Acen Box Set Update and other news!


A number of things to tell you!


Firstly. The 6 Vinyl Complete Acen Box Set Presale is now over and it is no longer available to preorder. We have added to it as well, including an Acen sticker, and a superb CD showcasing a mix by our resident lunatic The Lowercase, and it features lots of exciting tracks forthcoming on KF in 2021. Check it out:

* The dates on the above track listing are estimates at best, just so you know :)

Also, you will all be pleased to know, the digital files have been updated, and you can now download ALL the music via your link in your accounts section. We did this a little earlier that initially planned, because circumstances change. Sometimes for the better, which is why you now have an extra CD and a sticker if you bought the pre sale 6 vinyl box set. And sometimes because while we do our best to anticipate the future, sometimes things go mental and all we can do is hold onto the tail of the tiger while it leaps around, which is a good metaphor for how the Acen Box Set has gone!

To recap and explain. We expected to do 300-500 max of the Acen Box Set. We did that initial 500 in the first few days. We had blocked off a press run of 500 for it, so we are expecting those first 500 to arrive before Xmas. And we will do out best to get them out to the first 500 orders. However, the box set continued to sell, and sell, and sell. So we put a cap on it, ending it today (4th of December). We would love to have kept it running, but we have minimum orders and certain restrictions. In other words, we had to choose a figure and say "this is what we can do to be certain to have all the parts - the CDs, the sticker, the slipmat, the bonus vinyl and of course, the 5 disc main box set".

However, we are now being asked to have it for distribution to the shops. And there has been interest from magazines for reviews and stuff. Actual, paper magazines, not "Bobs online magazine blog" lol. So potentially this release has the ability to get even bigger. I want that very much, because our scene is growing and growing and the more people who find this release, the more people will be drawn into our scene and the better it is for all of us. Especially as, for once, we are getting into a strong position while the scene is being run by people who genuinely love it and wont fuck it up! A healthy, vibrant "new" old skool rave scene has been my aim since day one. And this success can only serve that and be good for everyone in the scene right now.

Anyway, with this potential, it remains a fact that there is no mechanism to supply the box set, CDs, slipmats and the rest, outside of the KF website. And even if there was, I prefer to have that aspect exclusive to our store, plus we literally dont have the ability to guess numbers or manage all those parts and get them to stores other than ours.

So instead, we now have a presale continuing on the box set, but it is very much stripped down. It is for the FIVE vinyl box set alone. No 6th colored vinyl, no sticker, no slipmat or CD. This can be found here:

Acen 5 Vinyl Box Set

And this is what stores other than Kniteforce will cover. So a HUGE thank you again to everyone for the support, it has been amazing and continues to be so.

Okay, what else?


We finally got REC27 - Jimmy J & Cru-l-t - Dubs And Rare EP in yesterday, and Lee is packing and shipping those out as fast as he can! We are hugely apologetic for the delay, to an almost Canadian level I am told lol. But yes, we are finally sending those out!


I have had a number of inquiries about the merch getting sent out. All I can say is we are doing our very best. We got so many orders that just doing the slipmats - over 1000 of them - has been mental. We were expecting to do 300-500 for the box set, and then, you know, a few more. Instead its taken a week just to prepare those, let alone the shirts and everything else. But we ARE on it, working as fast as we can. All the orders made in the first few days should be going out today and the first few days next week, and the rest as soon as we can after that. Canadian apologies again for the delay, and thank you all for your patience.

Lastly, this is worth a look, if you are wondering about what we are planning...

Amazing right?


Okay, nice one, you ridiculous lovelies you, I will speak to you soon!


Chris / Luna-C

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Kniteforce going from strength to strength! And I'm definitely coming along for the ride! Big ups crew ❤

Commented 4th December 2020 04:30


friggin ell...thought i was going to save some cash next year................doesnt look like it................soooo much to order it though wouldnt miss them for the world.....keep smashing it (that future cd going to get a battering)thanx guys big up bro's

Commented 4th December 2020 06:03


Yay! This is great news! Well done Kniteforce Crew :)

Commented 4th December 2020 07:24


Will the Nrg box set be pre-order like the Acen box set

Commented 4th December 2020 09:09 | Updated 4th December 2020 09:10


such good news thanks for all the work the KF kru have done

Commented 6th December 2020 08:52


Wow, my deep respect to the whole KF-Family and it's big Dad Chris! Overwhelming news in this blog and if i take a look to the Tracklist with what's coming 2021 i'm very very excited. Let's see if the Hectic Bundle and the ACEN Box will make it before x-mas to arrive at me. The new Ticker contains also 25 releases that i wanna have.... Woooohooo :) the only thing that wonders me: i got no mail notification about the new blog... but well, the news are awesome. Keep it up!!

Commented 7th December 2020 05:30


Awesome reading, from an oldskool dj and raver that had to have this box set, bit late out of the gate as didn't order till the 20th of Nov.. thou good to know I'm not right at the back either.. GREAT work from Pete C and the kniteforce crew here.. Going to see a real legend in the hardcore rave n dnb scene at the weekend. Say hello to Basements Record very own Basement Phil.. BiG ups all massive and crew.. great up date btw, good work for the scene-the dancefloor code is something worth looking at too.

Commented 8th December 2020 03:47