Knite Club 3 - Dont Die Wondering - HUGE LINE UP ANNOUNCEMENT

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the blog! And this one is all about Knite Club 3 - Don't Die Wondering. Today we are revealing the vast majority of the headliners, because we think you ought to have time to recover from this much awesomeness....So lets jump right in and show you the new video:

Pretty fecking epic, right? I am so excited. For the first time in literally decades, we have Dj Force & The Evolution on stage, performing some of their greatest releases, which is most of them, and Dj Force will be adding a Dj set to that...honestly, I am so excited about this I can barely contain myself. I was at some of their earlier PAs back in the day, cos they were one of the first acts signed to Knite Force, so this is brilliant on so many levels.

And then, one of the greatest talents our scene has ever seen, and also one of the best people all around has agreed to come and play for us...Yes, after a lot of hard work and deadly threats lol, I managed to persuade my...

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MAJOR NEWS. Huge Sale. Real Live Store Opening. Warehouse Move. Staff Needed soon...

Hello Everyone,

Well, for a while I have been sort of teasing some epic news. And its finally time to reveal it. Because its such big news, I am going to keep it short and sweet! You can read on, or watch the video. here we go!

In a nutshell, basically...

Kniteforce Distribution has been growing so fast, that today we signed the lease on a much bigger premises, a warehouse  in fact.

Incredibly, this warehouse is based near the center of town where we live, in Worthing, near Brighton. 

And it has a shop front. 

So we are opening a real live genuine brick and mortar record shop! An actual record shop that you can come and visit and buy music from! We will fill it with the very best old skool and jungle vinyl, merchandise, and probably some skateboard stuff as well.

This is a fairly major expansion, and we are going to soon be looking for staff to work for us in the store and the warehouse. When we are ready to start vetting people to possibly come work...

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The Criminal Minds, Parallax, Dream City, Bradders, Terrace, Run Out Review, Calling The Kniteclub, Kniteforce Distribution, Pies.

Hello My Friends,

I hope you are all well? Have a sit down, make a cup of tea, or coffee if you prefer, but the thing is to get relaxed as it is time for another blog! Hooray!


Let's has only been just over a week since The Run Out, and we are almost recovered haha. It was the busiest record fair we have ever attended, and it was really great to see all the main movers and shakers in the industry mingling with all the customers and just having a really incredible time buying and selling vinyl and talking about the scene. 
There is an incredible level of support for each of the artists and labels embedded into The Run Out, and it allows for interesting projects and ideas to come up. For example, I finally met Dextrous, who is someone I have long admired but never encountered before now, so hopefully something will come from that meeting - it might, it might not - but the possibility is one of many caused by the meeting of likeminded people in a great environment. Other things do look like they will come about...

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The Run Out / New Releases / Calling The Knite Club Blog!!!

Hello Everyone,

Well, once again its been a while since I blogged. And there are about 14 very good reasons for this, some of which will totally blow you away...but for now, I have to talk about the 14 or so reasons the blog before this was late haha...dunno why its 14. Just the number of the day, I reckon.


I need to talk about three things mainly, and they all sort of mingle and cross each other, so this is...deep breath...the...why am I out of breath?


So...hmm.,..where to start? Basically, the Kniteforce Family of labels has a load of excellent and exciting new releases coming, and many of them have exclusive versions for the upcoming Record Fair Extra-or-din-air (TM pending) - "The Run Out" which is happening on the 21st of April in London (click the links for more info):

The Run Out

And some of the incredible releases we have for the Run Out can be won if you buy a ticket to Calling The KniteClub - the excellent boat party on the 18th May...

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Knite Club 3 - Tickets Are On Sale NOW!

Hello Everyone!

This is the Knite Club 3 Announcement Blog.

Please read carefully before rushing off to buy tickets!!!

Sometimes, I look at how things are done within our scene and I think "Thats fine, but can we do it better?" In this case, I was looking at ticket pricing for Knite Club 3, and I realised that, possibly, we could. 

To put on an exciting event like Knite Club, at an awesome venue like Scala, with huge acts in multiple rooms, you have to invest a lot of time and money. We do it for the love of it, but there are a lot of expenses up front, so it is risky. The bigger the event, the higher the risk, and the more tickets you have to sell.

Which makes ticket pricing one of the most difficult things to judge. Too expensive or too cheap, and you don't cover the costs, and it's possibly the last event you do.

Over the years, a ticket selling method has become standard, and it goes like this: 

1. Announce event and put up "early bird"...

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Knite Force Crew! Dj Beeno - Afterlife / Life So Far Announcement

Hello Everyone!

