of delivery, but are getting silence from the delivery company. So I finally lost my rag and said to the pressing plant that the courier has obviously lost them, and it is time for the pressing plant to repress.

At this point I do not know if they will be found and will appear next week, or if we will need to wait for a repress. If they do repress, it will be swift, hopefull 3-4 weeks, but it is still too long.

So here is what we are going to do:


We will be packing and sending those orders next...

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And we are finally back on track...mostly...

Hello everyone,

Right, so updates on things!

The Box Set is being packed and sent out. We have already done the 5 x Vinyl sets. We did these first because while we got the full delivery of those, we did not get KF140, the 6th vinyl. That arrived a few days ago, and we are now packing as fast as we can. We will work over the Easter weekend and with any luck, we will get the vast majority, if not ALL of the box sets, on their way by next week.

I dont like to swear on my blog too much, words are powerful and should be used sparingly, but might I just say a healthy "thank FUCK for that". I love the support from you all, I will be eternally grateful for the patience you have shown and the amazing success of the release, and I am certain Acen feels the same way. But god damn I will be pleased to see the back of it lol. That many orders hanging about in the store, and the endless frustration for everyone? Not fun. One of my proudest moments in this industry is getting to put this record out...but...

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Box Set Arrived! Baraka / Champion Sound Presale on Friday....

Hello everyone!


That is a picture of the Box Sets. Not all of them, because we moved loads before we thought to take a photo lol...but yes, they have landed AT LAST. We are getting them sent out now as fast as we can. 


That is a picture of the presale that is about to open on Friday.


I have to say, as I have said before, I really do not WANT to do another presale after the issues with the Acen Box Set, but realistically, both Covid and Brexit were the reasons for the long delay on the box set. Neither of those things will hinder us too much on this one, we have been told 12 weeks from order to delivery. And besides, I have no choice with the Baraka release. I have had so many enquiries that guessing the right amount to order is absolutely impossible and as I can only do a single run, its either this or people who want it don’t get it and scalpers ahoy.


It seemed to make sense to me to have this preorder going on while...

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Free "Apology For The Delay" record and updates!

Hello Everyone,

Okay, here we are again with the updates, but there does seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel at last, and some explanations (even if they are a bit poo) and a free record to talk about :)

So first things first: Breed31 (Worldwide Epidemik) and KF142 (Remixes 15). 

The issue with these two releases is as follows: They were sent from the pressing plant mid January, a little late but not massively so. But this was just after Brexit, so they got shipped to the UK where customs sat for a while as everyone scratched their bums and wondered how to process them. 
When no one could work out which box to tick, they were sent back to the pressing plant. 
That was February the 15th.
The pressing plant was so overwhelmed with Brexit problems and delays and orders stacked up due to Covid issues, they just left anything they got returned to them sitting in the warehouse. Not good. And I did not hassle them because they said they were coming and stuck at customs. Basically, I did not know they had been shipped back, and the plant...

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Isotonik Merchandise and other news...

Hi everyone,

Okay, so we have released some new merchandise on the store! New KF Footie shirts as many people seemed to want that, and a wicked range of Isotonik / Orange goodies, to celebrate his new vinyl release…which isn’t here. It has been pressed, I am told, but we have no idea when it will get here, so we went ahead and did the merchandise anyway! Plus the wicked video too…

And so, after the initial joyful start of the blog, we are back to the never ending saga of the missing records.

To date, the missing records are:

KF142 (Remixes 15) - due 1st week of Jan.
Breed31 (Worldwide Epidemik) - due 1st week of Jan.
INFL19 - Various Artists
K07 - Future primitive
KF133 - Coco Bryce
KHECT05 - Mystic & Fire / Eye On Life
KF127 - Sunny & Deck Hussy
KF145 - Dj Ham
KF144 - Liquid Crystal
KHECT02 - The Eliminators (Repress)

This is around 4000 records. Not to mention missing test presses for:

KF143 - Phuture Assassins
REC28 - Jimmy J
Breed32 - Sunny & Deck Hussy

I genuinely cannot tell you where any of these...

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And then, everything at once...

Hello everyone,

Alright, I will keep this as brief as I can but bring you all up to date...

Covid / Xmas and Brexit proper messed up all deliveries because our pressing plant is in France, lots of people were out or working from home at the pressing plant so that got dragged down, Xmas made for massive delays with deliveries, and Brexit buggered up importing while everyone ran around asking what number they needed to put in what box on which form.

