The Immediate Future....and a little bit after that too....

Hello everyone,

Right, lots to talk about so we will get straight to it. This blog is here to tell you about the current and upcoming things, and the why’s and how’s!

Firstly, we have the super exclusive Kniteforce Khristmas Hamper, as pictured:

This is limited to a little under 200 units, and will be available from Thursday 18th November - that is, this week!
It contains a 12” vinyl record that has never been repressed and that originally only came out on test press. Like all the items in the hamper, it is exclusive to the hamper - none of these things will be available in any other format or on their own at a later date. Likewise, there is a USB full of goodies, a brand new CD, a mug, a slipmat and a keyring, plus a calendar and an Xmas card from yours truly. I realise the Xmas card might put you off buying it, but it is, at least, amusing.
And we have a video for it, because why not…

A week after that is the Black Friday sale. We are doing that as a 48 hour event, starting on the Thursday 25th and ending late night UK time on Friday the 26th, cos its how we roll. 

Let me be clear, our intent is to shift as many records as we can. We have a few things taking up space, and the long and tedious delays in vinyl delivery mean that for us, it is probably better to shift a few extra units at a cheaper price than to have them in stock. When the vinyl does start coming again, we are going to have a LOT of new releases. We currently have about 70 titles that have been cut and will start coming in from early next year. So this sale for us is a pre-emptive strike - in other words, don’t feel bad and please, take advantage of us lol….We are going to do discounts on the vast majority of items in the store, some just a little, some 50% or more off.
Not only that, we will have a few unexpected things that will also be available on “sale” day…a special 2 day only T Shirt from Liquid….which is a little on the naughty side so forgive the blurs…

Another thing - I have been sitting on these for nearly 9 months. Like my own vinyl baby! Haha:

Basically, when you press records, you get “within 10%”. With the Acen Box Sets, these are the “within 10%” leftovers. So we have like, 22 x KF135 Trip To The Moon Part 1, 15 x KF136 Trip To The Moon Part 2, but ZERO of KF137 part 3 and only 6 of the 4th record and so on. Something like that. WE DO NOT HAVE ANY SPARES OF THE WHITE VINYL OR TRIP TO THE MOON PART 3. I had intended to throw them in a skip, I don’t like to sell records from box sets outside of the box set…but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. So I figured now is a good time to get those up. They will be there for the Black Friday sale only.

AND we have some test presses to go on sale that day as well. As you know, we have increased the amount we get from 5 or 15 test presses, to 50 or more, which makes them promos I think? Yes, promos. We have done this to help ease the long gap between the promo and the final arrival of the finished vinyl. So now we are asking for 50 each on certain releases, and we have had a special Promo sleeve made, and should soon have a label sized Kniteforce Promo sticker to use on them as well. In other words - they will be cool as hell promos. 

So on Black Friday we will be adding Promos of:

KF182 - The Criminal Minds - The Rock Steady EP
KF183 - Sunshine Productions X Dj Koncept - Wonderland EP

And for no explicable reason, we got some more of:

KLEG01 - Q Project - Champion Sound
KLEG05 - Q Project - Its time / Beyond This World
KLEG11 - Q Project - Champion Sound (Doc Scot Remix) / Deep Concentration
KLEG15 - Q Project - Rikers Island

Ok, so that’s going to be chaos. Wheeee!!!!

Now, some big news! We are going to open the Pre Sale on The House Crew box set on the 3rd of December. The vinyl has already been ordered, and it should be with us in March 2022. Check it out:

I think you will agree that this is an AMAZING release. Apart from the classic original tunes, and three brand new superb new tunes from The House Crew, we have remixes from Manix, Liquid, Hyper On Experience, Blame, Ratpack, Acen, Pete Cannon and Ant To Be. It comes with a 6th bonus coloured vinyl, a USB containing extra music, a slipmat and a sticker. 

It is, in every respect, epic.

