Update re Postage and deliveries!

A heads up to all customers!

Postage remains chaos. Every aspect of it. I dont even know why at this point, some of it makes no sense.

Individual deliveries to varous places seem random - some are fast, some are slow, some are "did it come via horse and cart?"

But courier is, if anything, even worse it seems.

For example: The price to ship to the USA has basically doubled. Apologies to my US customers, but prices are going to go up there. Our system of sending in bulk to the USA to save you money is still in place - and still WAY cheaper than doing it the "normal" way. But still - why? Cant blame Brexit or Covid for that one IMO. Seems to me its just taking advantage of the choas to raise prices.

Also, even simple things like moving stock from one place in the UK to another is just bollocks. We have 2 packages just...stuck. Delayed. Doing nothing.

Meanwhile, we STILL have 6 titles stuck at customs, thats nearly 3000 records:

KF142 (Remixes 15)
BREED31 (Worldwide Epidemik)
KF133 (Coco Bryce)
K09 (Future Primitive)
INFL19 (Various)
KHECT02 (Eliminators Repress)

Some of those have been sitting...

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Here is what You Need To Know, and New Releases!

Hello everyone - some much needed info here, so please read carefully!


Over the last 3 weeks, our pressing plant has notified of 14 deliveries on their way, via the usual method, delivery notes. In the past, when we got a delivery note, we would have the records within 48 hours, because it means the records have been pressed, packed and shipped.

So far we have had 8 of the 14 releases.

One we had to pay customs charges on.

One arrived with no notification.

The others are stuck in customs.

The bottom line is, no one, not the border control, not customs, not the courier services, knows what to do with imports or exports. Some companies are doing this, some are doing that, some are charging import taxes, some arent. This is all because of...I wont say it, because then certain people will go "no its not, its the fault of the rain" or some other crap, anything but admit "it" was a crap idea and "it" has been terribly implemented which is why no one has the foggiest idea of what to do.

Obviously, Breed31 - Worldwide Epidemik, and KF142 - Remixes 15,...

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Is it a blogpost or a mini novel?

Hello Everyone.

As usual lots of changes! Phew, it seems like its always lots of changes at the moment, but maybe that is to be expected if you move from one country to another haha! Ah yes, I mentioned this on Facebook,  but will confirm it here: My family and I recently moved back from the USA to live in the UK. I wont go into all the reasons, but in a nutshell, the USA has rubbish healthcare, too many guns in the hands of too many stupid people, and we had no family there. Now that I have children, I think they should grow up with thier aunts, uncles, cousins and grandmother...and be able to go to school without getting shot, and then be able to go to the hospital without their parents going bankrupt! 
Plus also, Kniteforce is doing pretty well right now, and I kinda have to be here in the UK for it!
So there is that. I am glad to be back to the sportsball and the rain. Ha.

Now, on to music related infos!


FINALLY, the 100 missing Acen Box Sets are going to start going out. We...

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Updates on deliveries and the rest...

Hello Everyone,

I hope you had a good Xmas and New Year? Mine was alright. And for 2020, I think "alright" is about as good as can be wished for haha!

Ok, straight to business...Let me update you on some things.

Acen Box Set

As most of you know, we had space reserved for the Acen Box Set to be pressed, and it was for 500 units. However, when they arrived in December, we only got 407, and about 30 of those were damaged. So we have sent most of that 400 and hit dispatched on the site. If you have NOT received an email saying your order has been dispatched, then it was not in that initial 400. Some of the European orders in that 400 are only going out this week, because for a few days leading up to Xmas, we were unable to send to Europe due to Covid issues and closed borders.

Now, we ARE expecting to get the missing 100 box sets from the initial 500 in the next few weeks, so a few more orders will go out. After that, the rest of the Box Set orders will go out in February, as...

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Updates and Infos...

Hello everyone,

Okay, this is a long overdue update, and it has taken a long time to do because the information keeps changing. unfortunately, the information STILL keeps changing, so please read this carefully, and then, you know, remember we might have to throw it out of the window lol.

So what we know for sure:

Acen Box Set
We were meant to get 500 of the Acen Box Set to send out before Xmas. We got 407 copies, some were damaged. And then a few days ago we got the other 100 copies due - and they came without being put in the actual box.

So. We have packed and sent out about 380 of the box set orders. We have done them in the order they came in, and posted all the UK ones in an effort to get them to you before Xmas. We have also posted a lot of the European and rest of the world ones, and the USA ones are going out today.

Delays are everywhere.

Some post offices are taking weeks to get things, others are like normal. Some people are waiting weeks, others the next day. Its an absolute mess. Exports...