It seems like that is just about over with, so the result is:

1. The Acen Trip To the Moon Box Sets are pressed and should be with us any day. It is still incredibly slow to get things from one country to the next for reasons no one seems to be able to explain, but we remain (cautiously) optomistic that records will arrive this week. It is out top, absolute, priority to get those sent out to you, closely followed by:

2. We were told today KF142 (Remixes 15) and Breed31 (Worldwide Epidemik) have been released from Customs and will be with Lee this week. So as soon as those 2 arrive, we will also be...

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Update re Postage and deliveries!

A heads up to all customers!

Postage remains chaos. Every aspect of it. I dont even know why at this point, some of it makes no sense.

Individual deliveries to varous places seem random - some are fast, some are slow, some are "did it come via horse and cart?"

But courier is, if anything, even worse it seems.

For example: The price to ship to the USA has basically doubled. Apologies to my US customers, but prices are going to go up there. Our system of sending in bulk to the USA to save you money is still in place - and still WAY cheaper than doing it the "normal" way. But still - why? Cant blame Brexit or Covid for that one IMO. Seems to me its just taking advantage of the choas to raise prices.

Also, even simple things like moving stock from one place in the UK to another is just bollocks. We have 2 packages just...stuck. Delayed. Doing nothing.

Meanwhile, we STILL have 6 titles stuck at customs, thats nearly 3000 records:

KF142 (Remixes 15)
BREED31 (Worldwide Epidemik)
KF133 (Coco Bryce)
K09 (Future Primitive)
INFL19 (Various)
KHECT02 (Eliminators Repress)

Some of those have been sitting...

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Here is what You Need To Know, and New Releases!

Hello everyone - some much needed info here, so please read carefully!


Over the last 3 weeks, our pressing plant has notified of 14 deliveries on their way, via the usual method, delivery notes. In the past, when we got a delivery note, we would have the records within 48 hours, because it means the records have been pressed, packed and shipped.

So far we have had 8 of the 14 releases.

One we had to pay customs charges on.

One arrived with no notification.

The others are stuck in customs.

The bottom line is, no one, not the border control, not customs, not the courier services, knows what to do with imports or exports. Some companies are doing this, some are doing that, some are charging import taxes, some arent. This is all because of...I wont say it, because then certain people will go "no its not, its the fault of the rain" or some other crap, anything but admit "it" was a crap idea and "it" has been terribly implemented which is why no one has the foggiest idea of what to do.

Obviously, Breed31 - Worldwide Epidemik, and KF142 - Remixes 15,...

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Is it a blogpost or a mini novel?

Hello Everyone.

As usual lots of changes! Phew, it seems like its always lots of changes at the moment, but maybe that is to be expected if you move from one country to another haha! Ah yes, I mentioned this on Facebook,  but will confirm it here: My family and I recently moved back from the USA to live in the UK. I wont go into all the reasons, but in a nutshell, the USA has rubbish healthcare, too many guns in the hands of too many stupid people, and we had no family there. Now that I have children, I think they should grow up with thier aunts, uncles, cousins and grandmother...and be able to go to school without getting shot, and then be able to go to the hospital without their parents going bankrupt! 
Plus also, Kniteforce is doing pretty well right now, and I kinda have to be here in the UK for it!
So there is that. I am glad to be back to the sportsball and the rain. Ha.

Now, on to music related infos!


FINALLY, the 100 missing Acen Box Sets are going to start going out. We...

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Updates on deliveries and the rest...

Hello Everyone,

I hope you had a good Xmas and New Year? Mine was alright. And for 2020, I think "alright" is about as good as can be wished for haha!

Ok, straight to business...Let me update you on some things.

Acen Box Set

As most of you know, we had space reserved for the Acen Box Set to be pressed, and it was for 500 units. However, when they arrived in December, we only got 407, and about 30 of those were damaged. So we have sent most of that 400 and hit dispatched on the site. If you have NOT received an email saying your order has been dispatched, then it was not in that initial 400. Some of the European orders in that 400 are only going out this week, because for a few days leading up to Xmas, we were unable to send to Europe due to Covid issues and closed borders.

Now, we ARE expecting to get the missing 100 box sets from the initial 500 in the next few weeks, so a few more orders will go out. After that, the rest of the Box Set orders will go out in February, as...

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Updates and Infos...

Hello everyone,

Okay, this is a long overdue update, and it has taken a long time to do because the information keeps changing. unfortunately, the information STILL keeps changing, so please read this carefully, and then, you know, remember we might have to throw it out of the window lol.

