Box Set Arrived! Baraka / Champion Sound Presale on Friday....

Hello everyone!


That is a picture of the Box Sets. Not all of them, because we moved loads before we thought to take a photo lol...but yes, they have landed AT LAST. We are getting them sent out now as fast as we can. 


That is a picture of the presale that is about to open on Friday.


I have to say, as I have said before, I really do not WANT to do another presale after the issues with the Acen Box Set, but realistically, both Covid and Brexit were the reasons for the long delay on the box set. Neither of those things will hinder us too much on this one, we have been told 12 weeks from order to delivery. And besides, I have no choice with the Baraka release. I have had so many enquiries that guessing the right amount to order is absolutely impossible and as I can only do a single run, its either this or people who want it don’t get it and scalpers ahoy.


It seemed to make sense to me to have this preorder going on while we sort out sending the box sets and the incoming KF142 and Breed31 (also due any day). That way people can get their orders in for these 4 releases, and I can get them ordered from the plant but it doesn’t interrupt us packing and shipping the box sets and other missing releases.

It is also true that as we seem to be getting past the issues…a LOT of vinyl is going to be arriving with me in a big heap lol. All of these should have been coming every few weeks since January, but are instead just about to arrive all at once!

Managing this is going to be hard. We do not have infinite storage space, and you guys don’t have infinite wallets. So all I can do is release things in bundles and singles over the next 4 weeks or so, and to give people space, I will be keeping all the releases exclusive to my store for longer. In other words, you are less likely to miss things even if you have to wait a week or four to be able to get them.

As far as I know, in the next 2 weeks we are expecting these to be delivered:

KF127 - Sunny & Deck Hussy - Summer Gathering
KF129 - NRG - Inside
KF132 - Liquid Crystal - Let It Go
KF133 - Coco Bryce - Pretty Like U
KF144 - Liquid Crystal - You’re No Good 
KF145 - Dj Ham - Give It To Em (arrived with the box sets for no explicable reason)
KF149 - Isotonik - A New Life

KFA110 - Various Artists - Arbitary Remixes
KFA109 - Scartat - I Freakin Love You

KJAL05 - Sunshine Productions - Above The Clouds (VW Remixes)
KJAL07 - Sunshine Productions - Above The Clouds (Original)

KHECT01R - Ramos & Supreme - The Journey / Crowd Control Remixes
KHECT03R - Ramos & Supreme & Sunset Regime - Sunshine / Gotta Believe Remixes
KFECT04 - Ramos & Vinylgroover - Phantasm
KHECT05 - Mystic & Fire - True Luv Remix

KOOR05 - Dj Infinity & Back 2 Basics - Paradise EP
KOOR06 - New Decade - Statue Of Gold Remix

INFL19 - Various Artists - The Return
K07 - Future Primitive - Swift Half / We’re Flying

And to reiterate - we will release these as best we can over April and into May. I will also try and do some discounts and etc. But it will be a lot, because there is a lot coming after this…

So yeah, this big crazy life continues…

Nice one,



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Awesome and Thank you ??

Commented 24th March 2021 04:23


Excellent news

Commented 24th March 2021 04:26


Keep 'em coming!

Commented 24th March 2021 04:27


Weeeeee! That's exciting. Thanks again for all the updates.

Commented 24th March 2021 04:27


That is good news... Thank you for keeping us all updated. ??

Commented 24th March 2021 05:05


please can you just start a direct debit facility and sign me up for one of everything?

Commented 24th March 2021 05:12


The new needles are ready and waiting ????????????

Commented 24th March 2021 05:30


And... we... go... thank you!

Commented 24th March 2021 05:35


Woo hoo , amazing news !! ??

Commented 24th March 2021 06:08


Huge news :)

Commented 24th March 2021 08:22


If it wasn't for you doing all you do most of these records would never be owned. Hats off to you sir and cheers to all of your hard work and dedication! You are more then appreciated. Thank you!!!

Commented 24th March 2021 11:55


thank you for the info :)

Commented 25th March 2021 05:27


Not long now then for the box set- not deterred in any way just pre ordered champion sound. Cheers

Commented 27th March 2021 11:29


Box set arrived today! Nice little surprise for a Wednesday... Nice one Chris and team!

Commented 31st March 2021 12:53


The discs from the box arrived, but THEY ARE BLACK. In the purchase process, they appeared in white, and now they come in black ?? I think that should be notified, the important thing is the music, but if you sell something exclusive, the normal thing is that the agreement is fulfilled ... and waiting since November has been a nightmare ... but I sincerely hoped they were in color , as advertised in the photos. Above now, you lower the price ... Those of us who have waited 6 months have no benefit. It would have been better to ask for a return and buy now for less money, less waiting and no surprises, such as the color of the vinyl. Very bad gentlemen of Kniteforce, very bad.

Commented 6th April 2021 09:51 | Updated 6th April 2021 09:55