BREED31 and KF142 Update, and other things...

Hello Everyone,

Right, we finally have sent out all of the Acen Box Sets. With a few small issues, that went fairly smoothly. We are very relieved to have that done, and are moving on to the next problems haha!

So lets talk about Breed 31 and KF142.

The latest news is we have been told by the delivery company that they were delivered on the 5th of March. Which, if they were, it wasnt here, so I am calling bullshit. We have demanded a proof of delivery, but are getting silence from the delivery company. So I finally lost my rag and said to the pressing plant that the courier has obviously lost them, and it is time for the pressing plant to repress.

At this point I do not know if they will be found and will appear next week, or if we will need to wait for a repress. If they do repress, it will be swift, hopefull 3-4 weeks, but it is still too long.

So here is what we are going to do:


We will be packing and sending those orders next week, WITHOUT Breed31 and KF142. This means you will get the "dispatched" email, but when your order arrives it WILL NOT contain Breed31 and KF142.

We will send the missing records as soon as they arrive, either by putting them in another order you make in the future or sending them directly to you.


We will send those records and dispatch the order as soon as Breed31 and KF142 arrive.

Either way, you will 100% get the records. I imagine, as soon as we start sending orders out without those two in them, they will both arrive on our doorstep. but its been three months and enough is enough I think. We cannot wait indefinitely.

I am really sorry for this mess. Like the delay on the Acen box set, it was not of our doing, but still, we took your money then did not deliver as promised, and that is not something I am okay with.

Regular readers will know that we have taken steps to ensure that doesnt happen again and to be more efficient. For example, the latest releases have mostly been sent out, unless they were ordered with a presale item. We are trying to get back to getting orders out fast, within a few days of receiving them. I am very lucky that many KF buyers are super awesome and patient. But still, Kniteforce should be as good as it can be, and the crew and I take a deep pride in the label, so we always want to do better.

One of the changes is that, except on the rare presale orders (such as Baraka and friends recently), we are trying to only sell records that are in stock. Which is why I am excited to tell you that on Friday the 23rd we will be releasing this exciting 4 record combo:


...yeah... So heres the thing. The two new Out Of Romfords are here, and they are both amazing. Seriously proper good music that should not be missed! I say that even though one of the tracks is a remix I did of Statue of Gold, so its a little arrogant, but sorry, not sorry, the remix is hype, the original tune is maybe a bit marmite, love or hate type biz, but really, if you don't love it then you are wrong lol. As for the Dj Infinity & Back 2 Basics Paradise EP? Brilliant work all around with drums to wake the devil and bass to..errr...tell him to stay where he is cos frnakly we have enough problems thank you. Anyway Chris, shut up.

The point is, we have both KOOR05 and KOOR06 in stock. We also have a bunch of other things in the stock. And we have been told that we will be getting INFL19 (at last), KF133 (at lastier) and K09 (at lastiest) next week. We also have Legends Vs Legend Vol. 4 in stock, the new Dj Ham EP...KFA110 and Scartats EP....So...I really dont know what is gonna go with those two yet. Isnt it exciting? You get to live like me for a bit, never knowing what the hell is gonna happen next haha!

A few weeks after these ones go out, we will be dropping the much anticipated "Hecticly Hectic" Bundle, which features KHECT01R, 03R, 04 and 05, and the bundle comes with a free 7" too. So thats lovely. But again, one thing at a time. Or three things. But certainly not 549 things - thats too many.


And thats all the news for today I think? Nice one,









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I would like to say that all your efforts yourself Chris and all at kniteforce have not gone unnoticed. So a big heartfelt thank you from me as this must have been more of a nightmare for you, I hate not knowing where stuff is so you've handled it impeccably and your communication with everyone has been amazing so big ups to you and all at kniteforce

Commented 15th April 2021 03:15


Hi Chris, Just saw the email you sent out asking to check the blog. Again, no worries! It will get here when it gets here. Already glad the Acen box is finally arriving hehe. It must be maddening to lose a whole delivery like that, but hey, we know it's not your fault. No worries mate. Take care, K Update: The Acen box arrived, and boy did it exceed my expectations. Thanks C!

Commented 15th April 2021 03:35 | Updated 27th April 2021 06:35


I cant imagine the stress you guys go through with pressing plants and couriers and then re dispatch. Thank you so much for ALL your efforts and the energy and sweat you put into the scene. I like the fact that my money is helping the scene and if things take a while, whats the sweat? You are not trying to rip us of and you keep us appraised. So again a heartfelt THANKS and keep up the GREAT work. Peace

Commented 15th April 2021 03:36


the elusive breed 31 lol none of it's your fault so we understand! ( well most do )

Commented 15th April 2021 04:29


You are all absolute legends, your customer service is amazing, you go above and beyond everytime. Thank you Chris & kniteforce crew.

Commented 15th April 2021 04:30


Thank you so much :)

Commented 15th April 2021 08:33


I blame Silky, his music is always causing problems. It will be so worth it when they turn up though, I am happy to wait for all of mine to come together so no need to split mine up, plenty of other things coming in at the moment.

Commented 15th April 2021 09:12


Awesome news. You can pack my Breed32 and KF142 to any order i place as soon they've arrived. As long they arrive safely all is good. You and your crew do an amazing job, so all we can do is send out our deepest respect!!

Commented 16th April 2021 06:37


Keep up the good work, i'm patient aswell! Cheers from Bonn.

Commented 16th April 2021 02:39


No worries Chris, cheers for keeping us posted ?. Sounds like you've given them a rocket. Don't stress to much they'll get here. Cheers

Commented 16th April 2021 08:00


Since the KF-website is generally very slow in loading in comparism to others, it would be a good idea to scale down the resolution of the images and filesize you use in any blogposts. (or even better get better server/hoster) With a mobile device you need to wait ages until this whole blog post is loaded. With a pc it still takes 30 s or longer - independent of network or browser.

Commented 17th April 2021 06:20 | Updated 17th April 2021 06:25