Important updates and future releases!

Hello everyone,

So I have some good news, some bad news and some just sort lol.

I have mentioned before that the pressing plants worldwide are under enormous pressure, due to the major labels halting production in March, and starting again in August, totally overwhelming the pressing plants ability to keep up with both their back and current orders. And now covid has spiked again, causing even more difficulties. So many of our releases are quite delayed right now.


The biggest effect for us has been with the bundle containing the two Hectic represses, Remix Records and Lazarus:

All the records in this bundle were due by the 2nd of November, and we have the two Hectics a few weeks ago. And then we got Lazarus last week. But we are STILL waiting on REC27. We were told it was coming last week with Lazarus, but instead we received KF128, which is nice but not very useful at this time. Anyway, REC27 is finally meant to arrive on the 30th of November.

We will pack and send the bundles to you as fast as we can.And humble apologies for this delay, but it really is out of our hands. All we can do is wait until the records arrive, then send them out to you.


Some good news here - we are looking at getting the first 500 of the box set delivered on the 10th of December. I was beginning to think we would not get this before Xmas despite blocking some pressing space off, and of course it still might all go wrong, but right now, we are told, 10th of December is when it will arrive. We are already writing out the envelopes and doing all we can to get this packed and sent as soon as it arrives, and we will send them out in the order we receive them. The total amount of orders has so far exceeded expectations, and honestly has caught us off guard, so we are playing catch up.

It is, of course, a massive job to pack even 100 of the box set.. So bear with us while we pack 500. We are attempting to also add an extra CD and stickers to the box set, if we can. All I can say is, we are doing our best!

The bad news? The next batch of the box sets wil arrive late January. We can hope the pressing plants will catch up, and it is certainly possible. But, yeah, again, we cant do much about it. If noving to a different pressing plant would speed things up, I would consider it, but it wont as all the plants are in the same bucket, struggling against the odds.



We have also been overwhelmed with orders for the hoodies, tshirts, slimpats and the rest. But better new here - we are barrelling through them fast as possible. unlike pressing plants, it has been relatively easy to increase the amount of shirts we need. The hold up here is simply getting each one printed and packed. But even with that, we are expecting the vast majority of orders to go out next week. Again, we are victims of our own success to some degree. We expected 20-50 orders for merchandise, and currently have over 500. So, as with the box set, I cant thank you all enough for the overwhelming support, but also, please forgive us as we work our way through everything!


Because of the above, we have decided not to do a black friday sale. We want to, we have excess stock on old releases, and I am happy to give them to you cheaply, but I think we literally cannot cope with it right now. We have about 2000 orders in the store once you combine the Hectic Bundle, the Acen Box Set and the Merchandise, and you guys know we are basically a one man band with a lot of this stuff. I think if the label continues this way, we are going to have to increase our abilities and we are already looking into that, but right now? A sale would probably cripple us lol. So instead, we will do a huge sale on Boxing Day (26th of December) and in the New Year.


Before Xmas, we are expecting the delivery of a number of new releases. Most of these should have been here in early November, but they have arrived or are arriving now...

My plan is to wait until we have these in stock before putting them up on the store. And we may even wait until January. After the huge delay with the Hectic Bundle, I am very reluctant to put up ANY bundles or ANY records until we have all the vinyl and CD actually in stock with us so that they can be sent immediately. I also do not want to put these up while we are still sending the Hectic Bundle and first Acen Box Sets out. But here is what you can look forward to in the next few weeks:

And thats about it for now. Once again, huge thanks to everyone for the immense support and patience. You guys are absolutely awesome. In all this mess, we havent had a single customer throw a tantrum about delays or be anything other than lovely about the situation. I regard Kniteforce people as family, and sometimes better than family cos no one has brought up that time I did something embarassing and then laughed at me, so thats nice.


Nice one,



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All good on delaying releases. My credit card could use a breather before the holiday plunge. :)

Commented 26th November 2020 02:48


Quality takes time.

Commented 26th November 2020 02:54


Sounds not bad :) yeah i was one of the annoying dudes who asked about the Hectic Bundle :D Looking forward to the new releases, looking awesome. Respect to all involved o/

Commented 26th November 2020 03:01


Oooh stickers!?

Commented 26th November 2020 03:06


Thanks for the update, can't wait to buy more stuff! And thanks for the reminder on the kickstarter, nearly forgot about it.

Commented 26th November 2020 03:25


You always keep us in the loop, so it's no drama. I'm just glad it's all going so well for Kniteforce after all the ups and downs of years gone by!

Commented 26th November 2020 03:54


Oh well 2020, there we go :)

Commented 26th November 2020 09:19


My bank account and my missus will be happy if releases are delayed until the new year! LOL

Commented 27th November 2020 12:55