And we are finally back on track...mostly...

Hello everyone,

Right, so updates on things!

The Box Set is being packed and sent out. We have already done the 5 x Vinyl sets. We did these first because while we got the full delivery of those, we did not get KF140, the 6th vinyl. That arrived a few days ago, and we are now packing as fast as we can. We will work over the Easter weekend and with any luck, we will get the vast majority, if not ALL of the box sets, on their way by next week.

I dont like to swear on my blog too much, words are powerful and should be used sparingly, but might I just say a healthy "thank FUCK for that". I love the support from you all, I will be eternally grateful for the patience you have shown and the amazing success of the release, and I am certain Acen feels the same way. But god damn I will be pleased to see the back of it lol. That many orders hanging about in the store, and the endless frustration for everyone? Not fun. One of my proudest moments in this industry is getting to put this record out...but it would have been nice if it could have been a little smoother lol. But all good, records are going out and phew.

Now we can prepare for the NRG box set lol. OH GOD!

As for the ever missing Breed31 and KF142...still waiting. Sorry :( But we did get a LOT of records today. About 9 titles. And we basically have records coming every day or two atm, so I am certain Breed31 and KF142 will be here in the next few days.

On the plus side, it means we can finally schedule these ones for release on the 9th of April, as they are now all in stock...


And thats about where we are today. Things are pretty much on track. True we are still missing KF142 and Breed31, and it remains a source of puzzlement that KF133 Coco Bryce, INFL19 Influential and others are still sort of...lost...ish...but at least we are getting records in, and we can get back to doing what we like best - making, playing and selling amazing music!


I will update you all more asap!


Nice one,



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Legend!! Once this is all done and dusted you will forever have the legacy of being the man (along with Acen) who brought the box set to life and made it happen!!

Commented 1st April 2021 12:55


Thanks for update, very appreciated:)

Commented 1st April 2021 12:59


Glad things are finally being sorted for you, frustrating, but at least you give the customers regular updates and a lot of things are out of your control. But biggups for getting some of these quality releases out to us, even if 'sometimes' we have to wait. Fully support you and everyone behind the scenes for what you bring to us. <3

Commented 1st April 2021 01:03


You've done well, and you've kept customers up to date, in this day and age communication is key doesn't matter if it's good or bad :)

Commented 1st April 2021 01:15


I've learned to be patient, all i want is that all records come safely. You do your best, you keep us updated, we can't expect more ✊ Respect

Commented 2nd April 2021 09:21


It's been a very long wait, but I am looking forward to these being sent out... Will we get a tracking number so that we can be home when the deliveries are due? Scott.

Commented 2nd April 2021 08:27


The discs from the box (KF4430) have arrived, but they are black! I was expecting my vinyls in color, as announced. On the other hand, I see a drop in price, from the box. It seems to me that a customer who has been waiting 6 months for a product is not being treated well, that it does not arrive as advertised, and that also, I can see how anyone can buy it right now for 10 pounds less, and without having to wait 6 months. It seems to me that the client has not been treated well. A client who waits 6 months, is a loyal client of the label, who loves music, it should not be treated like that.

Commented 6th April 2021 10:01


A saga to end all sagas. Have they all gone out now? I'm awaiting the postman's knock...

Commented 7th April 2021 11:51 | Updated 7th April 2021 12:06


@khoiser The bonus disc is coloured, the rest of the vinyl from the boxset have always been black. There is also an additional free Acen vinyl coming later in the year due to the delay. The boxset that is available elsewhere doesn't have the coloured bonus disc or other extras, and is slightly cheaper as a result. Disclaimer: I don't work for Kniteforce :-D

Commented 7th April 2021 02:12 | Updated 7th April 2021 02:13


I am still waiting for mine.... Nothing in the post as of yet. Any updates or tracking numbers, please?

Commented 8th April 2021 12:21


My Acen box set came today! What an absolute peach of a thing it is too. Love the label artwork and the coloured vinyl 6th plate (which looks like a fried egg, lol) and the whole thing looks fantastic, and just oozes quality. Well done Chris and the KF team!

Commented 9th April 2021 11:19


My box set arrived today... Worth the wait, I am stoked to now have this :-). Thank you Scott

Commented 10th April 2021 09:17


Iam waiting for 3 vinyl packages ... all orders since 2012 have always arrived (except one), all others will also arrive. luckily there are still the mp3 files. It takes as long as it takes

Commented 12th April 2021 01:52 | Updated 12th April 2021 01:58