What we are doing now and soon...

Hi Everyone and Keith,

I hope you all had a smashing weekend full of wonder and joy and small pieces of plastic with one slightly jagged edge suggesting that it was broken from something, but not giving you any hint of what it is, or whether it is important or not so you arent sure if something is about to be really broken or not.

Anyway, this week Lee is busy packing all the Breed31 and KF142 orders and Boxing Day bundles and getting them out of the door. Meanwhile, yours truly is packing the new Out of Romford, Coco Bryce and Influential releases.

Yes, Kniteforce has reached the stage where we now have THREE different areas of packing, the good one (Lee) the other good one (John, who does all the merchanside) and the "this is bound to go wrong" one, me! Huzzah!

Still, look on the bright side....errr....hmm.

Anyway, so here is what is out now:

And here is what will be out next...

And then after that we are probably gonna do this, but by then it might have changed cos all is chaos!


And thats all I have time for today! Wheee....


Nice one,



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Hi. Is the Gotta Believe (Heaven Mix) going to go up at some point? :)

Commented 26th April 2021 12:32


Sounds good to me ? alarm is set for the next releases ? Respect to the KF Crew ✊

Commented 26th April 2021 01:08


Great stuff!

Commented 26th April 2021 01:55


When is the Heaven mix of Gotta Believe coming guys ?

Commented 27th April 2021 05:05


Some great tunes being repressed and remixed. Don’t suppose we might see Force & Evolution- Perfect Dreams and Raining Smiles being repressed at any point?

Commented 7th May 2021 04:09