No Releases Tonight, and other news lol

Hello everyone!

A little update to let you know there are no new releases coming out tonight (March 31st 2022)! It has been particularly busy the last 3 or 4 weeks, and it is definitely going to get even more busy from next weekend, but for tonight, there are no new updates.

However, in a weeks time, on April 7th, we will be opening up sales on the Dj Force & The Evolution box Set.

There will be 150 of the full 6 vinyl extended set with slipmat and USB (Containing every track they ever made for us, every remix and a few extra remixes). Also, three of the records are coloured vinyl to match the original Fall Down On Me is in clear red, Perfect Dreams in a kind of transparent white, and then the bonus 6th vinyl is a color that I cant remember cos I ordered this box set about 4 million years ago lol. But I am sure its gonna look great!

After those 150 are gone, there will be the 5 vinyl set, and if we have extras on the 6th vinyl, we MIGHT have those available for sale too. We will see!

Now, there might also be other releases going live that day, I just don't know what they might be. This is because, I have mentioned in blog posts and etc, we have FIFTY releases that are being pressed and sent to us on April 4th. This list of releases includes ALL of the pre sale vinyl, so:

KF154 - Jonny L - Hurt You So Remixes

KBOGR45 and KBOGR47 - Baraka

KF155 - Liquid - Lethal

KF159 - Ray Keith box Set

KF180-181 - The House Crew Box Set

And also:

KF186-191 - Dj Force & The Evolution Box Set

KF202 - Nookie Presents - The Daddy Armshouse Box Set

On top of that there are another 40 or so singles - everything from the next two Kniteforce Prime EPs, the much sought after Hectic releases, The Out Of Romford and Just Another Label releases, and many, many more. So as you can imagine we are faced with a difficult task where we have to get all the pre sales out, and also stagger the releases in a way that you can afford them and we can manage them.

All of this is to say that the Dj Force & The Evolution box set is going on sale on the 7th of April. We will certainly have the Box Set with us in April. We will do all we can to get it out to you fine people in April. But will it be early April or late April? We don't know. It certainyl wont be a huge delay, but it might not be instant either.

in almost the same circumstances is the KF202 - Nookie Presents: The Daddy Armshouse Box Set. That one has a release date of April 29th. We have "set" the release dates on these because they are bigger items, so I feel like you need to know the when for those. But those two are the ONLY two releases I am putting up without actually having them in my hands.

Those two box sets and the current pre-sales will of course be priority, and go out as soon as they land with us.

In every other case, the releases that will appear on the store are in stock and ready to ship.

We will NOT be doing presales on the DJ Solo, or any other records for the forseeable future. The only people more relieved than you guys waiting for pre sale records to arrive, will be me shipping the pre sale records to you who are waiting.

So yeah, I just wanted to bring you all up to speed on that. I know the regulars will already know most of this, but I feel like its good to keep on top of it!

Nice one,



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Awesome! Loads more great stuff cant help but get ???????

Commented 31st March 2022 02:55


Insane, you won't have a boring time the next few months for sure. Waiting for DJ Force and the Evolution Box ?? Respect!

Commented 31st March 2022 03:13


Here we go again!

Commented 31st March 2022 03:37


good work, starting to dread how much I've spent on vinyl postage this and last year,

Commented 31st March 2022 04:21 | Updated 31st March 2022 04:21


Absolutely Buzzin for the Box set

Commented 31st March 2022 05:06


Will us VIP members have first crack at the Force and Evolution box set? Also, have I missed the Nine-T-Nine releases?

Commented 31st March 2022 05:56

Thats actually a very good idea. Perhpas we could do it so things like this go live on the Wednesday night and are VIP only for 24 hours? I am looking into it :)

Replied 31st March 2022 06:45

As for Nine T Nine, 02 is pressed and ion its way, 01 we are waiting on. Those will go on the store at some point and I will let people know about that in the next blog post...

Replied 31st March 2022 06:46


Much excitement, I must, must, must have this box set! Along with lots of other stuff lol

Commented 31st March 2022 07:39


Will the Force & Evolution USB ever be available separately?

Commented 31st March 2022 08:08

Its unlikely as we probably wont have many spares. But its possible in the future.

Replied 1st April 2022 08:00


Fantastic Chris cheers for the little update

Commented 31st March 2022 08:51


I keep hearing about VIP so how do I get the status then as Probably will be spending a bit next week.

Commented 31st March 2022 09:15

Email me with your user name. VIP status is free and for anyone who has made a solid number of orders!

Replied 1st April 2022 08:01


Hopeful for KBOGR45 and KBOGR47 - Baraka Bundle, and KF180-181 - The House Crew Box Set to land very soon then. No new word on KF176 - Acen - Trip To The Moon (Dubplate Mixes)?

Commented 4th April 2022 07:26