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Hello My Friends,

I hope you are all well? Have a sit down, make a cup of tea, or coffee if you prefer, but the thing is to get relaxed as it is time for another blog! Hooray!


Let's has only been just over a week since The Run Out, and we are almost recovered haha. It was the busiest record fair we have ever attended, and it was really great to see all the main movers and shakers in the industry mingling with all the customers and just having a really incredible time buying and selling vinyl and talking about the scene. 
There is an incredible level of support for each of the artists and labels embedded into The Run Out, and it allows for interesting projects and ideas to come up. For example, I finally met Dextrous, who is someone I have long admired but never encountered before now, so hopefully something will come from that meeting - it might, it might not - but the possibility is one of many caused by the meeting of likeminded people in a great environment. Other things do look like they will come about after chatting to Justice and to Neil Trix...So quite aside from it being a phenomenal success as a record fair, it also acheived something greater. WHich means we all owe a big thank you to Rebecca and Si, and the Brewery, for taking on the event, suppplying tables and organisation of course a massive thank you to everyone who came - it was a great day out for all I think! We are all very much looking forward to the next one!


Anyway, you probably only came here to find out what is going on with new releases? Don't worry, I got you covered....Let's jump right in. As I write this, I am expecting news of the delivery of KFRR03 - Dj Terrace - Signed EP, and KFRR04 - Jimmy J Presents The Dream City Project which I know a great many of you are anxious to get your mitts on. I hope to be able to release those two on Thursday, along with two brand spanking new Paul Bradley EPs on Kniteforce Records...but...I am not sure they will make it here in time.

KFRR03 - Dj Terrace - Signed EP

KFRR04 - Dj Jimmy J Presents The Dream City Project EP

KF222 - Paul Bradley - The Swamped EP

KF260 - Paul Bradley - The Summer Moonlight EP

Don't they look lovely? The do! And the Paul Bradley EPs are particularly spiffing! However, If they do not have a confirmed arrive date by Friday, they will need to be pushed back a little... and if that happens, my whole schedule (yep, I have a schedule lol) will be a mess. Some things have to stay in place, other things can be moved, and with that in mind, I think we will talk only about the things that are definite.


The first is, would you like a free record? A free record by one of the most iconic artists in our scene, featuring a legendary track, remixed by a legendary artist? Well hooray! Your wish is granted! On the 9th of May, we are releasing three brand new The Criminal Minds EPs. We have:

KF225 - The Criminal Minds - Remasters Volume 2

KF250 - The Criminal Minds - Remixes Non Specific Volume 2

KF256 - The Criminal Minds - Remasters And Remixes Non Specific Volume 3

Remasters Volume Two contains the much sought after "The Gospel According To A Sound Bwoy" while the remixes Volume Two features superb work from Amaretto, T-Cuts, and Al Storm & Euphony.
Meanwhile Part 3 has the ORIGINAL mix of Baptized By Dub on it, plus a wonderful remix of thae same by Innercore which was actually planned by Robin at MPS many years ago and has finally found release, and very excitingly, a Flynny's Theme remix by Hyper-On Experience.

All excellent stuff, I think you will agree. But it gets better. When we asked Alex Hyper-On to remix Flynny's Theme, he happened to mention he would like a go at Baptized By Dub as well. We were not seeking a new remix of that track, it has been remixed quite a lot - but was I going to say no to one of my favourite acts remixing one of my favourite tunes by one of my favourite acts? No sir, I was not.

A few weeks later, after Alex had already sent us an incredible remix of Flynny's Theme, he also sent over an absolute belter of a Baptized By Dub remix. And because we are all mad here, we decided not only to make a limited edition one sided coloured vinyl 10", but give it away...for free. 

Think of it as a thank you to you all from The Criminal Minds, Kiteforce and Hyper-On Experience for the decades of support. We all appreciate it very much. 

So on the 9th of May, you can buy the new Criminal Minds bundle and get the three records plus the free one sided Hyper-On Experience VIP remix of Baptized By Dub. Alternatively, you can buy ANY three Criminal Minds records from us, including their previous EPs - Remasters Part 1, Rocksteady, B-Boys Taking Over and their album Genere non Specific....and we will put the 10" in with your order automatically. 

