Updates on deliveries and the rest...

Hello Everyone,

I hope you had a good Xmas and New Year? Mine was alright. And for 2020, I think "alright" is about as good as can be wished for haha!

Ok, straight to business...Let me update you on some things.

Acen Box Set

As most of you know, we had space reserved for the Acen Box Set to be pressed, and it was for 500 units. However, when they arrived in December, we only got 407, and about 30 of those were damaged. So we have sent most of that 400 and hit dispatched on the site. If you have NOT received an email saying your order has been dispatched, then it was not in that initial 400. Some of the European orders in that 400 are only going out this week, because for a few days leading up to Xmas, we were unable to send to Europe due to Covid issues and closed borders.

Now, we ARE expecting to get the missing 100 box sets from the initial 500 in the next few weeks, so a few more orders will go out. After that, the rest of the Box Set orders will go out in February, as part of the second batch. I know many of you are anxious to get the box set, I dont blame you at all and I am doing all I can to get it to you, but it has been a perfect storm of problems. The majors piled on the orders in August, delaying everything, then covid kept messing about, then Xmas came along, and of course, there was Brexit problems too. Its been absolutely horrendous. I am hoping things will calm down now that Xmas and Brexit are at least done, but the fact is every element of life is being messed about with by Covid 19.

Right now, i do not even have accurate delivery dates for upcoming records. Some have been on order for nearly 4 months. Any of you regular KF people will know - Kniteforce works hard to be fast and efficient. But it is messy right now, and there is nothing I can do about it. All I can say is, please be patient? We are doing our absolute best to get you all the records you ordered. But its like pushing a chain up a hill, at night, in a snowstorm, with people throwing rocks at us lol.

Store Changes

The other thing I wanted to mention is a change to how the shop is run. We have so many labels going through our system now, and there are so many delays with pressing, that we are going to start basically releasing music when we have it, rather than planning bundles ahead of time. Its become nearly impossible to do that anyway, with how erratic deliveries have become. Yet even if deliveries were perfect, this is still a change we would make, because we are growing and at this point we are definitely not a shop, but we are also more than a single record label. We are 21 record labels at last count. So to try and combine things into bundles and release every 3-5 weeks simply wont work anymore.

To be clear: We WILL still do bundles where it is suitable, but we will also be releasing music, on Mondays, on a weekly basis, if records arrive to be released. Does that make sense? This change will likely start later this month. And i will of course email you when new releases are here :)

Last thing to mention: We have some simply huge news on the horizon. Things are getting very very incredible. I cant say more, but when I do, you will likely fall off your chairs. So hang tight, and lets see what we can do in 2021, eh

Nice one,

Chris/ Luna-C

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Intrigued ??

Commented 5th January 2021 09:58



Commented 5th January 2021 10:16


More from Baby-D? The new release change sounds interesting.... Let's see how it works for me, i don't want to miss any of the KF/KFA/RR/KFW/Breed and a few other releases.... Big ups to the Kniteforce family!

Commented 6th January 2021 08:20


Horizon, LTJ Bukem?

Commented 6th January 2021 02:23


Yeah, I have yet to receive mine ?I completely understand though due to the problems you stated above.

Commented 7th January 2021 07:52


Bit fearful over the lack of bundles, it's how I saved serious cash and for some reason I haven't gotten e-mails for new store goodies.

Commented 9th January 2021 09:05


I'm still waiting for my order for Acen x6 box set but do understand let's hope not much longer before it arrives

Commented 9th January 2021 12:55


Grateful to receive these whenever they arrive. Please stay safe and sane.

Commented 16th January 2021 10:56


Looks like I'm in lost 100 bracket for the Acen Box set ? totally understand and it must be frustrating for you guys !! Gonna make it all the sweeter when it does land ?

Commented 16th January 2021 11:09


please, update info? 20 Dec my order box.. any update info?

Commented 26th January 2021 08:17


has anyone in the states received their Acen boxsets? should i be concerned that mine was dispatched 2months ago? thnx

Commented 22nd February 2021 07:38


Hi people!! To those who buy on December 20, when will the acen box arrive? We want some news, news, hope ... please !! It is a long-awaited edition, we will wait for what to expect, but give us some news from time to time, please !! Love KniteForce!!!!

Commented 25th February 2021 03:07 | Updated 25th February 2021 03:08