So what we know for sure:

Acen Box Set
We were meant to get 500 of the Acen Box Set to send out before Xmas. We got 407 copies, some were damaged. And then a few days ago we got the other 100 copies due - and they came without being put in the actual box.

So. We have packed and sent out about 380 of the box set orders. We have done them in the order they came in, and posted all the UK ones in an effort to get them to you before Xmas. We have also posted a lot of the European and rest of the world ones, and the USA ones are going out today.

Delays are everywhere.

Some post offices are taking weeks to get things, others are like normal. Some people are waiting weeks, others the next day. Its an absolute mess. Exports...

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The Boxing Day Bonanza and the reasons for it haha!

Hello Everyone...

It seems like I do a blog alomst weekly now, which was always my intention, but I never used to have enough to say. Now it seems I always have so much going on and can't fit it all into a sinlge blog even if I do one weekly. Ah well...so, to business:

First things first, UPDATE: We have got pretty much ALL of the Hectic Bundle out now, we are getting the majority of the merchandise out this week, and we have started getting the envelopes ready for the first 500 Acen Box Sets. We havent actually got the records yet, so fingers crossed for that...But I will keep you all updated as always....Now, lets have a little talk about the future...

Those of you who are super observant may have noticed we did not do a Black Friday sale. Or a Cyber Monday sale. There are two reasons for that, both pretty fundamental. The first was, our new website is super duper awesome, but we dont actually have a way to do a sale right now. So we literally couldnt do it. And the second is, the Acen Box Set and Hectic Bundle and...

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Acen Box Set Update and other news!


A number of things to tell you!


Firstly. The 6 Vinyl Complete Acen Box Set Presale is now over and it is no longer available to preorder. We have added to it as well, including an Acen sticker, and a superb CD showcasing a mix by our resident lunatic The Lowercase, and it features lots of exciting tracks forthcoming on KF in 2021. Check it out:

* The dates on the above track listing are estimates at best, just so you know :)

Also, you will all be pleased to know, the digital files have been updated, and you can now download ALL the music via your link in your accounts section. We did this a little earlier that initially planned, because circumstances change. Sometimes for the better, which is why you now have an extra CD and a sticker if you bought the pre sale 6 vinyl box set. And sometimes because while we do our best to anticipate the future, sometimes things go mental and all we can do is hold onto the tail of the tiger while it leaps around, which is a good metaphor for...

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Important updates and future releases!

Hello everyone,

So I have some good news, some bad news and some just sort of..err...news lol.

I have mentioned before that the pressing plants worldwide are under enormous pressure, due to the major labels halting production in March, and starting again in August, totally overwhelming the pressing plants ability to keep up with both their back and current orders. And now covid has spiked again, causing even more difficulties. So many of our releases are quite delayed right now.


The biggest effect for us has been with the bundle containing the two Hectic represses, Remix Records and Lazarus:

All the records in this bundle were due by the 2nd of November, and we have the two Hectics a few weeks ago. And then we got Lazarus last week. But we are STILL waiting on REC27. We were told it was coming last week with Lazarus, but instead we received KF128, which is nice but not very useful at this time. Anyway, REC27 is finally meant to arrive on the 30th of November.

We will pack and send the bundles to you as fast as we can.And humble apologies for this delay, but it really...

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Wow, This Has Been AMAZING! Acen Box Set updates!

Hi Everyone,

So I wanted to do a small blog post about the MASSIVE Acen box set, and answer some questions and things.

I say “massive” box set because as well as being big in size and content, it is already the biggest seller since we restarted doing vinyl! Which is jaw droppingly amazing. Neither Acen or I or the KF council can quite believe it. We watched the initial orders crash the website, and freaked out. Then we watched them pour in at an almost alarming rate, and freaked out some more. And really, we are still freaking out. We have had magazines emailing us and shops and distributors contacting us and the orders have slowed down but continue at an absurd pace. It is truly incredible. I mean, this release? It deserves it because Trip To the Moon is one of the best old skool rave EPs ever, no question. But I have been in this industry a long time. What deserves to sell and what actually sells rarely lines up. So it is thoroughly satisfying that it has in this case. Thrilling. Intimidating. Exciting, and just mind blowing.

So a massive, massive thank you to...

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Really long blog about everything we are doing now and planning for the next 6 months or so....

Hello Everyone,

A brief warning, this blog post is basically a book lol. There is a lot to say, so…get a cup of tea and make yourself comfortable!

