So much news, OMG, brain melt...

Hello Everyone,

Initially this was a small blog update. And then I wrote it. Its...not small (Thats what she said! fnar fnar)...But it is full of important information...So lets jump right in!

There is actually, finally, some good, concrete, news...quite a lot of it in fact! Gonna throw things at you as i think of 'em...Randomly, first of all, keep your eyes peeled on the Kniteforce FB page for...

The House Crew Dubplate Competition:

More info on that on Monday when the competition on the agenda...

We will be at Clashmouth on the 26th of November:

 We have some exclusive stuff for sale, including a long gestating but finally arriving project with my good friend Jay Cunning...but also a load of vinyl and USBs...Unfortunately, I cant say exactly what will get here, as we are still awaiting a lot of deliveries - will they come in time? Who knows? But this has landed already...

And we are expecting this one as well as it has been pressed too apparently...

And we will have some of the extra single overpresses on the various box sets for sale, including Daddy Armshouse and Shades of Rhythm as well as a load of bargains because...

Black Friday 2022

Yes its the Black Friday sale. It is going to be tricky to do a sale and Clashmouth the same weekend, "but tricky" perfectly describes this entire industry really, and has done for a few years now...It will mean we will have the Black Friday sale on the friday, then Clashmouth on the Saturday. However, to really make things more complex, apparently I am picking this up next week as well. I bet you any money it will be on the Friday lol...

KF159 - Ray Keith - The Golden Years

I am told the last record has been pressed and is shipping to arrive next week. We will be sending to customers as soon as it drops...along with managing Clashmouth and Black Friday. Still, KF159 takes absolute priority...The day it gets in, we are dropping everything and packing that one and sending it to everyone who has been waiting. Close to 18 months now. Coulda had TWO babies in that time. Not that I am suggesting you should have two babies, and there would likely need to be a gap between baby one arriving and baby two being..errr...created? But I think we are straying from the point now...where was I? Oh yes...even Black Friday sale orders will wait until that has been shipped. 
Anyone who pre-bought this release before now will get a host of extras for their patience. Both Ray and I will be thrilled that this project, which was cut in Spring of 2021, will actually be out there in the world at long last!

And that is not all...This is about to land:

KF192/KF193 - The House Crew - Ozomatlis Return Part Two

Currently, we are expecting to have it the first week of December. So I am expecting to make it for sale on the 8th of December. I know, it is cutting it fine for Xmas. We have already ordered all the extras for the Extended box set (USB, Slipmat, Sticker etc) and we will be ready to start packing and sending orders the minute it arrives, and we will send everything 1st class. Its the best we can do, and hopefully, it will arrive earlier than the 8th, and if so, yay, it will go for sale so we can move even faster....

Many of you have asked about this one as well:

REC35 - Jimmy J & Cru-l-t - In Effect

Typically, it is expected to arrive the same week as The House Crew. So it goes. I have no idea if we will release that at the same time or wait until the new year. It might even arrive before The House Crew. Either way, the same rules apply, we have got everything ready for this, the USBs and bonus content are already delivered, and we will be ready to move in any direction based on what lands when. We will only have 300 of these by the way...Because we are also expecting these at some point in the next three weeks...

KF146 - Liquid Crystal Remixes

KFA117 - Knuckles EP

K15 - Eko

K18 - Future Primitive (VW REMIXES)

KF172 - Renegade Bob Ross

KF179 - Ramos

And...thats nowhere near all I have to tell you. More exciting news:

Metalwork at the new pressing plant!

We have had the metalwork back from MPO and it is now at the new plant! There is a VAST difference between MPO saying they will send the metalwork back, and MPO actually sending the metalwork back, so this is excellent news. It is back, there is a lot of it, the stampers etc fit the machines at our new plant, we have checked it, and they are ready to go.

