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Hello Everyone,

I should have titled this "Pre Info Re Pre Site Update Re Pre Sales" but read somewhere that titles are important, and shouldnt be confusing. Anyway...before I get into the rest of it!

If you have bought:

KBOGR46T - Baraka - Nutty Bass  /  I'll Be There or

KBN09 - Phat & Phuturistic - Part 1 / Part 2

As part of the bundle or on their own, you can now download the digital files. We are still waiting for the vinyl, but as it is so delayed, I hope this will keep you going for a minute...:)

Now, onto the business of the day:

We have just configured a pre sale section on the Kniteforce Site, which is now live. This will function to solve a lot of problems at once. Before I get into whats coming when, I wanted to let you know about the changes and how this SHOULD improve things for us all.

The Pre Sale section will only have pre sale items in it. You WILL be able to buy pre sale and non presale items at the same time, but it will make the situation clearer - that is to say, if you buy a pre sale item and a non presale item at the same time, your order will wait until the pre sale item arrives. This is already what happens, but it has led to some confusion.

You will also be able to buy multiple pre sale items, but this is NOT advised as there may be months between one pre sale arriving and another arriving. Just so as you know!

We will endeavour to put an "expected" release date in the description of each pre sale item, but it will be a loose guess at best, unfortunately.

The biggest thing this section will do is that it will allow us to put up things for pre sale and get accurate figures for ordering. This will mean anyone who orders from us will be guaranteed to get the release they want, instead of the mad scramble to get a release only on the day of, and before it sells out.

The huge delays work in our favour a little here - because it will also give you time to buy the pre sale item. In other words, if you have to wait a few weeks before getting your order in due to finances or being on holiday or something, thats okay, you will still be sure to get it. The increased time for delivery of finished records means we have a little more space to up orders if needed.

Having pre sales and the ability to increase the order numbers is even more important now, because the delays in delivery of new releases also effects reorders. So if we run out of something, even if there is huge demand for more of it, its still gonna be months and months before the reorder arrives. This is very far from ideal. In effect, what we are doing here is really the only functional way forward. Its not perfect, but it is the best option available!

Anyone who read the previous version of this blog will notice the Jonny L releases have been removed from here. DONT WORRY! They are still coming, but we are not pre-selling them as previously planned, due to the inability to change the numbers I have ordered at this time. Sigh. So....

The first Pre Sale to go live will be the fantasmagorical NRG Box Set:

The NRG Box Set will still go live for VIPers on 12th July, and for everyone else on July 16th. This release is now (annoyingly) also a presale, as we were told it will not arrive with us until mid August. It was expected mid July, so was originally gonna be just "for sale". With this one, the pre sale will be for the Expanded Box Set - that is, the 6 vinyl, 2 CD, slipmat and sticker version. Once it has sold out, there will be a seperate pre sale for the 5 vinyl version, and I will have to order those like a normal pre sale release. It is a bit messy, but, well, everything is a bit messy, so all we can do is kinda fumble our way through it! After that...

The incredible box set from Ray Keith will open on the 30th Of July.

On the same day, 30th July, we will also pre sale these two slices of incredible from Boogie Beat. They have arrived on test press already, and are another couple that I cannot even begin to anticipate the numbers on. Lastly, there is the truly Epic Dj Force & The Evolution Box Set:

Which I have sheduled to open on 13th of August.

I would like to emphasize that I KNOW this is too much all in one go. But I want to underline that I am spreading them out as best I can, and that you DO have time with these. The idea here is I can put these up, get a gist of how many I might need from initial sales, and then I can put the orders in with the pressing plant. Maybe 4 weeks after that I can adjust figures if needed. But theres not a lot of choice here - if I waited on each of these rather than presaling them, I wouldnt be ordering until each previous one had arrived, meaning many of the upcoming releases would not be here until mid 2022 lol. AND the figures would be wrong. So yeah, again, its not ideal - ideal is 2-3 months pre sales, or even better, knowing how many I need by some sort of wizardry. But as those two options are out, this is what we have!

So in a nutshell, here is the Pre Sale Schedule:

Anytime in the next week or so: Jonny L / Jonny L Remixes

16th July - NRG Box Set

30th July - Ray Keith Box Set

30th July - Baraka / Baraka Remixes

13th August - Force & Evolution Box Set

We will of course still have "normal" releases as usual. And we will also have presales in the months to come for the Nookie Present: Daddy Armshouse box set and The House Crew Box Set.

in the end, all plans atm are like playing whack a mole with a blindfold on. But it is what it is, we are what we are, and we do what we can! :)

Nice one,





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As always, many many information. I like the idea with the pre-sale page, and the upcoming releases are huge ??? i think you found the best way to manage the trouble with the pressing plants and i'm sure real fan will think thw same way. Respect Kniteforce ✊

Commented 2nd July 2021 12:27


Great work! No complaints, make total sense moving forward:)

Commented 2nd July 2021 12:33


This seems like the most logical way forward, cheers for the update and keep up the awesome work. So much goodness to come ?

Commented 2nd July 2021 04:12


So much excite!!! I can’t wait for the Ray Keith & the Force&Evolution box sets. I must do some overtime these next couple of months.

Commented 3rd July 2021 06:29


Great idea ??

Commented 3rd July 2021 09:37


Cool and thank you :)

Commented 8th July 2021 09:34


brilliant news as always......have you a track list and a price for these boxsets yet?? keep up the great work:)

Commented 8th July 2021 05:05



Commented 9th July 2021 05:56