This weeks status updates and plans...

Hi Everyone,

Jeez, I am exhausted. I think the relentless pace is finally getting to me a little. I am going to try and take a day off in the coming days. So much going on, and all of it wonderful, but no matter how awesome it all is, I am still getting worn out lol. Happy, but knackered. Anyway…so…err…a new blog post.

So this post is just to try and keep you all up to date and to address a few things that have come up! Firstly, status report!

KF180-181 - The House Crew Box Set
It is here, it is packed, I am picking it up tomorrow, and it will start shipping next week I promise! 

KF159 - Ray Keith, KF186-190 - Dj Force & The Evolution, KF176 - Acen Dubplate Mixes
These are both delayed by a paper shortage of all things. Yup. The pressing plant cannot get hold of the paper parts - labels and etc - to press things. I am told end of May now. I know, I know, at this point I literally want to bash my head into a wall. But I also know this is a problem with other pressing plants to. How do I know? Because we have a new UK pressing plant we can use. I just got test presses from them for the forthcoming Dj Rap releases. But they too are held up waiting on paper. Its insane. But as soon as we have these two in stock, the records will be sent to you.

KBOGR45T - Baraka
Apparently there is a problem with the metalwork on this. It is all being sorted and it will remain a priority to press, so it should be here anytime, but yeah, another very annoying issue. I apologise wholeheartedly.

KLEG06 - Chamion Sound (Alliance Remixes)
OMFG its actually shipped and should be here this coming week. This one is by far the most delayed and troublesome of releases with disaster besetting it at every point. I wouldn’t be surprised if, when the boxes arrive next week, I open one and it explodes in my face like some comic book strip thing. But anyway, fine-a-fecking-ly those of you who STILL don’t have it, will have it very shortly.

I can’t wait until the above are all out. I am sure you all feel the same….

On to other things…firstly, did you get your tickets to Knite Club yet? You really should…its only a couple more weeks before the next set of headliners are announced, and the price goes up a little more, and people, I am telling you, this is going to be the event of the year. I think pretty much EVERY kniteforce artist is going to be there. People are flying in from The Netherlands, Germany, France, the USA, Dubai, New Zealand and Australia. Not just artists either - people who just want to come to the party. So yeah…get on that….

Now, new releases.

Listen, I am keenly aware that we are releasing too much. It is too many records, too fast. I know. But there is little choice for me at this time. Right now, one more delivery and I do not have anywhere to put it. Literally, all my storage is used up. But that’s a minor issue. The bigger issue is that these are all the releases that should have been arriving in July 2021, August 2021, September 2021, October 2021, November 2021, December 2021, and January 2022. We had almost nothing for those months and now they are all arriving at the same time. It is…difficult to manage (vast understatement!!!)

I am trying to release things at a steady pace and mix things up so that the releases vary in style and content, but no matter how carefully I do this, its still too much. Unfortunately, I cannot do it any slower. Getting 31 releases in one delivery is great, but the 31 bills that follow that are less exciting to recieve lol. And even though I have good terms with my pressing people, who will understandably wait to be paid, that’s not the only issue. While I put these out, the releases from February to now are arriving…and then the releases for June, July and so on will start arriving too. Its like a wave of releases that i have to get pasdt before the waters can calm down agian.

I would much rather have a few weeks off without releases. Apart from anything else, we need to get the pre sold stuff packed and doing new releases each week on top of that is a lot of work. But in the end, the choices are slim, and the best I can do is release them in manageable groups. And with that in mind, I thought I would let you know the upcoming release dates. 

And, I will say right now, these plans may well get obliterated by circumstance. The Dj Solo releases are overdue, so I expect them to randomly appear, likewise the Nookie - Rest Is History Box Set, and there are others just like that, you know?
I am sure some of you are reading this like "Whats the problem, loads of records, yay" lol while others are like "AAAggghhhh its too many" but either way, I hope this allows you to plan what you want to get and when, and to combine orders and etc :) Right, so here we go...

Okay, so obviously, tonight, 12th May, we have the Chaos Bundle:

Then on the 19th of May, we have what I am calling the JALly Good Bundle, 4 much sought after Just Another Labels:

This one, due for the 26th of May, is tricker to name. I don’t think I should call this The Proper Romford Bundle, or the Out Of Talent bundle lol, because neither name underlines the amazingness of these 4 releases - the much sought after and incredible Peshay remix is matched in kind by the much sought after and incredible Blame remix…And the FLatliner ep is subline genuis, while the original remixes of Spiritual Aura are simply essential. It is possible we will release the two new Influential EPs with these ones as well, still deciding on that..."The Out Of Influential Talent" Bundle lol...

This next one, due for the 3rd of June (A FRIDAY, make note) is on of the most anticipated releases we have ever done but….god dammit…its a a presale probably. I say probably because I do not know when these will arrive. Judging by the time they were cut and etc, they should be here any day. Apparently I will get a new schedule late next week from the pressing plant and then I can be more accurate…But there is no choice with this as far as the release date goes. The release date is set outside of me and in conjunction with what Dope Ammo and Moondance are doing. But what I can do is make it so that the main Box Set bundle is an absolute bargain price wise and content wise…Obviously, doing a presale at this time is about as attractive as treading on a rake, but on the plus side, this release IS due imminently, so hopefully it wont even be a presale, or if it is, it will be a few weeks rather than months:

After that, we will have to see what happens….but that’s this month covered…as far as I can anyway.

As always, I cannot thank you all enough for your support and help and general awesomeness. Throughout all of these delays, I have only had 1 or 2 customers lose their patience and get mad at me. And I don’t even blame them. I think frustration and anger are probably the right responses to this chaos. But the fact so many of you have been so saintlike is humbling, honestly. Never think it is not appreciated!

Love you all, you crazy people!


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I heard Amazon bought up so much of the world supply of raw materials for making paper/boxes that it left every other industry short.

Commented 12th May 2022 05:05

That sounds both outlandish and...possible.

Replied 12th May 2022 05:29


Thanks for update!

Commented 12th May 2022 06:17


For a moment there I was a bit worried how much the Chaos Bundle was going to cost me! I shouldn't have, It was a fucking bargain!!!! Happy Days, Now that's what you call a bundle! haha CHEERS ????

Commented 12th May 2022 06:21


That HAS to be true! It just sounds like them all over!

Commented 12th May 2022 06:23


That HAS to be true! It just sounds like them all over!

Commented 12th May 2022 06:23


You can only do what you can do mate ??, your hard work is much appreciated, we can wait for orders, there is always stuff coming out all the time so not a problem, much respect ??

Commented 13th May 2022 11:22


That's insane! My deepest respect to the crew behind the scenes who makes this possible. You do an awesome job! ✊

Commented 13th May 2022 12:32


I see something about the paper shortage a couple of months ago on the news. I wouldn't put it past Amazon to do that but when you see how they pack there stuff you think what a waste of paper. As for waiting for vinyl you take as long as it takes Chris.

Commented 14th May 2022 07:41


Will be grabbing the OOR/PT bundle for sure!

Commented 16th May 2022 03:22