As always, we have endeavoured to keep postage LOW as possible, and yes, if you live inn the USA, the same cheap rates apply. We still have a base in the UK and the USA< and still get the records sent from the UK to the USA in bulk, so US buyers do not pay international rates. Sadly, its still cheaper for Canadians to buy from the UK than the USA< because the USA is ridiculous, but yes, the postage rates remain as they always have been.

All digital files can be downloaded immediately upon purchase, and will download as a zip file. Inside you will find the full release in both 16bit wav and 320MP3 formats, as well as artwork, and bonus material if we have it.

All of them. if the digital file is for sale on this site, then it has been remastered!

Digital files come with every physical product (except, you know, like, t-shirts or something). So if you buy a vinyl or a CD, you will get the digital files too! There will be occasional exceptions where we are selling a vinyl release and we don’t have the rights to the digital files, but it will always say so in the description if that is the case, and as of the time of writing, EVERY release has digital files with it.

Yes, on many of the back catalogue releases. And some of the older vinyl releases too. But not on everything, sorry! We are looking at maybe having some of the out of stock vinyl become available from us as digital files, but that has not happened yet.

Those are either exclusive to VIP members (VIPers) or they are free to VIPers.

Did you sign up as a subscriber on our old Bandcamp site? Then please email Luna-C and let him know your bandcamp email address. He will check you bought the subscription on Bandcamp, then add you as a VIPer on this site. You can email him here:

VIPer membership on this site is by invite only, and is forever on this site, unless you do something horrible like share files or decide nazi is a good look. if you did not subscribe on bandcamp but feel you should be a VIPer, simply email Luna-C and tell him. He knows the regulars, those who have supported the label over the years, and will happily add you. He is also the one writing this and is unsure why he is referring himself in 3rd person.

The VIPer service is a thank you to long time fans.

An automatic 10% discount on all non exclusive items.

Exclusive vinyl, CDs, and digital content.

The first 60 Kniteforce Records releases for free as digital downloads.

The first 20 Remix Records releases for free as digital downloads.

The first 15 Knitebreed Records releases for free as digital downloads.

Early options on limited releases such as KFWs and bundles…

A slice of pie*

Yes, as it allows us to make special bundles of older releases as well as doing the usual bundles we do!

And equal length from the middle to each end.

Nothing, we just outgrew it and, while it is a great platform in some ways, it also made some things very difficult, so bye bye!

As ever, if you have any other suggestions or questions about this site or astrophysics, please email Chris Luna-C at:

He will answer you about the site, but doesn’t know anything about astrophysics!

*There is no pie.
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