There has been so much happening that a lot of the smaller but equally exciting things I have wanted to tell you about have gone somewhat under the radar. So this blog post is to bring all those things to the front and let you know of all the upcoming ecites! Some of these are extra details on what you already know, some are things you havent heard about yet! The tough part is how to lay the order of this out? Lets start with Merchandise, then new labels, then some specifics about upcoming releases…

1. Merchandise - Kniteforce, JAL, Hectic, and Acen too…

So yes, it has been a LONG time since we had any real merchandise to hand, other than the few slipmats we had recently. But all that is about to change! We will soon have Tshirts, Hoodies, Record Bags, Slipmats, Mugs, and as its 2020, face masks. You will be able to get all of these with Kniteforce, Remix Records, Just Another Label and Hectic logos.

A few...

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Right, lets get us all up to date, eh?

Hello Everyone

Okay, so after some radio silence, I am writing this to bring you all up to date. Well, as up to date as possible, things do change sometimes. So lets begin at the beginning.

01. DAR028 - Baby D - Let me Be Your Fantasy (Dope Ammo & Dj Hybrid) UPDATE

Humble apologies for the delay on this, and the subsequent delays for anyone who ordered other vinyl at the same time and is waiting for them all. It is very, very annoying for you guys, and also for us. We HATE having orders just..waiting. We want you to have them as much as you want to get them, I assure you.
The issue here is the pressing plant. They have been very good for us for the last few years, and always been close to being on time. The huge delay right now is due to the fact that all the major labels ceased production in March when Covid landed. In August, they all started again, including their large backlog of, I don’t know, Bryan Adams vinyl? Represses of Abba? I dont even care what they do, but it has had the knock on effect...

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Well, this is chaos. New releases and why there are new releases....

Hello Everyone,

Okay, so there are a bunch of new releases, and the new KF slipmats, on the store. This is terrible timing, and was not planned at all, so I thought I better offer an explanation as to why.

In the end, its Baby Ds fault lol.

Haha, I am just messing. But here is the thing - Kniteforce and Dope Ammo have come up with this awesome deal where they are doing some new D'n'B remixes of some total classics, and we are going to add old skool mixes and handle the vinyl releases. The first one is DAR028 - Baby D - Let me Be Your Fantasy (Dope Ammo & Dj Hybrid Remix).

Now, this has been a bit tricky to pull off, for very music businessy reasons. As happens occasionally, a simple thing like putting a remix out can be quite complicated, because the artist is comprised of a few people, the publishing is owned by a big company, and the remixers are doing a digital release, and then a vinyl release comes along, and somehow, we all have to get on the same page with release dates and planning.

In this particular case,...

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Hey, Whats New, the Rock Steady Crew?

Hello everyone,

Hows you all? I hope well. I am really sorry for the slow and late and delayed blog post. I think maybe the time has come to just admit that, with the amount of stuff going on, its getting a bit tricky to write blogs on time haha! but while I am here, lets get up to speed!

First off, humble apologies for the delay on getting orders out. We only got KFW09 and KFW10 delivered on Friday, so that delayed all the orders by about 2 weeks. Much annoy. But now we are getting the orders out as fast as we can, and thank you for your patience!

Next up, we got a bunch of test presses recently, but in a very rare event, two of them were problematic. INFL19 had some major catastrophe happen during the cut as halfway through one of the tracks the music just turns to kkkkkkkkkssshshhshshshshshshshshshhshs. I have never, in my life, heard a tp do this haha. So on one hand, thats amazing! On the other hand, thats got to be recut. And KF133, the superb EP from Coco Bryce also had a strange issue where we need to get that...

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This is absurd really...

Hello Everyone,

Okay, lots to talk about so lets jump right in. First off, the “whoopsies!”

Number one, sorry for the delay on sending out KFW09 and KFW10 and KJAL02 and KJAL03. Basically, the JALS landed as planned, but the KFWs, which should have arrived with them, just didn’t. Instead they are coming this week. So that has delayed sending out the new releases.

Number two is the issue with KJAL01, which is that we cut an abbreviated, shorter version of the A side by mistake, and no one noticed until early last week. Its actually quite impressive how every single person, from JAL, to myself, to the KF Djs simply didn’t realise, but as soon as we did, we hit the breaks on that. It is being recut with the correct full length mix,  and will be available asap. So that was a bit of a group “duh” moment, but we caught it before we pressed a ton of them, so annoying, but not too much of a mess. I am just glad it wasnt released or sold to people as it was wrong!

