New releases and updates!

Hello Everyone,

Wow, its been a while since I did a blog post. This makes sense though because it has been insane.
The last 3 weeks Lee and I have been flat out doing orders. Nearly 3000 have gone out.

At this point ALL Baraka orders, ALL NRG Box Set orders and ALL the orders we have that contain KF153 - Jonny L - Hurt You So original (but NOT the KF154 Remixes) have gone out.

We have not yet received KF154 Jonny L - Hurt You So (Remixes). We don’t know when that will arrive, despite asking. Frankly, the delays are so absurd that if we get it before Xmas I will be thrilled.
I know some of you have ordered that along with other records. So if we don’t have it in the next 4 weeks or so, we will probably go through all the orders and send out what we can. We will absorb the extra postage costs as a gift to all you loyal customers and because the wait is ridiculous.

Right, on to all the news! We have a ton of releases about to drop on Thursday 21st! First up we have two new vinyl releases: Remixes part 16 and a very limited Hectic 10”. I suspect both of these titles will sell out very fast. And we have bundled it with KFA112 which is the debut appearance of the elusive and incredible…DAG. All in all, this bundle makes NO sense, so that seems sensible:

We also have some very exciting USBs! The first is from Ruff Guidance, and is part of an ongoing deal with Bay B Kane and Ruff Guidance records. This USB is huge, full of proper jungle vibes, but we only have 100, so get it while you can!
Likewise, we have a special treat for our VIPers, in the promos and exclusive USB. Another one that is limited in numbers, so just a heads up there guys!
And we bring you the two missing KF Complete USBs, at a lovely discounts price for the first week!

Now, another exciting thing…the last few months we have sold a few test presses via a Facebook group run by Glyn Lowercase. This has been very popular, and Glyn will continue to do the first round on most of the test presses via that method. But we have increased how many test presses we are doing because they are so popular. So while Glyn will continue to run that group and sell the eps, they will become available on the Kniteforce store, usually a little after Glyn has them. On top of that, we are going to do some larger runs of the bigger releases, so we are planning to do 50 tps of the Nookie Box Set for example…we also will have a nice sleeve and can get sticker versions of the labels.
But why do that? You might ask. A few reasons. The main one is, we now have a 9 month wait from cutting a record to delivery. But while the final run can take months, the tps still come fairly swiftly. So this is a way to get these release to those who want them early! We think it might be fun anyway…so this Thursday we are dropping a lot of different titles for you…most we only have 1 or 2 copies, a few we have 10 or so, so they will go super fast.

Ok, on to some less fun other things. A few mistakes were made with orders in the last few weeks, unfortunately. The first is, we sent out some orders WITHOUT KJAL07 as we ran out. We couldn’t figure out why - we should have had enough stock to cover all the orders. Anyway, we put a note in any order that didn’t have KJAL07, explaining the problem and saying we would send those missing KJAL07s as soon as we got the restocks in. 
And then we found a box of them in our storage. Sigh lol.
So we are now sending those out already.

We were not so lucky with KLEG06 - Q Project - Champion Sound. With this one, we are about 100 short. This is because when we put up the pre sale on that, we sold more than we had. But it was not a problem, we just reordered some more. At that time - March or April? We had no idea of the huge delays around the corner. The result is, we STILL do not have the restock on KLEG06. But we have written down every order that has not received it, and we will send your records as soon as we can. I can only apologise for this - at the time, what we did was reasonable, but circumstances changed and here we are. Sigh again, but no lol for this. It is very frustrating.

There is so much more to tell you, a few major deals have been signed and I do need to update the ticker…but…but I am exhausted for today. This work is a passion for me, I love what I do and I do what I love - but all passions need a rest sometimes, and all I am passionate about right now is a nice cup of tea haha!

Oh, go see Dune.

Right, will write more next week! Nice one,



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lol go see Dune ???

Commented 19th October 2021 03:45


Stella work. To usb or not usb that is the question

Commented 19th October 2021 03:54


Wow! lots of stuff!! I can see now that when I 1st discovered KF things were pretty chilled out! lol, but there were only a few labels then, now it's Huge!! Love that usb comment ??? haha

Commented 19th October 2021 04:39


There goes my paycheck ;) <3

Commented 20th October 2021 01:29


Wow i hope i can biy all the stuff i want ? let's see. You do a great job, keep that in mind! Big respect to the KF-Crew ✊

Commented 20th October 2021 04:28


How does one become a VIPer? ? ? I want/need that Various Artists - Promos & Exclusives Volume One (USB) in my life ??? Got the USB bundle to add to the collection can't wait for it to arrive. ??

Commented 21st October 2021 03:25


Luna How do I become a ‘VIP’er??

Commented 27th October 2021 07:28