Update re Postage and deliveries!

A heads up to all customers!

Postage remains chaos. Every aspect of it. I dont even know why at this point, some of it makes no sense.

Individual deliveries to varous places seem random - some are fast, some are slow, some are "did it come via horse and cart?"

But courier is, if anything, even worse it seems.

For example: The price to ship to the USA has basically doubled. Apologies to my US customers, but prices are going to go up there. Our system of sending in bulk to the USA to save you money is still in place - and still WAY cheaper than doing it the "normal" way. But still - why? Cant blame Brexit or Covid for that one IMO. Seems to me its just taking advantage of the choas to raise prices.

Also, even simple things like moving stock from one place in the UK to another is just bollocks. We have 2 packages just...stuck. Delayed. Doing nothing.

Meanwhile, we STILL have 6 titles stuck at customs, thats nearly 3000 records:

KF142 (Remixes 15)
BREED31 (Worldwide Epidemik)
KF133 (Coco Bryce)
K09 (Future Primitive)
INFL19 (Various)
KHECT02 (Eliminators Repress)

Some of those have been sitting there for weeks now. Why arent they being sent you ask? Yes, thats what we are asking. Thats what the pressing plant are asking. But its customs, and anyone who has ever dealt with customs knows they are a rule unto themselves and they do not give a shit.

We are doing our best to get the records to us, and then to you, but basically, its insane and there is little we can do.

This further underlines why we will only be putting stock on the site that we actually have in hand. Previously, if we got a delivery note, the records would 100% be with us in 48 hours. Now, if we get a delivery note, the records may or may not be with us at some point. So that is why our new release line ups keep changing. We literally dont know what will arrive when.

So thank you for your patience! Even if, like me, you have none left lol.

Nice one,


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It's a total mess, but we will show some patience (it ain't your fault). One order (SDR2&K08) i've placed later was very quick over here. I cross my fingers that all will get better soon.... and that's not only because i want my Boxingday bundles. You are doing an awesome job, so i just can give my respect and say THANK YOU for everything.

Commented 23rd February 2021 04:58


...I was very afraid of that price jump to the US when I heard you were going back to the UK. It's a super super shame I can't just spend a decent amount on the digitals, but I understand that would defeat the idea of limiting releases a bit. Still... I have a feeling that there's going to be a good deal of new stuff I'm not going to be able to afford anymore, and even more so with the staggered releases and non-bundling to save shipping and overall cost.

Commented 9th March 2021 08:09