Pre Sale Updates and Status Report

Hello everyone,

I thought I would send an email updating you on the status of all the pre sale and current releases!
As most of you know, we have had a few schedule dates given to us by the pressing plant. The first of these was April 4th - a date when 50 titles were due to be pressed and shipped. So far we have had about 34 of those titles land with us, and we are still waiting on a few of them. Here is a status report on each!

1. KF180 The House Crew Box Set, KF154 Jonny L Remixes, KBOGR47T - Baraka.
All of these have landed and are in our possession. The Baraka have been sent already where we can, the Jonny Ls are going out today and throughout the rest of the week, and the House Crew Box Set should start shipping from Monday next week.

2. KF159 Ray Keith Box Set
This one is particularly annoying - I know a lot of you are eager to get your hands on it; It was not part of the 34 titles that have landed with us, and it has not shipped yet. Having said that, we are getting releases shipped weekly, and I hope and expect it to arrive any day now. It is still due as part of the 4th of April delivery, and is still expected, and I will update you on this the moment I have more information.

3. KBOGR45T - Baraka - A Million & One (and Baraka Bundle)
There has been a problem with the metalwork on this one. It is being recut and will NOT lose its place as an immediate pressing. But it has delayed the arrival a little. As soon as I have more information on this, I will let you know.

4. KF176 - Acen - Trip To The Moon Dubplate Mixes
This is not a pre sale, but I know many of you are eager to get your hands on this. This one is part of the 4th of April delivery, but it has not arrived yet. Like the Ray Keith Box Set, I expect this one here any day, so hold tight there, it IS coming!

5. KF186-191 - Dj Force & The Evolution Box Set
This one is a little frustrating. Of the 50 releases scheduled to ship on the 4th of April, there were two box sets - Force & Evolution and Daddy Armshouse. There was no way we could release 50 titles swiftly - that’s too much for any customer or for the store to handle. Box sets are expensive, and to make it easier and better for you guys and ourselves, I wanted to spread them out as far as release date goes. So I made the decision to release the Dj Force & The Evolution Box Set first, and save the Daddy Armshouse Box Set until later. I made that decision because KF191, the 6th Bonus record that is part of the Force & Evolution Box Set, was already with us.
A day after the Force and Evolution Box Set went on sale, the entire Daddy Armshouse box set landed with us, because of course it did, and the rest of the Dj Force & Evolution Box Set didn’t, because of course it didn’t. Sigh.
However, it IS still expected as part of the 4th of April delivery, I DO still expect it here any day, and it will get sent out as fast as possible.

A few other notes. We are all doing all we can to pack and send everything as fast as possible. In the last 10 days, we have shipped nearly 1300 orders. But it takes time. We are simply not equipped to handle 50 releases at once. Even just storing this many records is a nightmare - we have a lock up, and two garages full to the brim already because this is close to 22,000 records already. And more are coming. In order to make order processing easier, I have now put the Force & Evolution into the Pre Sale section. THIS WILL NOT EFFECT THE SPEED OF ITS DELIVERY. All this does is make life easier for us because it “hides” those orders on the back of the store in our “current order” list, making it much easier for us to do the orders that ARE here. I imagine it will stay as a pre sale for only a week or two at the most.

We have the Daddy Armshouse Box Set releasing on Thursday, alongside the unreleased Vol. 2 Boombastic Plastic EP.

THESE ARE IN STOCK AND WILL SHIP IMMEDIATELY. I want to emphasise that ALL the releases we are putting up now are IN STOCK and physically here. At the same time, the issue is we have to put up new releases and sell them because we have to clear the space for what is coming. So we have to do the new orders. And of course, we have to do the pre sale orders as well. And, well, its a lot of work for only a few people. 

I am certainly not complaining - I love finally getting the records to you. But this is why it is taking some time to get orders sent. We are as efficient as we can be, we are currently working early morning to late night (this blog is being written at 6:30am, for example) but no matter how efficient we are and how fast we work, getting through this many orders at once is time consuming.

You have all been incredibly patient, and we all deeply appreciate it. So bear with us just a little longer!

Lastly, big ups to everyone who has bought tickets for Kniteclub so far. Already I am impressed by the ticket sales, and just wait until you see the first 5 headliners we are revealing on Monday. You won’t want to miss out on the super bargain price we have right now, so go to:

Before that changes…

Nice one,


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Times like these I sure wish I was capable of lending a hand where possible. All the best to everyone on the grind to get it all sorted through for everyone awaiting. Kniteforce FTW ?

Commented 4th May 2022 06:46


You still do an awesome job, informing all the customers, work as hard as you can. Why not show some patience? Respect to all those in the background working as hard as possible. Now it's time to hit the button to buy Daddy Armshouse box :D

Commented 4th May 2022 07:02


Thanks for keeping us all updated Chris, as ever! It is greatly appreciated. Given it is being recut when do you expect the Baraka bundle is likely to arrive?

Commented 4th May 2022 07:21

I dont know. I imagine later this month? As soon as I can find out, I will let you all know!

Replied 4th May 2022 08:47


Thanks for updates, it’s appreciated. Am sure everyone will be patient, also it’s worth stopping and considering how great it is that there is so much happening associated to the styles of music that you specialise in, hardcore will never die etc etc!!

Commented 4th May 2022 07:22


Like I said to someone on discogs other night: what a time to be in hardcore: New dope-as choons every day - feels like I’m 14 again. Well, until I move of course. Big up Chris, doin’ a great service in the betterment of society.

Commented 4th May 2022 07:51


Remember that all the team needs to have a life too, don't miss out on stuff just to send out some records, especially time with family - keep to business hours!

Commented 4th May 2022 08:41


I don my hat to you sir. You and the crew are doing a sterling job.

Commented 4th May 2022 10:18


Chris,stress is a bad thing you take as much time as you need. Me time is very important.

Commented 4th May 2022 11:11


Could be worse. You could be one of those Muppets that ordered a record from DJ Demo on Bandcamp and still waiting nearly 18months later. No info on what is happening so I'm more than happy with KF!

Commented 4th May 2022 12:47


Wahh, you got a couple of Calling The Hardcore Vol 3 copies too? MINE! MINE! MINE! Ordered :-))

Commented 5th May 2022 03:54 | Updated 5th May 2022 03:54


hi chris wot time is daddy armhouse going up??...............and when can we have dl files for ray keith and the house crew boxsets??? cheers paul

Commented 5th May 2022 04:32

Its up...and House Crew box Set digital is also up...Ray Keiths HAS to wait til the vinyl arrives tho!

Replied 5th May 2022 07:48


Considering the amount of orders you're dealing with I gotta say the service is nothing short of amazing! Big Ups and much Love to All at Kniteforce ???

Commented 5th May 2022 10:33


Kids don’t eat this month.

Commented 7th May 2022 10:54


will you please be making KBOGR45T available digitally like the other Baraka remaster?

Commented 12th May 2022 09:02