NRG, Dj Rap, Ray Keith and Baraka....

Hello everyone,

How are you today? The wife is outside in the sun, the kids are flopping about exhausted from swimming, and I am hiding in the shade writing this blog because its too hot for me! Anyway, a  few small things to go through...First up, the Extended Six Vinyl NRG Music Maker Box Set is down to its last 75 copies, and I expect that to be gone either by the end of this week or the end of the month. Sales have slowed down a little bit as they do on these bigger items, but I would say if you are thinking about getting it, now is the time as we are defintiely not going to do extras on the Extended set. We spoke to the pressing plant and moved some things around, so that once these are gone we should have stock of the 5 Vinyl version...not many, but some :)

And look, a lovely review from our friends at Life Support...

In other exciting news (July is full of exciting news as it happens) we are assurend by the record press that the two new Dj Rap records on Propa Talent are pressed and on their way to us, so we expect to release those this coming Friday (23rd July). These are of course Divine Rhythm and Divine Rhythm remixes, and its an absolute classic, so i dont expect these to hang about for long either...

We are also expecting represses to come in with the Propa Talents, so these should be back in stock:

KJAL05 - Sunshine Productions - Above The Clouds / Symphony In September (VW Remixes)
KHECT03 - Ramos & Supreme - Sunshine / Gotta Believe
KBOOM07 - A Sides - Unreleased EP
KBOOM02 - Citadel of Kaos - Ronnies Revenge / Alpha 1
KF99R - Hyper On Experience - Lords Of the Null Lines (Bootleg Remixes)
KF117 - Liquid Crystal - Chormatic EP 2

Lastly, we have two videos here for you to get a little looky at the upcoming Ray Keith Box Set and the two new Baraka releases. These ones all go to pre sale on the 30th of July, and the pre sale will stay open for a good while, because delivery is going to be a while too:


I am a little bit frustrated that we are preselling the next two Baraka EPs before the first one is sent out - but there is nothing I can do about that. I have been told that we are still on for Nutty Bass / I'll Be There to ship on 8th August, alongside Phat & Phuturistic, so with any luck we will be getting those out to you in August!

Other than that, I have been doing pretty much nothing. Haha, no, its been crazy pants here, with Jimmy J in the studio, and endless schemes and plans and music of all sorts arriving in the inbox almost daily. Its glorious, I tells ya, glorious!

So big ups to you all for the support, and I will speak to you soon :)


Nice one,


Chris / Luna-C


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I always read the email and the blog post, with the email the perfect alert to let me know to come and read your latest musings. Oh and it's definitely too hot...

Commented 20th July 2021 08:57


Keep going sir your doing a fine job :) although my girlfriend would say otherwise (more records???)

Commented 20th July 2021 08:58


It's great to hear things are rollin' on...

Commented 20th July 2021 08:58


Nice one!

Commented 20th July 2021 09:05



Commented 20th July 2021 10:46


Keep up the work in the shadow ? i do the same ? the future looks awesome, i hope the delivery ways are free and all the good records are on time in your store. Respect!

Commented 20th July 2021 12:22


Thank you mate!

Commented 20th July 2021 01:02


'Glorious' Indeed!!!

Commented 20th July 2021 02:29


Is NRG- I need your love going to get a release on vinyl?

Commented 20th July 2021 06:48


Keep up the fine work good Knite of the record table... Looking forward to future releases.

Commented 22nd July 2021 03:47


Could you tell me if the DJ Rap Divine Rhythm (92 Unreleased Mix) from MMDJRIW1 Intelligent Woman EP is on these two or is the edited version going to be the only one? Divine Rhythm (Unreleased Feel The Pressure Mix) sounds like a edit? Anyone.. :)

Commented 22nd July 2021 05:34



Commented 22nd July 2021 08:00 | Updated 22nd July 2021 08:04