So, we have put the pressing order in for:

KF176 - Acen - Dubplate Mixes
KF186-190 - Dj Force & The Evolution Box Set
KF230 - Moondance Box Set
KF231 - Moondance Bonus Record
KF232 - Moondance Sampler 1
KF233 - Moondance Sampler 2

All of the above has a 4-8 week turnaround. The reason it cannot be more specific is simply because of getting the sleeves and labels done. Labels are fairly swift, a few days. Sleeves can be 4-6 weeks at this time, as can the outer box part for box sets. The actual pressing is only a 2 weeks job, but that cannot happen until the relevant sleeves and labels arrive. So I very much hope all of this will be here before Xmas, and that is obviously what I am aiming for. It would be very nice to have all this tied up so the new year can be without any long delayed records. As ever, I am doing my best here to get this done!

Those are obviously the highest priority as far as the metalwork from MPO goes....but I did think you might like to see the staggering mountain of music that is now ready to be pressed becaue of the combined MPO delays and the new plants current material all converging at this time. It creates a list that is..well...the word I want to use is "obscene" lol...have a look. 

KF159 - Ray Keith Box Set
KF234 - Ray Keith
KF146 - Liquid Crystal Remixes
KFA117 - Knuckles
K15 - Eko
K18 - Future Primitive
KF172 - Renegade Bob Ross
KF179 - Ramos
KF206 - Jon Doe
KF207 - Jon Doe
KF185 - Legends Vs Legends Vol. 5

KF192 / KF193 - House Crew Box Set
REC35  - Jimmy J & Cru-l-t Box Set
KF176 - Acen - TTTM Dubplate Mixes
KF166 - Sandman Remixes 
KF230/DAR30 - Moondance Box Set
KF231 - Moondance
KF232 - Moondance
KF233 - Moondance
KF186-KF190 - Force and Evo Box Set

2023 Onwards:
INFL24 - Ray Keith Box Set
KF200 - Nookie Box Set 
KF201 - Nookie
KF151 - Remixes 18
KF157 - Remixes 19
KF158 - Dj Stephano
KF183 - Sunshine Productions
KF173 - Alex Jungle
KF174 - Alex Jungle
KF175 - Alex Jungle
KF178 - Phuture Assassins
KF182 - Criminal Minds
KF183 - Sunshine Productions
KF196 - Criminal Minds
KF197 - Pennywise
KF198 - Pennywise
KF199 - Structual Damage
KF240 - Ray Keith
KF235 - 238 - Untitled
KF210 - 219 - Luna-C
KFW17 - Beeno
KFW18 - Sunny & Deck Hussy
KFP05 - Alias 303 
KFP09 - Sunshine Productions 
KFP11 - Jonny L 
KFA115 - True Skool 14
KFA118 - Ross Fader
KFA119 - Stephano 
KFA120 - Doughboy
BREED37 - Wislov
BREED38 - TNO Project
REC30 - Sanxion
INFL26 - Champion Sound
MALICE10 - Macerator
MALICE11 - Empyreal
MALICEX01 - House Crew Vs NRG
KOOR11 - New Decade
KOOR12 - Flatliner
KBO01 - Storm & Euphony
KBO02 - Euphony
KJAL17 - Wots My Code
KJAL18 - Wots My Code
KRG01 - Bay B Kane
KRG02 - Kane & Paraquat
KHECT11R - Midas Remixes


It's a lot, is what I am saying. And all of these could be pressed RIGHT NOW - especially the ones that come in a plain sleeve and only need labels. 

So the trick for me at this point is to actually schedule releases. Yes, I know. An actual schedule. Because I am sure while many of you want many of the above, none of you want all of the above to arrive at the same time, likely the middle of January. I certainly don't lol. Thats around 50-70 thousand units. Umm....yeah.
I...don't have the space for that.
And I certainly cannot afford to press all of that any more than you guys can afford to buy it all lol.

So I am going to prioritise releases based on how late they are, and mix them up so its not "this week we have a Nookie Box Set, Pennywise Represses and The Criminal Minds". I want a schedule with variety and breathing space, with a mixture of formats and musical styles, spread over the next 3-5 months.

Also, bear in mind the reason for this is that while MPO spent 2022 playing with their testicles instead of pressing records, we moved production to our new plant, and many of the releases I put with them are also in that list. Its a collision of circumstances creating a flood. But while its gonna be tough to swim in these waters, I will take the flood over the desert any time.

