Free "Apology For The Delay" record and updates!

Hello Everyone,

Okay, here we are again with the updates, but there does seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel at last, and some explanations (even if they are a bit poo) and a free record to talk about :)

So first things first: Breed31 (Worldwide Epidemik) and KF142 (Remixes 15). 

The issue with these two releases is as follows: They were sent from the pressing plant mid January, a little late but not massively so. But this was just after Brexit, so they got shipped to the UK where customs sat for a while as everyone scratched their bums and wondered how to process them. 
When no one could work out which box to tick, they were sent back to the pressing plant. 
That was February the 15th.
The pressing plant was so overwhelmed with Brexit problems and delays and orders stacked up due to Covid issues, they just left anything they got returned to them sitting in the warehouse. Not good. And I did not hassle them because they said they were coming and stuck at customs. Basically, I did not know they had been shipped back, and the plant didn’t tell me. Also not good. 
But now they are finally on their way and due to be here on Friday (which means Monday, probably) and we will pack them and the Boxing Day orders and bundles and get those out fast as we can.
Personally, I can’t wait to get them out, it has been horrendous having all the sale orders and these Boxing Day bundles all just stacked up and waiting. It made the KF store, already messy from Acen Box Set presale, close to unworkable. Speaking of the Acen Box Set:

This one was delayed because of all of the above. The actual pressing occurred the last week of February, which was earlier than we had been told. But the end of February was peak “everything is stuck at customs” so the pressing plant did not send it as they were wading through all the other orders that were in front of it. 
They sent me the delivery note, which as anyone who uses courriers knows, is generated when the package is ready for collection. But the Box Sets HAD NOT been collected. They have been collected now and are in transit, on their way to us, and should be here at the end of the week / early next week. 

So as with the missing Breed31 and KF142, we will endeavour to get that sent out as soon as possible.

In both cases I have been assured I will get tracking info today, and in both cases I will update you all directly the minute the records arrive and can be sent.

I got all of this information after finally losing my shit and threatening to leave the pressing plant altogether (which is actually not a good threat cos most pressing plants are so overwhelmed what they need is less customers lol). For the last 4 years or so, I have been very happy with the service I have had from MPO, a France based pressing plant, via Curved, a factor, and I cannot recommend them enough. This is why it took me perhaps longer than others might have to finally throw all may toys out of the pram and demand things got fixed. Years of exceptional service mean you have to give a company some leeway when things go wrong, but it had got very much out of hand. Anyway...

To make up for the delay on the box set, we will be sending every delayed Box Set order an extra vinyl for free!

It is the original mixes of Trip To The Moon, before the Production House final editions that went to the public. These would have been on the box set proper, but we did not have the mixes, and thought we would not be able to get them. When we did, it was way to late to add them as the first 500 of the box set was already on its way to us.

So it is a pleasure to be able to add them to it now, even if its in these less than ideal circumstances.

Here is how it will work:

It is going to take 12-16 weeks to get this cut and pressed. So it WILL NOT come with your order initially.

If you are currently waiting for the box set, you will get this record for free. I have made a note of your order number and address, and as soon as it arrives, we will send them out. You do not have to do anything.

If you have already received the box set, you will be able to pick this record up at around cost price, directly through the store. I will email you directly once it is here.

And then, if there are leftovers, we will make them available on the store as a single.

And yes, digital will come with it.

There are still some records missing in action, and they are being tracked down. Its taking longer than I would have liked, but things are, finally, moving in the right direction.

We will have new releases coming to the store, and there will be a lot of them. At this point, we are expecting about 12 titles on top of the box sets and Breed31 / KF142.

You have all been very patient. Way beyond what any business could reasonably expect. With the exception of a very few people, you have also been really nice about it, and I am very grateful because I am the first to admit that it HAS been really shit, so thank you, everyone.

But...can I ask you for just a little more patience? The records still aren’t actually here, so while I say all of the above, I do it with a little trepidation, and also, when they do arrive, we have to process, pack and ship about 700 orders. We will do it as fast as we can, but it is still gonna take some time to do, probably a week or two at least. So please, even though I know it is asking a lot, just a little more patience and we will get it all sorted :)

Next up on the store will be the Baraka / Champion Sound / Bear Necessities pre sale, either the end of this week or the end of next week, and then various releases as they come in stock. I absolutely dread doing another pre sale, but as mentioned before, in this particular case we do not have a choice, and besides, we will not have the same issues again. Most of the problems on the Acen Box Set were Covid related (most businesses have now adapted to that problem) and Brexit customs related (that also seems to be fixed. Ish).

As ever, I will keep you posted about each thing as and when it happens…

Nice one,




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Ok, you have to compile all these blog posts into some sort of book! it will be some form of catharsis!

Commented 23rd March 2021 09:02


Legend . I've been happy enough waiting considering all the shite that's been going on. Appreciate all.your efforts on our behalf.And bonus original dubplate repress.fucking hell yes ! Nice one ?

Commented 23rd March 2021 09:04


The saga continues! I will be disappointed not to get the mails any more when the box set finally turns up. Great job, thanks for keeping us up to date every step of the way. Bollocks to Brexit.

Commented 23rd March 2021 09:12


Top man Couldn’t ask for more tbh You can only pee with the cock your giving So no worries from me I’m happy waiting as long as it takes ?

