Wow, This Has Been AMAZING! Acen Box Set updates!

Hi Everyone,

So I wanted to do a small blog post about the MASSIVE Acen box set, and answer some questions and things.

I say “massive” box set because as well as being big in size and content, it is already the biggest seller since we restarted doing vinyl! Which is jaw droppingly amazing. Neither Acen or I or the KF council can quite believe it. We watched the initial orders crash the website, and freaked out. Then we watched them pour in at an almost alarming rate, and freaked out some more. And really, we are still freaking out. We have had magazines emailing us and shops and distributors contacting us and the orders have slowed down but continue at an absurd pace. It is truly incredible. I mean, this release? It deserves it because Trip To the Moon is one of the best old skool rave EPs ever, no question. But I have been in this industry a long time. What deserves to sell and what actually sells rarely lines up. So it is thoroughly satisfying that it has in this case. Thrilling. Intimidating. Exciting, and just mind blowing.

So a massive, massive thank you to everyone who has bought it so far, and huge thanks to the remixers and the artists and everyone involved who came out with their best work for us, it is just brilliant and we are supremely grateful.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to clarify some questions and points that have come up, if I may :)

It is very hard to guess how much anything will sell - ask any record label working today and they will tell you thats the worst part of the job. You can under order or over order, and both are problematic financially and with storage. In this case, I thought it would do well, I hoped it would, but how well is well?
So before the pre-sale started, and because I knew there is big delays at the pressing plants now, I asked my pressing plant to save me the space to press some of the box set. They said they would try. They are nice.

We used up that space within 24 hours.

This means that if you ordered within the first 24 hours, you should be in that inital group, and you should have your box set before Xmas. Having said that, Covid 19 has surged recently, and I know the pressing plant, as well as being overwhelmed by vinyl orders from the major labels, is also now struggling with staff who are ill or quarantined. As always, Kniteforce will do everything it can to make sure you get the box set before Xmas..but yeah, at this point it is out of everyones control to some degree.

Now, if you ordered after the first 24 hours, we have placed another order of box sets with our plant. These will be pressed and with us in mid January (again, crazy world permitting).

I have already put both orders in with the pressing plant. I will keep you updated!

Some other details:

The Pre Sale will end on Friday 4th December for the COMPLETE 6 vinyl box set.

After that, we will see where we are. We may have to do a version of the box set with only the 5 vinyls and no extras, which will go through normal distribution as well as our site. We may just keep the pre sale open as it is. When dealing with a project of this size, it is tricky to manage all the pieces, so i will elt you know closer to the 4th of December on that.

We will NOT  be splitting the box set up and selling any of the records individually. We did talk about that as a possibility initially, mainly because if I got left with loads of box sets that didnt sell, I would have had no other choice lol. But as it is, that will not be happening.

And there are no plans to release this digitally at this time, and that is unlikely to change!

Lastly, yes, there will be a Close Your Eyes / Windows In The Sky box set in 2021.

I am sure there are other questions and i will add to this blog given time :)

But mostly, I want to just say thank you. Acen and all the KF crew are just over the moon lol. It really has been an amazing week. So thank you all!

Oh, and merchandise - this has also been an unexpectedly huge success. Se were expecting a few orders, maybe 20-40. I am telling you straight up, selling tshirts etc is usually a horrible slow process. In the last few years I have done Tshirts here and there, and sold maybe 150 total. So that wasnt an unreasonable expectation, 20-40, maybe even 50.

We have done closer to 300 already.

And the same goes for the rest of the merchandise, the numbers we have done are so far past what we expected, that we are left going "wait, waaahhh???" Basically, we were absolutely unprepared for it haha. But fear not, we have it all under control, we have ordered what we need and we are already hard at work getting things done. But...its gonna take a few days / a week longer than expected to get things printed and sent. So bear with us, your patience is greatly appreciated.

What else can I say except thank you, everyone. Thank you so much!

Nice one,



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Can't wait to get my mitts on the Acen goodies!

Commented 20th November 2020 10:05


Kudos and congrats to everyone involved. I'm glad to hear it selling so well!

Commented 20th November 2020 10:11


Looking forward to getting the box set and even happier to hear a close your eyes box set is coming in the future! As that was more of a favourite to me at the time! Great work to all involved!

Commented 20th November 2020 10:22


super! im in love with all this haha

Commented 20th November 2020 10:45


No rush .. If it takes till 2021 to get it out then so be it. . Rather have perfection than something rushed to meet demand .. ???

Commented 21st November 2020 12:01


Fantastic news! Well done to all :) *goes to sit by his post box*

Commented 21st November 2020 01:34


I have to send deep respect to Acen and the whole KF Crew! So close your eyes and window in the sky boxes will come huh? YES, i'll go for them too. It seems it was every minute worth to keep continuing the order within the first hour, it took 30 minutes to add the box and checkout withit (thanks to my wife, her patience and her browser who kept me processing) and do the payment. As i said in an earlier post, if you get one box set, you have to get the other ones too ? Thank you guys very very much for your work and passion!

Commented 21st November 2020 06:04


Well done!

Commented 21st November 2020 08:05


I am no budding DJ and only have about 15 pieces of vinyl from my youth. But when these came up, I know I just had to grab the box set. Now I need to go back out and buy a direct drive turn table lol

Commented 21st November 2020 09:22


I just want to say. No thank you Chris and Acen and all the artists involved ???

Commented 21st November 2020 05:56


Big up! Acen & Luna-C. I haven't been this excited about music since I was 16 in '99. Peace.

Commented 22nd November 2020 11:18


Thanks Chris and Acen. Hearing Acen “Close your eyes” on a mix tape made by a high school bully got me into UK Ardkore and rave culture in the first place. Hearing Acen and his contemporaries helped me get through a very traumatic time in my life. I’m greatful.

Commented 26th November 2020 01:12


Epic music can’t wait to get my hands on it :)

Commented 27th November 2020 11:01