Now, the Pre Sale thing has NOT been fun for anyone recently. And I have resigned myself to having to guess numbers on most releases rather than doing pre sales. But on this one? It is a problem. I have put in a guessed order or 500 copies, but it is impossible to judge if it is the right number or not. I suspect it is way under what we are going to need. If I do a presale now, I can make a more informed guess, and importantly, I can up the order so that we get ALL the records in March. This is much better than running out and reordering and waiting for another 6 months. So we are once again in that position of “its not the ideal way to do things, but its the best we can do given the current situation”.
That also applies to this:

What is it? It is one of a set of three records (KF203, KF204 and KF205) that will also go for presale on the 3rd of December alongside The House Crew’s phenomenal box set. It is one of the most sought after and wanted represses ever, along with remixes of that original, and new remixes. I am not going to tell you what it is, and I have never mentioned it before on this blog or anywhere as I wanted to keep it a surprise. But again, guessing the numbers on this? Impossible. So Pre Sale it is.

From now on, I am going to make the first week of any pre sale item a little lower on price as well :) This is a thank you for your faith in us, and a thankyou because it really helps to have the right figures, too!

Which only leaves the question of “why do a Pre Sale now, before Xmas, when people won’t get it before Xmas?” And that’s a very good question, but once again, the answer is simply “these circumstances”. I have a similar situation as above with another two projects. This one:

I have been working with Dope Ammo and Moondance on an incredible Box Set featuring Awesome 3, Nookie, Top Buzz, The Criminal Minds, Ray Keith, Ratpack, Liquid, A Zone and many, many more. As it is a partnership, I am not in charge of the release date, and the presale on that will have to open in January.

And this one, which will open in February:

Its Nookie. Its rammed with classic tunes. And like the others, it is impossible to judge the numbers without a presale. And while I have put in an order for ALL of these, I am trying to time the presales so you guys aren’t waiting too long but I still have the option to up the orders as needed.

So that’s the long and short of it. In a nutshell: WOW that’s a lot of amazing things. 

And most of it is good. It does mean pushing back the four KJAL releases I am expecting in December, but honestly, I doubt they would be ready to go on sale much before the second week of December anyway, and at that point no one is gonna get them for Xmas, so they might as well wait until January.

As for the rest, it is all just chaos. This is me doing what I can to manage the chaos! Oh, and we signed Shades of Rhythm for a box set due in late 2022 as well. Just so you know :)

Nice one,



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Wow I can't wait :) do you know what time the hamper is going up for sale on Thursday ? also my guess for the Green question mark is Awesome 3 - Don't Go

Commented 16th November 2021 02:23


Just wow!! Awesome and Thank you ???

Commented 16th November 2021 02:29


Chris, can you give me a heads up on the Hamper time release as I'm several hours out here in Kuwait mate?

Commented 16th November 2021 02:30


that video hahaha

Commented 16th November 2021 02:33


Ahhh Chris, my wife will slap me, but there's so much i wanna have! Thanks for the updates, we'll show as much patience as we can :) Respect to the awesome KF Crew!

Commented 16th November 2021 02:36


wicked video, lol, made me smile, looking forward to all these new releases, espeically the Shades of Rhythm Box Set and Nookie one too and the question mark, no idea what it is but buying it!!

Commented 16th November 2021 02:42


F me, that is so awesome!! Biggest of ups to you ?

Commented 16th November 2021 02:48


Yay nice one! Are the 3 question marks kfx? Ooh

Commented 16th November 2021 03:20


Busy time for you bud!! Keep up the good work ??

Commented 16th November 2021 04:44


I love the year 2022 already ! Big ups KF

Commented 16th November 2021 05:04


Enjoy the boxset all. The wife has put me on record hiatus for the Christmas season so i'm out! :D

Commented 16th November 2021 05:08


Ah man I'm so getting divorced ? oh well I'll have loads of vinyl tho

Commented 16th November 2021 06:56


Is it the remix ep on hectic

Commented 16th November 2021 07:03


Well, merry Christmas to me, sorry to everyone else, no spare dosh for presents lol Epic amounts if stuff going on as always! Thank you :)

Commented 16th November 2021 07:45


All these releases sound awesome. The hamper, house crew boxset, nookie, moon dance & all the other releases/ announcements. Can't wait to get them all again on vinyl and wav files ?

Commented 16th November 2021 09:49


Probably totally wrong but could The Green Question Mark Records be Dj Solo Axis / Darkage or The Anthill Mob ‎– Antology?

Commented 17th November 2021 09:05


Or DJ Ham- Most Uplifting

Commented 17th November 2021 09:34