Here is what You Need To Know, and New Releases!

Hello everyone - some much needed info here, so please read carefully!


Over the last 3 weeks, our pressing plant has notified of 14 deliveries on their way, via the usual method, delivery notes. In the past, when we got a delivery note, we would have the records within 48 hours, because it means the records have been pressed, packed and shipped.

So far we have had 8 of the 14 releases.

One we had to pay customs charges on.

One arrived with no notification.

The others are stuck in customs.

The bottom line is, no one, not the border control, not customs, not the courier services, knows what to do with imports or exports. Some companies are doing this, some are doing that, some are charging import taxes, some arent. This is all because of...I wont say it, because then certain people will go "no its not, its the fault of the rain" or some other crap, anything but admit "it" was a crap idea and "it" has been terribly implemented which is why no one has the foggiest idea of what to do.

Obviously, Breed31 - Worldwide Epidemik, and KF142 - Remixes 15, are two of the ones stuck at customs, because why wouldnt they be? We only have 300 plus orders waiting for them, so yeah, go ahead, be stuck at customs while other things we dont need arrive. Fucks sake. Sorry. But this is so relentlessy annoying and stupid, it wears a person out...

Anyway, all of the delays with these EPs and with the Acen box set have made me rethink how we sell records to some degree, and the bottom line is, I am not willing to put up for sale any records we dont actually have in our hands. And that will be the policy going forward. If we dont have them in stock, we wont sell them at all.

We will, maybe, do an occasional pre-sale. But only if it absolutely demands it - box sets, or the Baraka repress for example, because this chaos is ridiculous.


The immediate effect is that INFL19, the new Influential EP, will not go on sale tomorrow, as it is one of those that should have been in our hands weeks ago, but is instead sitting somewhere at customs.

So the new release line up has changed - tomorrow, we will put up K08 - Knuckles instead of INFL19. This means ALL of the tunes going for sale tomorrow are in fact, in stock, and can be sent.


As mentioned before, the Kniteforce store prices will change. I have already warned you all that the prices will be going up due to all the reasons, but we also had to change the structure of how we sell things, because of the new rules for VAT and the fact Kniteforce Limited is now a VAT registered business.

The bottom line is, you can order as normal, put things in the cart etc....but the price of things will change at checkout:

If you are in the UK etc, VAT will be added before you pay.

If you in the EU, the price of records will actually go DOWN on the store, because we will not be charging you VAT.
BUT you may have to pay your own countries VAT charge when the package arrives with you. Your own country will decide how much and etc and there is little we can do about that, sorry.

And if you are in the Rest of The World, your record prices may go down, but nothing else changes - if you usually pay import or VAT duties, you still will, and if you usually dont, you get records a bit cheaper, so thats nice!

We will, of course, still put low value on our customs forms. Thats the good thing about value, it depends on the perspective.

Delivery Update for the Acen Box Set

Seeing as you have likely read the above, you can take this with a pinch of salt, but apparently the balance of the Acen Box Sets will land with us on the 22nd of February. That is, if they dont get to customs and just...sit there. Because of "it". Still, its good news in that the pressing plant finally gave us a date other than "hopefully before March" which is what they were saying for months.

So one last thing - look, I know things are a confusing mess. Peoples deliveries are taking ridiculous amounts of time. Some people are just getting the box sets we sent out the last days of December. The postal service worldwide is in chaos, and the UKs is especially bad. But i want to thank you all for being so freakingly awesome and nice about things. I am as frustrated as you, believe it. All I want to do is release wicked records and then have you get them in your hands. None of us like the current situation.
But I am grateful to have so many awesome KF supporters, and I thank you for sticking with us through this irritasting and often idiotic time.

Nice one,


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Brexit. There, I said it! Thank you for all you're doing in these ridiculous times. All we can do is be patient.

Commented 4th February 2021 12:19


INFL19 the new mystery project.... :-)

Commented 4th February 2021 12:24


It is raining though ? I think everyone buuing vinyl these days should be used to delays by now so it's all good.

Commented 4th February 2021 12:51



Commented 4th February 2021 01:03


All good! Noones fault :)

Commented 4th February 2021 01:36


Wow Chris, what a hot mess! No worries mate, just take your time, we ain't going anywhere hehe ^_^ Cheers, K

Commented 4th February 2021 03:37


The most annoying thing is, that if you're EU-based and receive Acen Box in 2021 you have to pay much (much !) more, than if you'd have received it in 2020. Costums would not believe a low value for a 4/6x 12" box... Not you're fault of course, still annoying.

Commented 4th February 2021 03:45


Those who wait, good things etc. I've had my Acen boxset for ages and still it remains unopened.. keep up the sterling work!

Commented 4th February 2021 03:50


The 'B' word is causing headaches for a lot of much larger businesses that import/export from the UK. It's a nightmare. Has KF Remixes #14 arrived? Just curious as I'm wondering if it's holding up my December order.

Commented 4th February 2021 05:45


More than happy to wait as long as it takes, keep up the great work ?

Commented 4th February 2021 06:03


Everything you do is well worth the wait!

Commented 5th February 2021 04:39


A true fan will stick with Kniteforce, no matter what happens. i know what waiting means...... it's nerve-wracking. 24 releases and a Box set i've seen in the ticker, those will ordered for sure. I can share some experience as soon all arrived here :) Big ups KF Crew you do an awesome job.

Commented 5th February 2021 05:10


Ive heard nothing but good things about the Acen boxset. Looking forward to sampling that for myself, even with it being in the last batch of deliveries. All good things come to those who wait and all that....

Commented 5th February 2021 09:20


Really appreciate the regular updates Chris! I hated Brexit back in 2016 and I hate Brexit now. I do however love Kniteforce and will wait with bated breath for that Influential release (and my ACEN box set!)

Commented 5th February 2021 10:03


Sorry to hear of the hassles, Chris! Happy 2 wait n Happy 2B 'ardcore

Commented 5th February 2021 01:16



Commented 5th February 2021 08:56


I know we are into February now, but I am hoping my order won't be too far from coming through ??

Commented 5th February 2021 11:03


I'm starting to get quite inpatient on the arrival of my boxset considering the only reason why I'm waiting for it is because you guys had the audacity to only serve the digital version of the bonus CD in mp3. I made a fuss about this on Twitter Dot Com but I'm not a fan of these first run first serve, physical only releases. I don't own a record player I likely never will so the only reason why I am here begrudgingly waiting for my box to arrive is because i got ransomed into it with a jakazid remix. You keep saying bandcamp sucked and the Kniteforce site is so much better... Not for me it ain't! Why does the digital download bundle together the mp3 and the wav, you'd think if I want one I'm not gonna want the other. And why wav, why isn't it flac and WHY ISN'T IT TAGGED? I spent an hour retagging the wav and I can't even count on the mp3 tags being accurate as a reference because it's never consistent on whether the title is "Trip to the Moon" or "Trip II the Moon", 2, II, Part, Pt... As someone who will never actually touch the vinyl the digital customer experience has been awful and I'm begging you PLEASE DO BETTER.

Commented 8th February 2021 08:10


yahooeny actually has a point here. Do you plan to be more digital friendly, less messy? If you lack personnel, I would volunteer!

Commented 11th February 2021 09:20