I should let you know, The VIP remix will NEVER be released digitally. This is a thank you gift for those that support us via vinyl, so...yeah :) The 10" record is also unlikely to be sold on its own.


Next important information is something I have wanted to be able to do for a long time, and that is, I have wanted very much to be able to sell the incredible label, Parallax, on the Kniteforce Store. "Well, why don't you then?" you may ask? And I will tell you. 

Parallax, as you must known, is a fantastic and innovative label, with superb artwork and a phenomenal reputation for excellence. What you may be less aware of is that it is based in Germany. As any vinyl fanatic knows, it is always more expensive buying from abroad because of postage costs, but this problem is made much worse when it comes to importing in bulk, and the fact that of course our borders are now tied with fees and red tape in a way that they never used to be. This means they currently do not have a UK distributor or stockist, which is a crying shame for such an important label in our scene.

It has been tough to work out a way to get Parallax into our store, but with a bit of effort and expense, plus working together with Vali (the awesome owner of Parallax) we have managed it, and I am super excited about it!
The first four go on sale this Sunday coming. They are a touch more expensive than our usual releases, but in this case, it is very much justified. 
We do not have huge amounts of any of the Parallax releases, and I expect they will sell out swiftly. I hope so anyway - if we see these move, we will endeavour to work out a way to keep Parallax in stock, and maybe even bring them to Kniteforce Distribution. So if this is your sort of thing - which it should be - please support these releases on Sunday night!!!


Speaking of Distribution...The next bit of news is that Kniteforce Distribution is expanding and expanding. We now have over 70 labels coming through our distribution service, and more are joining each week. I realise many of you reading this are customers who buy records directly, so do not concern yourselves with Distribution too much - but imagine going to a supermarket if there was no trucks delivering food? You might not pay much attention to them, but you would sure notice if they didn't do what they do. Distribution is important.

For our scene, which is growing steadily but still quite small by most standards, distribution was a problem. There are some great ones - such as SRD or Unearthed (before they went out of business) but it is a hard nut to crack, and its been many years since we had a distribution service that was totally dedicated to just our scene. Distribution in the modern day normally HAS to sell EVERY genre they can, just to survive. So even those that specialise in dance music will do everything from ambient to house to garage to jungle and so on. But because Kniteforce Distribution is rooted in Kniteforce Records, we can afford to do distribution on our terms, focussing only on our scene and our music.

And so far, it has worked. We started less than 10 months ago, and our workload and stock space has doubled, and doubled again in that time.

It has worked so well that we are now to the point where we are about to rent a new and quite large warehouse. 

I mention all of this mainly becauseI thought it might be interesting for you to read about, and because there may be some small disruption to service in June when we move all the stock. We are pretty efficient, so we intend to have the warehouse fully kitted out before we move the gazillion records. I expect it would only be a day or two at the most. But it is an exciting time...and it is just the beginning!


Lastly, I will leave you with the ever heartfelt encouragement to grab a ticket to our super Calling The KniteClub Boat event...this is gonna be such a laugh, partying down the Thames with Ray keith and Pete Cannon and everyone. Really, you don't wanna miss this! Here is the links and things...

And thats it for now!

Nice one,



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Hi Chris, I think something might be up with my emails. I usually get emails when this updated and haven't for this one.

Commented 30th April 2024 03:17

Hmm...I often email when I have done a blog, but I haven't emailed about this one yet! Will do so tonight or tomorrow. But thank you for reading :)

Replied 30th April 2024 05:26


Wooow awesome news! I see new tunes calling me to mix them together 🤣 hopefully I can grab that free vinyl. Big ups Chris for your impressive work ✊

Commented 1st May 2024 07:02


That is some impressive release schedule, mind you it always is. Really pleased as Karma Recordings to be joining you very very soon for this incredibly exciting journey!! Big up all crew!

Commented 2nd May 2024 08:07