This weeks New Releases and Updates!

Hello Everyone,

I am sure you are all bored to tears with my blogs at this point. All you really want to read is “your order is on its way” and believe me, that’s is the thing I want to be saying haha! Still, with so much going on, and as has always been my way, I want to keep you as informed as possible!

First up. These are the releases going on sale on Thursday:

KOOR07 (New Decade)

KOOR08 (Various)

KRSR01 (Ramos & Supreme & Sunset Regime)

KRSR02 (Ramos & Supreme)

KFA120 (Doughboy)

We will also be adding the remained of the House Crew 6 x Vinyl Extended box sets - we now know exactly how many are shipping, so we now know we have 25 available of those before it becomes the 5 x Vinyl set only.
We will also be putting up the leftover parts from the Liquid Lethal bundle, including the USB and the 10”….the actual bundle remains the cheapest way to get all of those items, by a solid margin though, so you might wanna grab that…


And lastly, we will have some Liquid Merchandise as well….

Now, onto the “current situation” update as that changes almost by the day it seems. We had notification of ANOTHER shipment leaving the pressing plant today. This means we have 5 different shipments in transit, and that’s around 20,000 records. 

None of the shipments have arrived as of yet, because they have been slowed by customs, which has been slowed by whatever the hell is going on with P&O (ferries etc often take commercial cargo so when they get messy, cargo gets messy). Nevertheless we still expect things to land any day. I am literally, as I write this, waiting for the call to say records have arrived, and then I will be driving to the collection point to get them.

Getting records is my entire job for the foreseeable future. No studio time, no artwork, not new cuts, nothing but collecting the records when they arrive, and taking them to Lee or to our distributor or home, to be packed and shipped to you.

I know very well many of you are really out of patience with waiting. I know this because I am. Shit, I was out of patience with waiting by December last year. It has been long and annoying and frustrating and Jesus Christ can I get the records already? So I hate to ask you for more patience. But I am going to, because look at this list:

KF202 (Daddy Armshouse Box Set)
KF180 (House Crew Box Set)
KF191 (Force & Evolution Box Set)
KF154 (Jonny L Remixes)
KF155 (Liquid Lethal)
KBOGR47T (Baraka Remixes)
KF150 (Remixes 17)
REC29 (Stu Chapman)

NTN01(Jimmy J & Cru-l-t)
NTN02 (Dj Stephano)

4TCR-V002 (Fibzy)
HJ001 (Haze 7 Spinthrift)
KNUT01 (Nutty Trax)
LAZV002 (Dj Deluxe)

KJAL04 (Sunshine Productions)
KJAL06 (Justin Time)
KJAL07 (Sunshine Productions)
KJAL09 (Justin Time)

KBOOM08 (A Sides)

BREED33 (Bremixes 1)
BREED34 (Bremixes 2)
BREED35 (Bremixes 3)
BREED36 (Bremixes 4)

KFW16 (Hannibal Selector)
KFW15  (The Pulse)

KHECT06 (Remixes)
KHECT07 (Druid & Vinylgroover)
KHECT08 (Sy & Unknown)
KHECT11 (Midas)

INFL23 (Hannibal Selector)
INFL22 (Dj Sarin) 

PTDUB006 (Dj Rap)

KOOR09 (Flatliner Blame Remixes)
KOOR10 (New Decade Peshay Remixes)

SDR05 (Amaretto)

KF116 (Liquid Crystal)
KF90 (Pete Cannon)
PTDUB004 (Dj Rap)
KOOR05 (Dj Infinity & Back To Basics)

And...thats not even all of it. Maybetwo thirds of JUST THE APRIL deliveries. May has more...

Kniteforce has 6 full time staff members. Glyn handles media, events and a few of the labels, Paul handles art and video and a few of the labels, John handles the website and the merchandise orders, Lee handles packing the record orders, and I handle the overall running of the label. And packing orders. Recently, my wife Cindy has joined the crew to manage contracts and accounting…and packing the orders. There are a lot of orders, you see?

Basically, everyone who can is ready to jump in and help pack the orders. We have two places we ship from, one is designated for all the pre sale items, we have all the extra parts ready, and we are on standby. And the other place we ship from will ship everything else, like Thursdays releases, for example. This is more than enough manpower to pack and send orders usually. 

This is not usually.

We have to pick up 20,000 records (so far), put them in storage as we cannot release them all at once, move them to the places where we pack, pack and ship them. If it were just one box set, that would be okay. Even a box set and some extras. But again, look at that list. Even just “where do we store the records until they go on the store” is a challenge.