Lets move on to excites. Oh, I have forgotten them all…haha. Well. The new releases...

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What is about to happen...

Hello Everyone,

I am sorry it has been a little quiet here. The new store is keeping us all busy, and the KF Council and I have been working very hard to get things sorted, but the result is I now have a ton of information for you! So lets get right to it :)

First up, the store: As promised, we are going to be functioning more and more like a normal store. The more observant of you will have noticed we have added Jedi and Cantina Cuts to the store, absolutely wicked releases from my good friend Edd Jedi, and there will be more getting added soon. As a side note, if you have made an order for these and you are US based, I have not received them here in the USA yet, as we send all records together to save on costs. But your order is coming, I promise, likely with the new releases....And that brings us to...

I was a little torn on how to do the release from here on out because we are not quite a normal store, and not quite just a label any more. A normal online record store would just...

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All the news in the entire world.

Hello everyone!

This blog should be a bit shorter than usual, because I dont have a new release to tell you about it. Cue the sounds of wallets sighing with relief. But believe it or not, I feel the same way. it has been absolutely manic for months. Getting the new site sorted we a huge amount of work, and then of course we have been handling the Breed bundle and the KFWs on this site at the same time as the Acen / Hectic / Wislov / JDS bundle on Bandcamp and it has been way too much for both myself and Lee to handle.
I think we all need a rest.
There. Did you enjoy it? lol
But seriously, a huge thank you to all of you for the frankly amazing support. Setting up the new site was very much needed…but also, getting people to move to a new site can be hard work. This is why I thought “better do a free record to help people move along” ha ha. But it turns out, people didnt need any help moving along. If anything, so many people moved to our new site that we were a little unprepared....

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New Releases and all the news!

Whats going on this week Mr Chris?

Well, its been another busy week at KF HQ, and I am very much hoping next week will basically be sitting around eating pies, but suspect I will have actual work to do. I am not really complaining, its so brilliant at the moment with all the new music and excites! but a rest would be nice…
Anyway, lets see…first up, we have new releases and restocks and the first of our good friends to have products on the site.


New Releases:
KFW07 - InnerCore - Historic & Euphoric EP
KFW08 - Dj Beeno - Mischief EP

KF116 - Liquid Crystal - Chromatic EP Vol 1
KF99R - Hyper On Experience - Lords Of The Null Lines - The Complete Bootleg Remixes
KBOOM02 - Citadel Of Kaos - Ronnies Revenge / Alpha 1
KBN06 - Tight Control - Stormtrooper EP

RRRDJ005 - Try Unity Neurons & Chemicals

A few notes on the KFWs! if you are a VIP, you get your 10% discount on anything that is NOT exclusive. So I thought...

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What A Week That Was!

Hello everyone,

My plan is to do a weeklyblog as much as I can. Some weeks I will miss it because some weeks are busier than others, and this is a week that was incredibly busy, but I do need to say things, so here I am blogging away with my eyes slowly closing haha!

Site Stuff

So, first things first, a huge THANK YOU to you all, for making the launch of our new site an incredible success. We had over 300 orders for vinyl, and uncounted numbers of order for digital downloads, and we welcomed the vast majority of VIPers from bandcamp, and most importantly, the site worked haha. That last bit was very nice because while we tried out best to account for every possible issue, you can never be sure there isnt a huge problem or mistake until it goes live. You dont know what you dont know, as the old truism goes, and while we could do the tests we thought of, we couldnt do the tests we couldnt think of. And for the most part, the site launch went very smoothly. So big ups to John Dent who designed and built the entire thing,...

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The New Website is Open!

Hello everyone and welcome to the new Kniteforce website!

Isn’t it grand? Yes it is! Its splendid. I am ridiculously happy with it, and I am pretty sure you will be as well. Massive thank you to John Dent who has crafted a site that is nigh on perfect. I mean, we will add to it because we cant leave shit alone, but you know…

This blog post could be very long as there is so much to say, but I am going try and be brief and condense it all, and before I can really get on with it, I have to talk a little bit about the KF Bandcamp site:

Firstly, and importantly, we are not going to use Bandcamp in any real way from now on. New releases will appear on this site, and only weeks later will we add maybe 5 copies on Bandcamp, simply to notify people that the new releases exist. And those releases WILL NOT have the digital files attached to them. This site is now the primary place for many of the labels, and for some labels, like KFW, its the ONLY place to get them.

So to be clear, if you...

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