Shipping Details, How It Works

It is well known that best way to get ideal postage is to combine records into one, single order. For this reason, if you order a presale item as well as items that are in stock, we wait until ALL the items have arrived before sending them out to you.

If you would prefer to get the items that are in stock sent immediately, and presale items when they arrive, it is better to make two separate orders!

When your order has been completed, we hit the “dispatched” button, and you are sent an email telling you the package is on its way. We sometimes hit this a few after the record has been dispatched, because when we have big orders, we pack and send in bulk, then press dispatched afterwards.

Our standard service is Royal Mail. We do not offer tracking at this time, but we are looking into adding it as soon as we can!

Here is a rough guide to how long your order might take, but please bear in mind it very much depends on your local postal service and the general state of the world (I am writing this during COVID19, when everything is much messier than usual)


UK:1-4 working days

Europe:4-7 working days

Canada:7-14 working days

Rest of world:7-20 working days, depending on location.

USA Orders

You might notice we did not include USA orders in the above. This is because we have a very unique way of doing the orders for the USA, which enables both benefits and costs.

If you are based in the USA you will notice we offer a very cheap service. We do this by waiting until we have enough orders going to US addresses, then sending ALL the repacked orders from the UK to the USA via courier to our hub in the USA. Once there, the packages are sent to individuals via media mail.

This means you get postage very cheaply, but also means you might wait a little longer for your delivery. Recently, we have been sending so many orders to the USA that many customers are getting them earlier than if sent individually, UK - USA. But you should keep this information in mind if you are making an order from the USA.

Unfortunately, this system will not work for our Canadian friends - it is still cheaper for you to have packages sent UK to Canada than USA to Canada.

Tell Me About The Merchandise

The Merchandise - that is to say, any clothing, slipmats, mugs and other frippery, all come from our own made to order service. We always make sure everything is high quality and sent as fast as possible. However, our Merchandise is printed and sent from a different location to our records. This means if you make an order that has both records and, say, a slipmat or a hoodie, you will receive two different packages!

USA Customers:Because it is sent from a different location, merchandise is NOT able to use our clever USA service, and is instead sent the normal way, by air, UK - USA!

Why Do We Charge VAT At The Checkout?

VAT is horrible, but once any business reaches a certain level, it is unavoidable. Before Brexit, a UK based store such as ours would charge VAT to everyone, and it was fine and we could all largely ignore it. But since Brexit, most EU countries have started charging their own VAT rates as parcels enter their country from the UK. Continuing the previous system would mean many EU customers would pay VAT twice - in the UK and in their own country - making the price of a single record ridiculously expensive. UK stores should not be charging VAT to anyone outside of the UK, although many still do. On our store, we make it clear what you are paying for, and what taxes are being paid. If you are UK based, you pay VAT, and you will notice once the VAT is added, our prices largely match the average prices from any independent record store. If you are not UK based, you do not pay VAT, but you may have to pay it as the records reach your country.

Dished Records, Warped Records and Returns

Kniteforce will always replace or refund you for dished or warped records. Simply message us directly with your order number and the record in question.

I would like to say a few things about this though:I and other label owners have noticed there has been an increase in warped and dished records regardless of which pressing plant you use. Obviously as Djs, we want a perfectly flat record so we can mix and scratch and generally do the things Djs do. However, pressing plants will only refund record labels if the warp or dish effects the sound quality. They do not care if you cannot Dj with it, because from their perspective, that’s not what a record is for. It is ridiculous, but there it is.

Dished records are more common than warped records. Warped records are when the record has a bend or twist to it. Dished is when the record is sort of bowl shaped. Dished records can very often be fixed by hand. Simply put your thumb near the centre hole, and push with your thumb while your fingers hold the edge, flexing it back into place. If you do this a few times, moving your hand around the edges, it often flattens right out. Of course you should not have to do this, but as it solves the problem fairly often, I felt it worth mentioning.

Warps cannot be fixed this way.

Either way, as mentioned, we will happily replace or refund any warped or dished records.

Can I Add To My Order or Combine Previous Orders?

The short answer to this is no, unfortunately. There are a number of reasons it is very difficult to add an item to your order, the main one being postage. The postage is worked out like this:If you buy a single record, you are charged for the initial cost of sending one record, and the cost of the packaging. Each time you add a record in your order, the postage is adjusted due to the increase in weight. And this cost varies depending on how many records you add, and where the package is going. All of this is done automatically by website wizards that live in the url.

Likewise, when you buy a record from our store, the number we have in stock is adjusted automatically by the same website wizards.