So yes. At this point, I am asking for the last time, begging perhaps, for just a little more patience. The Pre Sale orders are absolutely priority, closely followed but the Force & Evo Box Set, and then by everything else. We are all ready to go. As soon as the records land, we will be packing and sending orders every day, and likely most nights, until they are done. But this? I have never experienced this volume of vinyl in my life, I have never had to manage and pack it and send it at this level or in this chaos. I have been doing this for a long time. I hesitate to say it, but I think I am good at it. Running and managing a record label is maybe the only thing I excel at lol…we have done absolutely everything to prepare for this. But no matter how well prepared we are, managing 20,000 records is going to be tough.

But bear with me, we will get it done!

One last note - I am aware that the list above is missing some key releases - Baraka - A Million And One, The Ray Keith Box Set, and Acen Dubplate Mixes spring to mind. ALL ARE COMING I PROMISE. Basically, each week they are pressing more form the “4th of April” pressing schedule they gave us, and then sending them. Its a bit willy nilly - they sent half of one box set, one week, the other half the other week. Three of the Khects 2 weeks ago, and one of them today even tho all were ordered and due the same day. Ray Keith, Baraka and Acen are part of that. They will be here, and may ship any day. They just haven’t yet is all.

Alright, nice one people, I will, as always, keep you up to date!


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You guys are doing an awesome job, it takes as long as it takes. There’s nothing you can do about external issues. You always keep everyone updated! Look forward to the arrival of the vinyl. Happy Easter

Commented 13th April 2022 09:09


You guys are doing an awesome job, it takes as long as it takes. There’s nothing you can do about external issues. You always keep everyone updated! Look forward to the arrival of the vinyl. Happy Easter

Commented 13th April 2022 09:09


Massive respect and thank you for making me run out of vinyl storage at home so quickly with such great music. As always thanks to the kniteforce kru working behind the scenes to keep this going much love

Commented 13th April 2022 09:10


Thanks for the update keep up the good work, always happy to wait for a vinyl delivery ?

Commented 13th April 2022 09:18


No worries man! You doing great :)

Commented 13th April 2022 09:21


I'm not bored about your blogs, it's really good to be informed so much. As i know you do what you can to get everything managed, i have the patience to wait. My local post office will be happy to earn a lot of money for customs/tax :D keep up your good work and flood us with new blogs.

Commented 13th April 2022 09:22


Any jobs going ?

Commented 13th April 2022 09:33


Thanks for the update Chris. Plenty of patience still in the bank here.

Commented 13th April 2022 10:02


The old saying is, Good things come to he who waits. Try not to stress out it will all sort it self out in good time so take a deep breath and take a minute. We can wait !!!

Commented 13th April 2022 10:13


Happy to wait , you guys do amazing , you spoil us with greatness !! Big ups

Commented 13th April 2022 10:40


20.000 Hardcore members!!!!!

Commented 13th April 2022 11:37


Mate they come when come, keep up the good work

Commented 13th April 2022 12:22


I'll remain patient. It's worth it. I've always respected Kniteforce and Luna-C. I'm happy to support, and happy to wait. We'll all look back with fondness at this time when the Kniteforce crew worked hard to get the best music into our hands. Their efforts have kept me close to this music, which I appreciate deeply.

Commented 13th April 2022 04:22


Your doing a great job Chris, we get them when they come!! We know you guys are trying your best. ??

Commented 13th April 2022 04:36


Fuck Chris mate you are a machine! All good, they’ll be here when they’re here. I hope you know your dedication to the cause and all the endless shit you wade through daily is all very much appreciated bruv, thanks a lot.

Commented 14th April 2022 02:21


No probs.... try waiting over 2 years for Dj Demos bandcamp releases........ swings n round abouts etc

Commented 14th April 2022 11:17


Awesome kob U are all doing. Thanks for the updates, i know how time consuming they must be, but to us impatient little people, it helps to keep us waiting patiently. Keep it up folks???

Commented 15th April 2022 09:42


Don't want to be a royal pain, but just wondering if there was any word on the Close Your Eyes box set which was mentioned in an old blog post last year. Is that still something which is planned to happen? All time favourite tune so set like we got of the Trip To The Moon would be nuts. And thanks for updates on the back orders. Jonny L remixes sound like will be here just in time to enjoy playing on a nice sunny day, perfect tune for it

Commented 16th April 2022 10:12


Thank God for for the extra 25 House Crew boxes, got mine in the nick of time. Wh00h00! Actually, thanks Chris! :)

Commented 26th April 2022 06:03