But even so, basically, it is going to be a bit of a clusterfuck for a little while at least. And there is very little I can do about it other than stagger things as best I can. Although I will reassure you that you will have more time to buy them, because one thing I AM doing is....

Ending distribution to most other stores.

This is a pretty major change and will effect most of the releases except the very major ones. What it means is, the vast majority of the records arriving will ONLY be available from the Kniteforce Revolution website. Most releases will go the way the Dj Solo releases have. I order, they come in, I sell them on the KF store. With Dj Solo, we will not be distributing any of the DMS remixes, or the Pete Cannon / Sikka remixes as both will sell out via my store. We might let some of the original mixes go to distribution, but it wont be until next year, and that will only happen if they do not sell out via the KF site, and frankly...I think they probably will.

This will be the new format for the label, and one of the changes I am adopting due to the changes within the industry. The endless delays caused Kniteforce some difficulties this year, and I have had to re-evaluate and work out ways to ensure the label remains strong and vibrant should we be hit with such ridiculousness again. And simply put, Kniteforce needs to be in a stronger place to withstand any future storms like we have had the last few years. And for that, we need to be mostly an exclusive store I think.

The bottom line here is that while we will have a pretty huge influx of releases over the next 4 or 5 months, you will also have more time to buy the ones you want. It should work out fine. If it doesn't, well, I will change my systems again. The only way to survive is to adapt, and I intend Kniteforce to be adaptable :)

In the end, the things to take away from this blog are:

1. All the stuff you have been asking for, or that was delayed, is coming, and coming real soon.

2. Kniteforce will be releasing things slowly and steadily.

3. You will have more time to buy releases than previously.

4. And those releases will only be available from the Kniteforce website.

As always, my great big plan here will probably be torpedoed by random circumstances. But I have a 5 and a 6 year old, plans going to shit is not a new thing for me. And if I have learned anything, it's that when shit hits the daiper...its always best to have a spare diaper. 

Or two.

And yes, I know in the UK its called a nappy. But..daiper is a better word in my opinion lol

Ok, see you soon!

Nice one,


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A legend as always. Appreciate all your hardwork!

Commented 17th November 2022 03:47

Thank you!

Replied 17th November 2022 09:07


Wowsers, time to remortgage the house! Great work all 😁

Commented 17th November 2022 08:02

Shouldnt be too bad...just...a bit bad.

Replied 17th November 2022 09:06


I see that there are some new preview bits on the soundcloud page too. I'm excited to hear all the new tunes. Also, you neglected to mention the new jimmy j and cru l t tunes feature vocals from Jennifer Bolton. Sweet!

Commented 17th November 2022 08:13

I should totally have done that...too much going on to remember everything, but jennifer Bolton has been incredibel to work with!

Replied 17th November 2022 09:06


Thanks for the update Chris

Commented 18th November 2022 03:12

Very welcome :)

Replied 18th November 2022 07:02


You wrote no one will buy everything, well yo are right hit I focus on a damn lot listed in this blog. I mean everything from KF, KFA, Breed, KFW, REC and KHECT 😁 poor poor bank account. Big ups Chris and KF Crew

Commented 18th November 2022 06:38

Well, some people are exceptions to every rule, and you are one of the exceptionals for sure old chap :)

Replied 18th November 2022 07:02


This is epic news. I'd better get some overtime in, looking forward to checking these out 🤤. Will the Psychosis remix be coming next year? As always, a massive thank you to the KF crew for all the tireless work!🙏🏻

Commented 18th November 2022 06:39

Psychosis SHOULD be here before the end of the year - there is no reason why not. It might not get here until early January. Really, its simply down to how fast labels and sleeves get to the pressing plant, then two weeks later...

Replied 20th November 2022 08:02


😵🤔 remortgage incoming!!!

Commented 18th November 2022 11:34


Replied 20th November 2022 08:02


legendary chris does it again and again and again

Commented 23rd November 2022 09:57


‘No-one will buy everything’ I’m gonna have a bloody good go. :D

Commented 9th December 2022 12:23