Knite Force Crew! Dj Beeno - Afterlife / Life So Far Announcement

Hello Everyone!

WOW its been ages since I wrote a blog. I have been meaning to do so of course, for weeks and weeks, but we have also had weeks and weeks of epic releases and it has just been crazy. Crazy busy, crazy sales, crazy everything.
Having said all that, this blog especially needed to be written, because it is about a forthcoming limited edition release that means a great deal to me for multiple reasons. Forgive me if I natter on about it a little?

The label wouldn't be what it is today without the many talented artists I am priviliged to work with, and some of those artists have been dedicated to the label for a long time. Artists such as Sunny & Deck Hussy, Wislov, Ant To Be, TNO Project, Lowercase, Paul Bradley...and of course, Dj Beeno. These are people who were releasing music with me when I was still living in the USA and releasing a few vinyl records here and there, and these are artists who are still with me now, still creating some of the most epic music, and still, to use the rubbish slang of today, on "fire" lol.

I had wanted to do something to celebrate both their musical output and their incredible dedication to my label, and our scene, for a while now, and decided to do it by creating a sort of..sub series...within the Kniteforce Records label. 

This series is called Knite Force Crew, and it is a logo and label only given to those who have played an integral part in making the label what it is today.

Luckily for me, as I was toying with this idea, I was back in touch with the incredibly talented original Kniteforce logo designer, Rebecca Try. And it seemed right to me that, as she was willing to do some new art for us, she should design the Knite Force Crew logo and the artwork for these special releases. In that way, she would tie everything together - the style of the label since 1992 when it first started, with the longevity of the aritsts involved, and the new music that also fits perfectly with the original Kniteforce ethic....all combining to make a unique style for each Knite Force Crew release.

And so, here we have the first of these releases, and I am ridiculously pleased about it.

Dj Beeno, one of the most talented and nicest people I know, has turned in 10 incredible new tracks, and then he hand chose who he would most like to remix how work to make a 12 track, triple vinyl LP. He chose Hyper-On Experience and myself, which I am pleased about as Alex Hyper On is one of the most talented in the entire industry, and it also meant I got to show my appreciation for Beeno's loyalty to Kniteforce Records in a tangible way, by doing a remix for him!

As this is a celebration of his work to date, we decided to also release a USB containing every single Dj Beeno track, and EP, and Album to date, which is a massive amount of music, needing a 16 gig USB drive to cover it all.

On top of that, the USB also contains an exclusive 10 track BONUS album: Bad Beens 3!

And of course, the artwork was lovingly put together by Rebecca...(excpet for the frankly mental Bad Beens art above, that is from out own Dj Bradders lol) to set up what will end up being the format for these very limited releases. Heres the hit points:

1. Each one will be a triple vinyl and USB combination
2. Each triple vinyl will be 10 new tracks and two remixes chosen by the artist
3. Each USB will contain everything the artist has done up to date
4. Each of these will be exclusive to the Kniteforce website and
5. Each will be limited to 150 copies (or thereabouts)

So it is with great pleasure I announce KF255 -  Dj Beeno - Afterlife / Life So Far to be available to preorder on the 29th of February, at 7pm.

But wait...thats not all...

Rebecca has long wanted to do more Kniteforce merchandise, and we have long wanted to make that happen. So we decided that with each Knite Force Crew release, we would also do a limited run of exclusive new t shirt, slipmat and hoodie designs. These will be pre sold on the 29th of February alongside Dj Beenos release, and these designs will ONLY be available for the length of the presale (2 weeks). With the next Knite Force Crew release, we will do another is a little teaser...

So basically, fingers at the ready on the 29th. You wont want to miss any of this...

Nice one,


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Wait... so am I reading there may be a Wislov one of these sets on the way? **rubs hands in glee while keeping fingers crossed.... which is not easy**

Commented 26th February 2024 04:54

I would hope so :)

Replied 26th February 2024 05:24


Roll on thursday๐Ÿ‘Œ

Commented 26th February 2024 06:30


Hi Chris love the t shirt idea. I would normally do this on FB but I got hacked in Jan and cannot get it back. So thank you for the emails and blogs as I worried I might miss out haha Dan Clarke

Commented 26th February 2024 07:20


Yeah, you are totally right, Beeno is an amazing artist! I also love his work, his passion for the music and the label. I was waiting for this release since it was announced..... Some wickwd bits for the next Round-Up mix ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ”Š๐Ÿ”Š๐Ÿ”ฅ Big up Chris, your are a really unique dude.

Commented 27th February 2024 03:56


Ughhh how did I miss this?!?!

Commented 1st March 2024 03:31



Commented 1st March 2024 09:49


Didnโ€™t see this. Have I missed the boat?

Commented 6th March 2024 01:57