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The Boxing Day Bonanza and the reasons for it haha!

Hello Everyone...

It seems like I do a blog alomst weekly now, which was always my intention, but I never used to have enough to say. Now it seems I always have so much going on and can't fit it all into a sinlge blog even if I do one weekly. Ah well...so, to business:

First things first, UPDATE: We have got pretty much ALL of the Hectic Bundle out now, we are getting the majority of the merchandise out this week, and we have started getting the envelopes ready for the first 500 Acen Box Sets. We havent actually got the records yet, so fingers crossed for that...But I will keep you all updated as always....Now, lets have a little talk about the future...

Those of you who are super observant may have noticed we did not do a Black Friday sale. Or a Cyber Monday sale. There are two reasons for that, both pretty fundamental. The first was, our new website is super duper awesome, but we dont actually have a way to do a sale right now. So we literally couldnt do it. And the second is, the Acen Box Set and Hectic Bundle and...

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Acen Box Set Update and other news!


A number of things to tell you!


Firstly. The 6 Vinyl Complete Acen Box Set Presale is now over and it is no longer available to preorder. We have added to it as well, including an Acen sticker, and a superb CD showcasing a mix by our resident lunatic The Lowercase, and it features lots of exciting tracks forthcoming on KF in 2021. Check it out:

* The dates on the above track listing are estimates at best, just so you know :)

Also, you will all be pleased to know, the digital files have been updated, and you can now download ALL the music via your link in your accounts section. We did this a little earlier that initially planned, because circumstances change. Sometimes for the better, which is why you now have an extra CD and a sticker if you bought the pre sale 6 vinyl box set. And sometimes because while we do our best to anticipate the future, sometimes things go mental and all we can do is hold onto the tail of the tiger while it leaps around, which is a good metaphor for...

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Important updates and future releases!

Hello everyone,

So I have some good news, some bad news and some just sort of..err...news lol.

I have mentioned before that the pressing plants worldwide are under enormous pressure, due to the major labels halting production in March, and starting again in August, totally overwhelming the pressing plants ability to keep up with both their back and current orders. And now covid has spiked again, causing even more difficulties. So many of our releases are quite delayed right now.


The biggest effect for us has been with the bundle containing the two Hectic represses, Remix Records and Lazarus:

All the records in this bundle were due by the 2nd of November, and we have the two Hectics a few weeks ago. And then we got Lazarus last week. But we are STILL waiting on REC27. We were told it was coming last week with Lazarus, but instead we received KF128, which is nice but not very useful at this time. Anyway, REC27 is finally meant to arrive on the 30th of November.

We will pack and send the bundles to you as fast as we can.And humble apologies for this delay, but it really...

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Wow, This Has Been AMAZING! Acen Box Set updates!

Hi Everyone,

So I wanted to do a small blog post about the MASSIVE Acen box set, and answer some questions and things.

I say “massive” box set because as well as being big in size and content, it is already the biggest seller since we restarted doing vinyl! Which is jaw droppingly amazing. Neither Acen or I or the KF council can quite believe it. We watched the initial orders crash the website, and freaked out. Then we watched them pour in at an almost alarming rate, and freaked out some more. And really, we are still freaking out. We have had magazines emailing us and shops and distributors contacting us and the orders have slowed down but continue at an absurd pace. It is truly incredible. I mean, this release? It deserves it because Trip To the Moon is one of the best old skool rave EPs ever, no question. But I have been in this industry a long time. What deserves to sell and what actually sells rarely lines up. So it is thoroughly satisfying that it has in this case. Thrilling. Intimidating. Exciting, and just mind blowing.

So a massive, massive thank you to...

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Really long blog about everything we are doing now and planning for the next 6 months or so....

Hello Everyone,

A brief warning, this blog post is basically a book lol. There is a lot to say, so…get a cup of tea and make yourself comfortable!

There has been so much happening that a lot of the smaller but equally exciting things I have wanted to tell you about have gone somewhat under the radar. So this blog post is to bring all those things to the front and let you know of all the upcoming ecites! Some of these are extra details on what you already know, some are things you havent heard about yet! The tough part is how to lay the order of this out? Lets start with Merchandise, then new labels, then some specifics about upcoming releases…

1. Merchandise - Kniteforce, JAL, Hectic, and Acen too…

So yes, it has been a LONG time since we had any real merchandise to hand, other than the few slipmats we had recently. But all that is about to change! We will soon have Tshirts, Hoodies, Record Bags, Slipmats, Mugs, and as its 2020, face masks. You will be able to get all of these with Kniteforce, Remix Records, Just Another Label and Hectic logos.

A few...

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