Well, this is chaos. New releases and why there are new releases....

Hello Everyone,

Okay, so there are a bunch of new releases, and the new KF slipmats, on the store. This is terrible timing, and was not planned at all, so I thought I better offer an explanation as to why.

In the end, its Baby Ds fault lol.

Haha, I am just messing. But here is the thing - Kniteforce and Dope Ammo have come up with this awesome deal where they are doing some new D'n'B remixes of some total classics, and we are going to add old skool mixes and handle the vinyl releases. The first one is DAR028 - Baby D - Let me Be Your Fantasy (Dope Ammo & Dj Hybrid Remix).

Now, this has been a bit tricky to pull off, for very music businessy reasons. As happens occasionally, a simple thing like putting a remix out can be quite complicated, because the artist is comprised of a few people, the publishing is owned by a big company, and the remixers are doing a digital release, and then a vinyl release comes along, and somehow, we all have to get on the same page with release dates and planning.

In this particular case,...

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Hey, Whats New, the Rock Steady Crew?

Hello everyone,

Hows you all? I hope well. I am really sorry for the slow and late and delayed blog post. I think maybe the time has come to just admit that, with the amount of stuff going on, its getting a bit tricky to write blogs on time haha! but while I am here, lets get up to speed!

First off, humble apologies for the delay on getting orders out. We only got KFW09 and KFW10 delivered on Friday, so that delayed all the orders by about 2 weeks. Much annoy. But now we are getting the orders out as fast as we can, and thank you for your patience!

Next up, we got a bunch of test presses recently, but in a very rare event, two of them were problematic. INFL19 had some major catastrophe happen during the cut as halfway through one of the tracks the music just turns to kkkkkkkkkssshshhshshshshshshshshshhshs. I have never, in my life, heard a tp do this haha. So on one hand, thats amazing! On the other hand, thats got to be recut. And KF133, the superb EP from Coco Bryce also had a strange issue where we need to get that...

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This is absurd really...

Hello Everyone,

Okay, lots to talk about so lets jump right in. First off, the “whoopsies!”

Number one, sorry for the delay on sending out KFW09 and KFW10 and KJAL02 and KJAL03. Basically, the JALS landed as planned, but the KFWs, which should have arrived with them, just didn’t. Instead they are coming this week. So that has delayed sending out the new releases.

Number two is the issue with KJAL01, which is that we cut an abbreviated, shorter version of the A side by mistake, and no one noticed until early last week. Its actually quite impressive how every single person, from JAL, to myself, to the KF Djs simply didn’t realise, but as soon as we did, we hit the breaks on that. It is being recut with the correct full length mix,  and will be available asap. So that was a bit of a group “duh” moment, but we caught it before we pressed a ton of them, so annoying, but not too much of a mess. I am just glad it wasnt released or sold to people as it was wrong!

Lets move on to excites. Oh, I have forgotten them all…haha. Well. The new releases...

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What is about to happen...

Hello Everyone,

I am sorry it has been a little quiet here. The new store is keeping us all busy, and the KF Council and I have been working very hard to get things sorted, but the result is I now have a ton of information for you! So lets get right to it :)

First up, the store: As promised, we are going to be functioning more and more like a normal store. The more observant of you will have noticed we have added Jedi and Cantina Cuts to the store, absolutely wicked releases from my good friend Edd Jedi, and there will be more getting added soon. As a side note, if you have made an order for these and you are US based, I have not received them here in the USA yet, as we send all records together to save on costs. But your order is coming, I promise, likely with the new releases....And that brings us to...

I was a little torn on how to do the release from here on out because we are not quite a normal store, and not quite just a label any more. A normal online record store would just...

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All the news in the entire world.

Hello everyone!

This blog should be a bit shorter than usual, because I dont have a new release to tell you about it. Cue the sounds of wallets sighing with relief. But believe it or not, I feel the same way. it has been absolutely manic for months. Getting the new site sorted we a huge amount of work, and then of course we have been handling the Breed bundle and the KFWs on this site at the same time as the Acen / Hectic / Wislov / JDS bundle on Bandcamp and it has been way too much for both myself and Lee to handle.
I think we all need a rest.
There. Did you enjoy it? lol
But seriously, a huge thank you to all of you for the frankly amazing support. Setting up the new site was very much needed…but also, getting people to move to a new site can be hard work. This is why I thought “better do a free record to help people move along” ha ha. But it turns out, people didnt need any help moving along. If anything, so many people moved to our new site that we were a little unprepared....

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New Releases and all the news!

Whats going on this week Mr Chris?

Well, its been another busy week at KF HQ, and I am very much hoping next week will basically be sitting around eating pies, but suspect I will have actual work to do. I am not really complaining, its so brilliant at the moment with all the new music and excites! but a rest would be nice…
Anyway, lets see…first up, we have new releases and restocks and the first of our good friends to have products on the site.


New Releases:
KFW07 - InnerCore - Historic & Euphoric EP
KFW08 - Dj Beeno - Mischief EP

KF116 - Liquid Crystal - Chromatic EP Vol 1
KF99R - Hyper On Experience - Lords Of The Null Lines - The Complete Bootleg Remixes
KBOOM02 - Citadel Of Kaos - Ronnies Revenge / Alpha 1
KBN06 - Tight Control - Stormtrooper EP

RRRDJ005 - Try Unity Neurons & Chemicals

A few notes on the KFWs! if you are a VIP, you get your 10% discount on anything that is NOT exclusive. So I thought...

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What A Week That Was!

Hello everyone,

My plan is to do a weeklyblog as much as I can. Some weeks I will miss it because some weeks are busier than others, and this is a week that was incredibly busy, but I do need to say things, so here I am blogging away with my eyes slowly closing haha!

Site Stuff

So, first things first, a huge THANK YOU to you all, for making the launch of our new site an incredible success. We had over 300 orders for vinyl, and uncounted numbers of order for digital downloads, and we welcomed the vast majority of VIPers from bandcamp, and most importantly, the site worked haha. That last bit was very nice because while we tried out best to account for every possible issue, you can never be sure there isnt a huge problem or mistake until it goes live. You dont know what you dont know, as the old truism goes, and while we could do the tests we thought of, we couldnt do the tests we couldnt think of. And for the most part, the site launch went very smoothly. So big ups to John Dent who designed and built the entire thing,...

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The New Website is Open!

Hello everyone and welcome to the new Kniteforce website!

Isn’t it grand? Yes it is! Its splendid. I am ridiculously happy with it, and I am pretty sure you will be as well. Massive thank you to John Dent who has crafted a site that is nigh on perfect. I mean, we will add to it because we cant leave shit alone, but you know…

This blog post could be very long as there is so much to say, but I am going try and be brief and condense it all, and before I can really get on with it, I have to talk a little bit about the KF Bandcamp site:

Firstly, and importantly, we are not going to use Bandcamp in any real way from now on. New releases will appear on this site, and only weeks later will we add maybe 5 copies on Bandcamp, simply to notify people that the new releases exist. And those releases WILL NOT have the digital files attached to them. This site is now the primary place for many of the labels, and for some labels, like KFW, its the ONLY place to get them.

So to be clear, if you...

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