Isotonik Merchandise and other news...

Hi everyone,

Okay, so we have released some new merchandise on the store! New KF Footie shirts as many people seemed to want that, and a wicked range of Isotonik / Orange goodies, to celebrate his new vinyl release…which isn’t here. It has been pressed, I am told, but we have no idea when it will get here, so we went ahead and did the merchandise anyway! Plus the wicked video too…

And so, after the initial joyful start of the blog, we are back to the never ending saga of the missing records.

To date, the missing records are:

KF142 (Remixes 15) - due 1st week of Jan.
Breed31 (Worldwide Epidemik) - due 1st week of Jan.
INFL19 - Various Artists
K07 - Future primitive
KF133 - Coco Bryce
KHECT05 - Mystic & Fire / Eye On Life
KF127 - Sunny & Deck Hussy
KF145 - Dj Ham
KF144 - Liquid Crystal
KHECT02 - The Eliminators (Repress)

This is around 4000 records. Not to mention missing test presses for:

KF143 - Phuture Assassins
REC28 - Jimmy J
Breed32 - Sunny & Deck Hussy

I genuinely cannot tell you where any of these records are. All have been pressed. I have been sent delivery notes on them all, meaning they left the pressing plant to come to us, and got to customs. And that is where they may or may not be. Customs asks for certain forms to allow for deliveries, we supply the forms, customs say ok, we wait for records, records don’t come, customs asks for forms, we say we already supplied them but here they are again, customs says okay….and so on.

No records.

The new merchandise was meant to go with KF149 - the fantastic Isotonik EP. This EP has, I am told, been pressed. And is at the pressing plant. When will it get here? Yes. Good question.

So that is the current state of affairs. I do get information each week, but what I have not got yet is...records. Or not the right records anyway. We have received some things, but not things we need. We have been told that delivery time is now a 7-10 days thing. It used to be 48 hours. So when I said previously that we should get KF142 and Breed31 this week, and Acen Box Sets at the end of this week, I was basing it on old delivery times, which are a good 10 days out of date.

They have been released from customs, apparently, but they are not here yet, so I am "athiest praying" for early next week, which is in the 7-10 days mark.

The Acen Box Sets have also been pressed, and should be shipping today, so should be here in 7-10 days.

I can feel some of you thinking "yeah, yeah we have heard that before" and I completely agree. I keep getting told the same thing, because my pressing plant keeps getting told the same things from customs. So I absolutely understand that many of you are out of patience, frustrated, annoyed and upset. I am too. I spend all week trying to fix stuff, trying to find out information, and preparing for records that dont arrive.This situation is really starting to effect the entire business now. Like you, I am stuck waiting before we can do anything else, and while I wait more and more things back up and get messed up.

Things that should be happening arent - For example, I cannot do the presales on Baraka etc because I can’t do a presale on anything until we get these other orders out. With all that has happened, I do not even WANT to do a presale, but the deal I have for that is a single press - it can be 3 hundred or 3 million, but I CANNOT repress once it is sold out. So we have to do a pre sale even though the thought of it makes me want to cry lol.

I also can’t do any new releases because all my plans are shot to pieces - we have half of this bundle, one of those, and a few others pressed. Nothing coherent. We can’t plan anything because the missing records we need may arrive tomorrow. Or in 3 days. Or next week. And as soon as Acen or the Boxing Day records arrive, we are gonna get those out to you.

And that is where we are. I will email and post pics as soon as records are delivered, but as none of the information I am getting can be relied upon, this is all I can do at the moment. Wait. And hope.

Thank you so much for your continued goodwill - this would be so much worse if you guys weent so nice about it all. I am doing everything I can, I promise.

Nice one,




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Thank you mate! You're doing your best

Commented 12th March 2021 03:45


Head up Chris, we stand behind you and we will be patient. The upcoming releases sounds good, you will get free space at home soon ? Keep up your good work, respect how you handle your business ?

Commented 12th March 2021 04:59


While it is frustrating waiting for an expensive box set like Acen to arrive, I can't imaging how mind-melting it must be for you to be dealing with the all this bullshit for weeks on end. Although it might seem you keep having to go over the same stuff, I really appreciate the regular updates and it reassures any anxiety I might have.

Commented 12th March 2021 06:13


I just think it will be even better when I get my Acen box set guys....It will be like it went to the moon and back aka France!!! Oi Oi!

Commented 14th March 2021 01:05


Don’t stress mate. Long time customers know that’s this is out of your hands. More than happy to wait. Got the digitals for now so when the records come they come ?

Commented 15th March 2021 10:46


Thanks for the update and nice work. This is a tough spot for you folks and the way you have managed it (upfront comms, open about what you know, sharing all news good and bad) has been amazing. Behind you folks all the way - good luck!

Commented 15th March 2021 11:30


Buy yourself a press might be easier lol

Commented 15th March 2021 12:43


or we start a crowdfunding campaign for our own press, Knite Press Revolution 2021. Pricing for WarmTone is $195,000 per machine. Pricing for LiteTone is $135,000 per machine

Commented 21st March 2021 08:47 | Updated 21st March 2021 08:55