Commented 23rd March 2021 09:19


Part of the excitement of collecting records is the anticipation of it arriving! ??

Commented 23rd March 2021 09:23


Thank you very much for your efforts and information. I'm looking forward to the records. :)

Commented 23rd March 2021 09:23


Quality takes time, also Brexit is bonkers.

Commented 23rd March 2021 09:28


I'm sorry to hear this process has been so persistently congested and convoluted, but it's great to hear that things are starting to get back on track... A free record is always gratefully accepted

Commented 23rd March 2021 09:41


So personally I would like to flip this on it's head, I feel more sorry for you Chris, with all the orders you have not been able to fulfil at your usual efficiency has probably led to many sleepless nights for you. Not forgetting all the emails to god knows how many companies or whoever to try to sort this, you have kept us all in the loop throughout so we all had an idea what was going on, no other company would have kept us upto date so well. I personally will wait as long as it takes and can't wait to put these tunes on the decks. So thank you so much Chris/Kniteforce records ?

Commented 23rd March 2021 09:46


This is the best news I've had so far this year! Blessings :)

Commented 23rd March 2021 09:55


All good here mate cheers for the update

Commented 23rd March 2021 10:01


Thanks for the update ?

Commented 23rd March 2021 10:20


Thanx for the update , man this must be so frustrating for you ! It's just gonna make it all the sweeter when it does land ! Keep up the good work ☺️

Commented 23rd March 2021 10:22


Thanks for the updated update. More than happy to wait as you know. Hope your not too stressed out ?

Commented 23rd March 2021 10:23


I’m sure you’ve been doing your best to resolve this massive headache and hope to see t box set and free vinyl soon

Commented 23rd March 2021 11:11


All good this side mate! Appreciate it so much :)

Commented 23rd March 2021 11:17


Happy to wait, I know it will be worth it! It is completely out of your control, but do appreciate the regular updates. Already having the digital files and dubplate mixes of TTTM 1 & 2 coming later it is really not all bad.

Commented 23rd March 2021 11:21


Nice one Chris ??

Commented 23rd March 2021 11:38


Wonderfull news .....very kind gesture...much appreciated....X

Commented 23rd March 2021 11:48


HI and thanks for the continual updates - So, I bought 2 Acen box sets, (KF3653 / KF3890) one for me and my mate (was gonna be a birthday prssent surprise but delays buggered that!) , will you send out a free record with each one?

Commented 23rd March 2021 12:08


Just want to reinterate all the positive comments, thanks for updates, it's really appreciated and can't imagine how stressful this is for you. Does this have the legendary Steve Jackson duplate mix on it? Also fuck Brexit!

Commented 23rd March 2021 12:18


I’ve been more than happy waiting since I knew exactly what was going on, the regular updates are great

Commented 23rd March 2021 12:22


Thanks for the update Chris, and for the freebie. I can understand people being upset, but Covid and Brexit are not Kniteforce issues and its not like you haven't updated us periodically. I also bet that if they said I cant wait any longer I want my money back you would have said "yeah I understand" and then have 10 people queuing up to buy that/those spot(s). You guys (along with some others) have worked so hard for the scene. So a heartfelt thank you.

Commented 23rd March 2021 01:18


Massive update, i hope for you that all will be back to (more or less) normal state this year. We are with you and the support will never end ✊ Respect mate how you handle this mess ?

Commented 23rd March 2021 01:19


Thank you for keeping us updated. It's been a long wait, but we are faithful. Scott

Commented 23rd March 2021 01:49


More than happy with that outcome and was understanding of the delay and it causes as also waiting on records from elsewhere..hope you get sorted soon with everything so you can move on. P's. Don't forget Brexiteers need to wait longer for their orders ???

Commented 23rd March 2021 02:51


no worries all good come to those who wait

Commented 23rd March 2021 04:05


I am still waiting ... please check for my order . Kind regards Sacha Cohen

Commented 23rd March 2021 04:15


Thanks for the update I will sit and wait patiently until the box set arrives ? keep up the good work

Commented 23rd March 2021 04:48


Cheers for keeping us posted. I guess it is just one of those things. Wonder how your toys out of the pan moment went, I'm sure there were a few choice words ?

Commented 23rd March 2021 06:29


Nice one, Chris. much appreciated. The fact that these tunes are available at all is down to your hard efforts so the wait is not an issue. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to the Champion Sound pre release :-)

Commented 23rd March 2021 07:17


I've always said "It's a good job I'm not a doctor, because I've got no patience!" lol (sorry about that haha) but after all this I think I am starting to regain some, so it's not all bad ? CHEERS

Commented 24th March 2021 12:55


Thanks Chris, appreciate your patience and persistence. With this free record "in the mix" I'm actually glad my box set has been delayed now!

Commented 24th March 2021 09:56


This is why I love Kniteforce! You didn't have to do that for us... but you did. Big ups Chris!

Commented 24th March 2021 04:29


Thanks Chris

Commented 24th March 2021 05:18


You deserve all the pay shents in the world! Keep up the good work!

Commented 25th March 2021 03:39


Hi, any update on the extra T2TM vinyl? Hope I haven’t missed it!

Commented 18th October 2021 07:52