Really long blog about everything we are doing now and planning for the next 6 months or so....

Hello Everyone,

A brief warning, this blog post is basically a book lol. There is a lot to say, so…get a cup of tea and make yourself comfortable!

There has been so much happening that a lot of the smaller but equally exciting things I have wanted to tell you about have gone somewhat under the radar. So this blog post is to bring all those things to the front and let you know of all the upcoming ecites! Some of these are extra details on what you already know, some are things you havent heard about yet! The tough part is how to lay the order of this out? Lets start with Merchandise, then new labels, then some specifics about upcoming releases…

1. Merchandise - Kniteforce, JAL, Hectic, and Acen too…

So yes, it has been a LONG time since we had any real merchandise to hand, other than the few slipmats we had recently. But all that is about to change! We will soon have Tshirts, Hoodies, Record Bags, Slipmats, Mugs, and as its 2020, face masks. You will be able to get all of these with Kniteforce, Remix Records, Just Another Label and Hectic logos.

A few other important things to note: The first is, I have always resisted farming out my merchandise to one of those sites that makes things one at a time, as they are ordered. I like to keep things firmly under my control because in the past I have had issues when letting people outside the label do that stuff. But as it happens, our genius web designer was already running a merchandise business that does exactly that - merchandise to order! So we are going to go through him, which means through us lol...meaning none of the merchandise should ever run out. Things will be made to order and sent to order rather than held in stock, so once the merchandise side of the store opens, it will be a permanent part of our site rather than there being a limited amount of any one item.
The second important thing to note: One of the things that is massively difficult is packing merchandise to send to people. There is simply no good way to calculate the shipping on some combinations, and then also no good way to actually pack, say, a record bag and a t shirt and a record. Or a mug and a slipmat. Or any odd combination. 
So while you WILL be able to order records and merchandise in the same order, they WILL NOT come from the same place or be sent in the same package as the records. In other words, if you bought 3 records and a t shirt, the t shirt will be packed and sent from somewhere different to the records, and will arrive at a different time, most likely earlier than the records (with the way the pressing plants are right now ha ha!)\

So yeah, thats quite a big update for the site and the label, so we are going to do our best to have it ready for November 16th, to coincide with the Acen Box Set release and to allow for exclusive Acen merchandise, but no promises because websites will be websites!!!

2. New Labels and Label Updates!


As we mentioned before, we have some new (err old) labels launching (err relaunching). The first is Influential Records. This is our older jump up d’n’b label, but we are repurposing it for old skool jungle and d’n’b. It will cover styles such as the early Reinforced / X Project / Jungle Techno era, up to the early Ram Records and Helicopter Tune / Omni Trio styled stuff. So….1993-1998 ish - a wide variety in other words. You actually should have been holding the first release in your hands as I write this, but the first set of tps were ruined by an unnoticed fault in the cutting machine that day, making the tunes go from “awesome jungle” to “I can hear bees”. We got it recut, and those second test presses? They got lost. They should have been with us 1st October, but only arrived today haha! So this will come out, I dont know…eventually? But well worth the wait cos this EP is stunning!