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Hello everyone,

Okay, this is a long overdue update, and it has taken a long time to do because the information keeps changing. unfortunately, the information STILL keeps changing, so please read this carefully, and then, you know, remember we might have to throw it out of the window lol.

So what we know for sure:

Acen Box Set
We were meant to get 500 of the Acen Box Set to send out before Xmas. We got 407 copies, some were damaged. And then a few days ago we got the other 100 copies due - and they came without being put in the actual box.

So. We have packed and sent out about 380 of the box set orders. We have done them in the order they came in, and posted all the UK ones in an effort to get them to you before Xmas. We have also posted a lot of the European and rest of the world ones, and the USA ones are going out today.

Delays are everywhere.

Some post offices are taking weeks to get things, others are like normal. Some people are waiting weeks, others the next day. Its an absolute mess. Exports and imports are being messed up by both Covid and the looming Brexit, and its all happening at Xmas.

So we are doing our very best to get them to you, as always, but it is very messy. Lee, who handles the UK packaging and sending deserves a god damn medal and a parade, frankly.

Its the same deal as above really. We have got the vast majority of the orders out, the ones places in November and early December. As well as all the above issues, we also faced shortages from our suppliers, and some things that were sent on the 5th of December have STILL not arrived with people. We are doing our best, as always, but anything involving “sending in the mail” is just chaos.

Huge thanks and respect to you all for being so patient. We have done all we can to get things to you before Xmas, but it is a nightmare really.

Boxing Day Bonanza
This is still going ahead. I hope lol. Heres the thing - we have a lot of records scheduled, and we cant really just sit on records like we have been with KF128 (Liquid Crystal Remixes), KF131 (Legends Vol.3) and KF122 (Industries Of The Blend). All of those were delivered in December, but there was no way we could handle adding them to the before Xmas confusion and orders with all the Acen Box Sets etc. 
KF134 (Remixes14), KF142 (Remixes15) and Breed 31 (Worldwide Epidemik) are now due to arrive 4th January.
So those 6 releases, along with the new KFA108 Sunny & Deck Hussy, and Vinyl Is Better 9 CD, will be available for sale on 26th of December as planned. I very much hope the vinyl will arrive as it is scheduled to do, but it could be late. Its a risk we reluctantly have to take mainly because the recent delays in pressing and the huge success of the Acen Box Set have meant we have releases stacking up. We simply don’t have the storage, or the ability, to wait. We could never have foreseen this many different elements coming together to make this much chaos. But it is what it is, so we will deal with it as we can.

As for the sale: We plan for this to go ahead with a lot of our older records cheap as hell, 50% off or more. BUT again, to do a sale, we need a sale section on our website, and that means our web guy has to get time to do that, so…this part sits in the “we really hope so, it is planned, but it is possible it might not happen” section. I think I can still do the discount on the products, its just, I would like them to all be in a “sale section” on the site so you can find them easily is all!!! We are working on it, and I will update you via blog and email as soon as both the new releases go live and if the sale is in place!

Can I just thank you all again for the support and patience? Some things have been real bumpy recently, but you have all been wonderful. Hopefully 2021 will be slightly less ridiculous.

Oh, and we signed The House Crew for remasters and represses and remixes, by the way :)

Nice one,



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As always, thanks for the efforts to all the Kniteforce crew, especially Lee as he got my box set to me before Xmas! Here's to a bigger brighter 2021 ?

Commented 23rd December 2020 11:00


The covid and brexit stuff is annoying, true. I hope it will normalize soon.... Looking forward to the Boxing Day Bonanza and the releases from the house crew ??

Commented 23rd December 2020 12:54


Cheers to you and all the Kniteforce Crew for all the solid work, the awesome releases and patience. As I will always say, the best things come to those who wait (or is it good is better than perfect ;-) ) Have a wicked Christmas, and you deserve a break so hope you get one! 2021 looks like it’ll be a belter! One love. Malcolm

Commented 23rd December 2020 01:34


Sounds like you are all flat out fair play , unfortunately for me i missed out on ordering the 6 vinyl ACEN box set ? If theres any extras let me know please

Commented 24th December 2020 02:28


Thanks for all your efforts, mr. C! It's more than worth the wait. Also, House Crew!!!! :D So 2020 didn't completely suck after all hehe

Commented 25th December 2020 03:46


Trying to wait patiently - very excited about possibly owning ninos dream on vinyl when the house crew stuff comes out

Commented 30th December 2020 10:01


Thanks for all your help and time kniteforce What a wicked new year it will be with the inclusion of the house crew!! Extra special thanks to chris luna c and lee idealz happy new year guys and once again thank you

Commented 1st January 2021 12:02