And then, everything at once...

Hello everyone,

Alright, I will keep this as brief as I can but bring you all up to date...

Covid / Xmas and Brexit proper messed up all deliveries because our pressing plant is in France, lots of people were out or working from home at the pressing plant so that got dragged down, Xmas made for massive delays with deliveries, and Brexit buggered up importing while everyone ran around asking what number they needed to put in what box on which form.

It seems like that is just about over with, so the result is:

1. The Acen Trip To the Moon Box Sets are pressed and should be with us any day. It is still incredibly slow to get things from one country to the next for reasons no one seems to be able to explain, but we remain (cautiously) optomistic that records will arrive this week. It is out top, absolute, priority to get those sent out to you, closely followed by:

2. We were told today KF142 (Remixes 15) and Breed31 (Worldwide Epidemik) have been released from Customs and will be with Lee this week. So as soon as those 2 arrive, we will also be working flat out on the Boxing Day bundles that have been so terribly delayed.

3. And then today we got told that KF145 - Dj Ham has also been released from customs. We did not even know this was pressed. While I am of course pleased that is coming, it was orders quite a bit after a bunch of others, so...

The implication is a LOT of things have been pressed and have been sent and I have no idea what is coming. In other words, the bottleneck of ALL the released we had planned from late December to now seems to be over, and all of them are arriving.


And they are going to arrive willy nilly, out of order, randomly, for the next few weeks. The problem is it makes it impossible to plan what to do, and the other problem is its a lot of records we will be releasing, but there is little I can do about it. So this is me giving you a heads up on what is likely to arrive in the next few weeks and what is likely to go on sale. but I dont know when. Or how.

Whatever happens, I will NOT be releasing these all on the same day lol. I will spread them out as best i can. But yeah....INCOMING.....

Here is the list in picture form....

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Oh wow! Very nice :)

Commented 8th March 2021 03:59


Jeezuz! My bank are gonna be *seriously* impressed with me after that little lot hit the shelves... ;0)))

Commented 8th March 2021 04:19


Wow, then i'll wait for the signal to order next few releases :)

Commented 8th March 2021 05:03


Man, this would make for a wicked killer bundle...

Commented 9th March 2021 08:12


I can't fookin wa8 for me acen box set

Commented 9th March 2021 05:09