To add a record means reworking the stock and the postage, and even if done by hand, it cannot then be added to the order in any way other than us putting a note on it. We cannot actually go into your order and change these things.

The result is that adding a record after an order is placed is horribly complicated and will likely go wrong. All we can do is guess postage, have you send the guessed about to us directly (which is ok but leaves you, the customer, with no protection) and then add a note to the order and hoe that, when we come to pack the order, we see the note.

Even though all of that is horrible, we HAVE done it in the past. And that was okay when we were doing 50-100 orders every few weeks. But now we are doing so much more, and it is just something we can no longer do. Sorry.

Tell Me About The Digital Files

Digital Downloads recieved with physical purchases are delivered as a gift, and at our discretion.

Unless otherwise stated all digital files can be downloaded immediately upon purchase, these will download as a zip file. Inside you will find the full release in both 16bit wav and 320MP3 formats, as well as artwork, and bonus material if we have it.

To get your digital files you can navigate to your account, click on "My Orders",select the appropriate order and the link to the digital files for that order are there, alternatively all of your available downloads are listed in the "My Downloads"section of your account.

Which Digital Files Are Remastered?

All of them. If the digital file is for sale on this site then it has been remastered!

Why Don’t You Sell Digital Files of all the releases?

This is a question I am asked fairly regularly, so I thought it would be good to explain it once and for all!

Firstly, we do sell quite a lot of digital files, and they are available on most of the digital stores worldwide, and even more are available directly from us on And we also supply the digital files, in wav and MP3 format, with every vinyl release (unless otherwise stated - some labels we deal with DO NOT give us the digital rights in any format)

But it is also true the vast majority of vinyl releases we put out do not get a stand alone digital release. And the reason for this is, sadly, money. Kniteforce has never been, and will never be, money driven. We are in this for a good time, to make good music with good people. And then, making a profit is good too. In that order.

However, basic economics do come into play.

The vast majority of the artists on the label, and especially many of the old school artists, have families, jobs, and other commitments in life. While we all love the old school scene and would like nothing more than to make this music all day every day, that is simply impossible. For many, to take time to make the music requires taking time away from other work. And when you have bills to pay, you have to be paid for your time.

The issue is, digital sales are rubbish. While people do understand they are not as good as vinyl sales, I don’t think people understand the scope of the difference. As an example, we have about 1000 releases on there digital stores - iTunes, Beatport, Amazon etc. All of those sales combined for a whole year is less money than made on selling 4 normal, vinyl records. And it’s not because selling vinyl is so profitable, but because selling digital is so abysmal.

The reason Kniteforce can release new material from such esteemed artists as NRG, Acen, The House Crew and so many others is because we can afford to pay them to do the work they love, and the reason we can afford to pay them is that we sell vinyl, which can create decent profit.

Put another way, if we sold just digital, you wouldn’t be getting new music from these people, or from most of the artists on the label, because we would be working normal jobs instead.

I have nothing against digital as a format in itself, none of us do. But that is why we do not sell digital on most of our releases.

How Do I Become a VIP Member?

Did you sign up as a subscriber on our old Bandcamp site? Then please email Luna-C and let him know your bandcamp email address. He will check you bought the subscription on Bandcamp, then add you as a VIPer on this site. You can email him here:

Other than that, VIPer membership on this site is by invite only, and is forever, unless you do something horrible like share files or decide nazi is a good look. The VIPer service is a thank you to long time fans. If you did not subscribe on Bandcamp but feel you should be a VIPer, simply email Luna-C and tell him. He knows the regulars, those who have supported the label over the years, and will happily add you. He is also the one writing this and is unsure why he is referring himself in 3rd person.

What Do VIPers get?

An automatic 10% discount on all non exclusive items.

Exclusive vinyl, CDs, and digital content.

The first 60 Kniteforce Records releases for free as digital downloads.

The first 20 Remix Records releases for free as digital downloads.

The first 15 Knitebreed Records releases for free as digital downloads.

Early options on limited releases such as KFWs and bundles…

A slice of pie*

What Happened to Bandcamp?

Nothing, we just outgrew it and, while it is a great platform in some ways, it also made some things very difficult, so bye bye!


We will refund orders in full for any reasonable reason. If you have downloaded the digital files, and then wish to cancel the order, we will refund minus the cost of the digital files.

How Do I Submit A Demo?

If you want to send some music for potential release on one of the Kniteforce Family labels, you can do that through our demo submission form here:

Please be aware that sending demos to us for Hectic or Just Another Label is pointless - we release represses but do not own or choose the music on those labels. Also, please remember we get a lot of music sent to us, so sometimes it can take time for us to get back to you!

* There is no pie.