Hello Everyone,

How are you? I am knackered, thank you for asking lol....It has been a crazy few weeks…and I expect it will stay that way for another week or two, really. So lets jump right in with the most exciting thing ever...

The House Crew Box Set

This is finally ready to go live on Friday 3rd December, which, to the regular KF people, means 7pm on Thursday 2nd of December. This Box Set is genuinely amazing featuring a huge range of talent on remix duty, including Manix, Ratpack, Blame, Acen, Hyper-On Experience, Ant To Be and Liquid..., not to mention the first three new tunes from The House Crew in decades, and of course the origianl classic tunes, all lovingly remastered....I am so excited to finally be able to put this up for pre-sale. 

As mentioned previously, this pre-sale, like all pre-sales, is something I would rather have avoided. But remember the Acen Box Set? We ordered 500 of that, and at the time we were worried we would have loads left over. And we ended up needing 1500, all of which have sold. Actually, we could have done more copies. And do you remember the delay and 3 months wait for the extra copies? At the time, that 3 months seemed a terribly long wait. Things have changed, and now that would be regarded as a short wait.
And how about Baraka - Nutty Bass? I wasn’t going to do a presale on that either, and would have ordered 700. We ended up doing 2500 AND we now have to reorder. 
In both of the above cases, we needed vastly more than I would have ordered, and in both cases, the records were delayed, and in both cases, it was very annoying for all involved. I would love to say things are better now...but...yeah lol The good news is, I put in the order for The House Crew in August, and we have a tentative release date of March 26th.
But the huge uncertainty with how many we will need is why I have to do a Presale on The House Crew Box Set, and on the Mystery release next week, and in the coming months, the Moondance and Nookie Box Sets.
I suspect the demand for The House Crew will be very high. I have already put an order in but will it be enough? Probably not. But if we need more than I ordered, I need to know, well, now, so I can hopefully top the order up. Otherwise it is likely to be a 6-8 month delay before we get restocks.

Which means I have 2 options. 
1. Order it, release it, and have hundreds of people moaning at me because they missed it and now have to wait most of a year for the repress, or 
2. Do a presale and have a few people moan at me because they have to wait.

I prefer less moans lol. Its the best option out of the two not very good options. But it does mean, you either reserve your copy now by doing the pre-sale, or you may have to wait an enormous amount of time, or worse, you may very well not get it at all. The situation with pressing records is now very inflexible, so we do what we can...

To sweeten the deal, I am going to do the first week of the House Crew pre-sale with more than £10 discounted off the price. I KNOW it is asking a lot for you to pay for something that is still 3 months or so from arriving. And its actually helping me out no end to get these figures BEFORE I order the release. So as standard, as a thank you, and from now on, the first week of ANY presale we do will have a discount on it. Right, lets move on to...

Kniteforce Kristmas Hamper

These orders are now shipping - if you get yours and decide to open it before Xmas, PLEASE do not post about it or talk about it online, because a number of people are waiting until Xms day to open them :)

The Black Friday Sale
The Black Friday was incredibly busy, and I am still packing those orders. I have done a bunch, I have a load more to do. I am expecting the Kniteforce Promo Sleeve to arrive tomorrow, and then I will start packing any of the eps or promos ordered

What Happened to The Mystery PreSale (KF203, KF204, KF205?)
So originally, I was going to make this live on the 3rd of December, at the same time as the House Crew Box Set. But I have decided not to do this, and instead, push it back until the 10th of December. The main reason for this is simply practicality - I know a lot of you will want both projects, but I really do NOT want you to order them together. I didn’t want to do pre-sales at this time anyway, because of the general mess of the record press, but I certainly do not want people to have a single order containing two different pre-sale items that might arrive months apart. They shouldn’t. They should arrive about the same time. But if they DO arrive far apart, it makes for misery for you and I as we all sit around awaiting whatever is missing before anything can go out. So I hope you will forgive me there!

Anyway, enough of the blah blah blah…check out the video for the House Crew and be ready…

Nice one,


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my card is doing press ups as I write this in anticipation

Commented 30th November 2021 04:51


Fair play on the pre-sale discount - I think that's a really cool gesture, thank you.

Commented 30th November 2021 04:52


Ah, the Mystery PreSale - everyone loves a mystery box. :)

Commented 30th November 2021 05:01


How very awesome! Big thanks to yourself Chris and everyone working behind the scenes at kniteforce for all your hardwork ?

Commented 30th November 2021 05:02


Awesome as always Chris & KF crew, really looking forward to this boxset too :)

Commented 30th November 2021 05:37


Pre sale sounds about the right way to go Chris ?I'm in.

Commented 30th November 2021 05:38 | Updated 30th November 2021 05:40


Hmm how do I break to people that I can no longer afford their Christmas pressies…. Gotta have that box set!

Commented 30th November 2021 05:49


The Vinyl prices are great, its all the postage which is a killer. For us and you as well Chris.

Commented 30th November 2021 05:56


I’m happy you are doing the pre sale to be honest. I agree with all the blog in any case. The record pressing issues are astronomical at present. The discount on pre sale items in the 1st week is a very kind gesture. I’m sure all the other KF vinyl buying junkies that are trigger happy customers (like myself) when buying, will appreciate it.

Commented 30th November 2021 06:26


Im in for the presale. Much respect to ya! Doing represses the right way, trying to make everyone happy (what is a hard thing to accomplish), says a lot about you.

Commented 30th November 2021 07:01


Pre sale is all good for me, as long as I get a copy I'll be happy as Larry

Commented 30th November 2021 07:12


Exciting news, the decision to buy this was way before I've seen the trailer. I hope the discount don't ruin your business. Big up the Master Luna-C and his awesome crew!

Commented 30th November 2021 07:25


Goodies galore !! I shall now spark this spliff up and say big ups KF !

Commented 1st December 2021 10:31


Bought - an absolute must-have box. Thanks for doing this!!

Commented 3rd December 2021 09:57