WOW its been ages since I wrote a blog. I have been meaning to do so of course, for weeks and weeks, but we have also had weeks and weeks of epic releases and it has just been crazy. Crazy busy, crazy sales, crazy everything.
Having said all that, this blog especially needed to be written, because it is about a forthcoming limited edition release that means a great deal to me for multiple reasons. Forgive me if I natter on about it a little?

The label wouldn't be what it is today without the many talented artists I am priviliged to work with, and some of those artists have been dedicated to the label for a long time. Artists such as Sunny & Deck Hussy, Wislov, Ant To Be, TNO Project, Lowercase, Paul Bradley...and of course, Dj Beeno. These are people who were releasing music with me when I was still living in the USA and releasing a few vinyl records here and there, and these are artists who are still with me now, still creating some of the most epic music, and still, to use the rubbish slang of today, on "fire" lol.
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Collaborations Galore! And other news, I suppose....

Hello Everyone!

Its been over 2 months since my last blog, and a lot has happened, so much that a recap would be...just...I cant even remember all the things. It would take the entire blog and you would all fall asleep haha!

What I do know is we had way too many records arrive in December. And also in January. February seems like it might be busy too. Basically, deliveries galore, with the result we now have planned release dates up until mid March. All of which will change as other music lands, no doubt. I sometimes think my main job now is "music juggling" heh.

Also, Kniteforce Distribution has grown to where we are now looking after over 60 labels, and our new distribution website is just now going live, so with Xmas in the middle, it has been a litle bit chaotic. Massive, massive understatement haha!

Still, with all of that, I have found time to wok on music and other fun things, more of which will be revealed in due course. But new tunes from Jimmy J and Cru-l-t, Luna-C, and Industries Of The Blend, plus upcoming remixes and such...its really nice to...

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Long Overdue and Important Updates and Information!

Hello Everyone,

Its been a little while since I did a blog, mainly because my feet havent touched the ground in the last 8 weeks or so. The business and home move took a lot of time and energy, the distribution side of Kniteforce is going from strength to strength, and a ton of music has landed so fast and then gone out so fast that its been pretty much non stop.

So this blog will be kept a little short as it will be very easy for me to get side tracked haha. I say that, but we all know its a lie...But lets pretend its not, and start with the hit points, yes?

Black Friday Sale:

We are going to do a gigantic sale, starting on Thursday at 7pm. We are slashing prices on all the older box sets, the vast majority of older releases, a few newer releases, and just generally hoping to open up more space and see some music that has been lingering...linger off.

The sale will last until certain releases sell out, or run low. I intend to keep a keen eye on...

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New Record Labels, New Dj Mixes....

Hey Everyone,

Todays blog is all about some new labels we are releasing music on. Some? SOME? Yes some. But it is all with good reason.

We like our current system - it works well to have our new releases on our store, and then to give them out to other stores via Kniteforce Distribution. But even so, it is also nice if some of our releases remain exclusive to our store. Only, it might get a little confusing for everyone - which KF releases are exclusive to the store and which arent? It could be hard to keep track. 

So you will soon see a brand new green bordered box on the Kniteforce front page, for "Exclusive to the Kniteforce Revolution Store" releases. Bit of a mouthful that. Might have to abbreviateificatefy it.

And then that idea morphed into having some labels that are exclusive to our store. Because why not? That would be fun! So thats what we have done. 

This allows us to test new artists and new material, and give our main artists more outlets for their releases, and generally have a good time doing that! So lets talk a little...

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Luna-C - Fractured, The Run Out, Uncle Dugs, and poor math.

Hello everyone, 

Lots of news today, so lets start with...I am doing an interview on Kool and Rinse tomorrow, with the one and only Uncle Dugs. His show is from 11am - 2pm, and I am on at 1pm! Tune in:


Next up, THE RUN OUT (in capitals and in bold, for dramatic effect, dan dan DAAAHH)!

This is going to be one hell of a record fair...look at the line up! Its going to be AMAZING. My friends AKO, Over/Shadow, N4, and Mined will be there, along with Reinforced and Infrared, and that list is just incredible! It is taking place on the 15th of October in London!!!

I think the idea here is to move on from where Clashmouth left off, with all the labels brining their A game. With that in mind, we are going to have a few exclusives and a ton of early releases. 

For the exclusives, we will have:
A limited run of 100 of Neuromancer - Pennywise PA / Clown mixes, on splatter vinyl

A limited run of 100 of The...

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