This weeks updates, news, info and socks*

Hello Everyone,

I feel a bit like this today:

Well, the crazy keeps on coming, so here’s me trying to keep up with it lol….Let me hit you with some updates, starting with what’s hitting the store this Thursday 24th March at 7pm (UK Time)! And its an impressive array that leans mostly jungle but also with a big cheesy anthem in the middle of it. Brilliant!

Okay, so lets start with the main vinyl releases. First up, we have the classic and much sought after (I know this cos people would always hassle me about it) Dj Magical - Rush Hour EP on Remix Records:

REC33 - Dj Magical - Rush Hour EP

Then it all gets a little more jungletastic. Perhaps this one has been a little lost in the general melee, but its an excellent repress of a highly sought after EP:

KAP02 - Nzo & Invincible - Big Up The Dj EP

Next up is a proper awesome USB from Dj Raps incredible Propa Talent label, this is the first in a run of USBs covering the back catalogue. Full of the excellent labels earlier works, plus exclusive tracks and a FREE CD of Raps excellent “Up All Night” album with every USB as well:

PTDZ01 - Propa Talent - Propa Collective Vol.1

And PTUSA01 (free CD and download with the above USB)

We also have some back catalogue of Dope Ammos excellent double vinyl album from a few years back, so figured, why not eh? We only have a few of this one, so if its your thing, grab it while you can…

DAINFL008 - Dope Ammo - Influence (2 x 12" LP)

Right, next up is a bunch of test presses. We have under 10 of most of these, so they are here for a brief moment only…But damn, some of these are amazing:

INFL24 - Ray Keith Presents 21st Century Junglist (5 x 10” Vinyl Box Set) - But as its TPs, this is 10” cuts on 12” vinyl…

INFL26 - Champion Sound - Southern Connexion EP

KF173, KF174 and KF175 - Alex Jungle’s “Lonely Star” set…

KF151 and KF157 “Remixes” series test presses….featuring some proper heavyweight names....

And lastly, the debut vinyl EP from Kniteforce’s resident super talented 21s century Mozart, Empyreal. I am pretty stoked about this one, because he genuinely is a genius and his music sounds like nothing else on the planet…only a test press for now tho of course…

MALICE11 - Empyreal - Empyromanical EP

So that’s Thursday this week covered lol. Christ. Insanity. Ah well....

Huge thank you to all who supported the JAL represses and the Kniteforce Prime releases, both of which have done stunningly well. Extra special props to the two Prime artists and people who have bought that label. Much as I love that style, I was very uncertain as to how it would be received. But lovingly, that’s how, and ardently lol. Two thirds sold in the first few days on a new label in a different style to usual is impressive by any standards. So big ups everyone!

We are still expecting every delayed record and numerous non delayed records to arrive on or around the 4th of April. Itis going to be chaos. The delivery schedule has, literally, FIFTY (50) releases coming that day. I doubt they will all arrive that day, I imagine they will be spread across some of April, but its going to be mental, so please bear with us. Within that delivery are FOUR box sets - Ray Keiths Golden Years, The House Crew Part One, Dj Force & The Evolution and Nookie Presents: Daddy Armshouse. 
As mentioned in previous blogs, we obviously cannot put 50 releases for sale at the same time. So we are doing our best to spread things out, hold things back and bundle things together where it suits, and pace things as best we can. With that in mind, we are going to put up the Dj Force & The Evolution “The Perfect Dream” Box Set for sale on the 7th of April. We might not have it in stock then, but if we do not, it will be a matter of a week or so before we do. And then we will put the Daddy Armshouse box set at the end of April or early May.
We are going to be sending out new releases as fast as we can, and even above that, the pre sale releases which everyone has been waiting on for so long. Those will get absolute priority. Still, there is only 4 of us handling the packing and sending of everything, and we are looking at processing about 4000 pre-sale orders, and all the new orders. 
So forgive us if we are just a tad slower in doing things than usual. We have prepared everything as best we can. We have all the parts to all the box sets pressed and ready - we are just waiting on the vinyl. We are ready to ship Liquids Lethal, KF154 Jonny L Remixes, House Crew and Ray Keith Box Sets, and the two Baraka as soon as they are in our hands. We are ready to get this done, and believe me, we want to get it done - those pre-sale orders are so overdue, and we know it lol. 

But no matter how prepared we are, this number of records is going to be a long process.

As for the other things…What else to tell you…well…we recently made a pst with the Symphony Sounds cat tootling on top of the KF logo. And yes, we have made a deal for 3 EPs from Symphony Sounds, with the option to do the entire catalogue, assuming all parties have a good time, which, you know, we will. So that’s excellent! More info on that when it comes.

I have NO info on Dj Solo. Those three Eps could literally turn up anytime.

Nine T Nine is coming….VIP only on the Kniteforce Store, only 99 pressed, hence the name. Cunning eh?

KF176 - Acen - Trip To The Moon (Dubplate Mixes) is due any day now. You will get an email about this :)


And Yes, Ray Keith has done a wicked remix of Trip To The Moon which is likely to feature on the Legends series…probably Volume 6, because...

Look at this:

Nothing else to say there, except…dddaaammnnnn….and yeah, we will cut that soon.

I just got a House Crew remix of a Shades of Rhythm classic and its incredible, jaw dropping stuff. The Eden: Every Shade Box Set is about to go to be cut.

Jimmy J & Cru-l-t has one ready too. 

We are furiously working on the layaway thing for the store, but its tough because it goes to the very heart of how the site works, so please, be patient there. We KNOW it is needed now more than ever, so hold tight!!!

I think that’s all I can say at this time without exploding lol….big up

Nice one,



*Socks update - I am wearing one. Just one.

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Commented 21st March 2022 06:12


Sounds like I need to re-mortgage the house ???

Commented 21st March 2022 07:32


All I can say is yes yes yes! Stop it, but seriously keep it coming. But stop it arrgh

Commented 21st March 2022 10:52


In short: WoW! That's insane, i hope my bank account can handle that. Big big respect to the KF Crew you do an impressive job!

Commented 22nd March 2022 06:44


Cant wait to receive the baraka one

Commented 22nd March 2022 08:49


big up Chris and all the crew keep the vibe alive one love.......

Commented 22nd March 2022 09:11


Awsome, so much hardcore goodness there, keep it coming kniteforce ?

Commented 22nd March 2022 11:04


Awsome, so much hardcore goodness there, keep it coming kniteforce ?

Commented 22nd March 2022 11:04


Just WOW, and with so many more to come that have not been mentioned im sure, I'll need to buy a bigger house now. Will Kniteforce be a mortgage provider in the future for VIP members? Asking for a VIP Member.

Commented 22nd March 2022 11:16


Anyone after another many releases. ?

Commented 22nd March 2022 11:20


Thank you mate :)

Commented 22nd March 2022 01:23


OMG, banger after banger, STOP THAT! ;-)

Commented 23rd March 2022 07:51


"Tek mah munneh"

Commented 27th March 2022 02:12