Finally, some solid predictions and news!

Hello Everyone,

This is the second blog of the day lol. The first one deals with the late box sets, and you can find it here:


This one is a little more exciting, as it contains actual, mostly certain, news.

The first major point of news is this: I am moving the Kniteforce warehouse / storage facility at the start of September. So from the 3rd until the 12th of September, while you can still make orders, we wont be posting them out between those dates.
Now, the problem with moving all the vinyl is...there is a lot of it. So even though it is absolutely not the right time to do a sale, we are going to do one starting on the 25th of August, and continuing for a few days. We will drop the prices hard on older stock, and do smaller discounts on more recent stock. 
We may also have some new releases on that day, but I am awaiting confirmation on that.

Other than that, I thought I would let you know what is expected between now and Xmas, other than the three box sets mentioned in the other blog. We have 3 sets of "what is coming". The first is definite, the second is likely but unsure of when, and the third is possibly. So....lets start with definite, and these are definite in that we have a schedule from our new pressing plant and so far they have always been on time! So while it is of course possible these will be late due to unforseen circumstances, we are as sure as we can be that these will be here! Lets get the ball rolling!

17th September:
KF194 Shades Of Rhythm - Eden: Every Shade Box Set LP
KF195 Shades of Rhythm - Bonus Remixes EP

This incredible Box Set will be launched on the same night as Knite Club (get your tickets now if you havent!) and as long as all goes as planned, we will have the vinyl for sale on the night. We are still finalising the bonus content, but expect an epic 6 vinyl release that comes with all the remastered digital versions, a slipmat and stickers. This whole release is simply incredible, and I am deeply honoured to be releasing this box set and working with Shades Of Rhythm. As icing on the cake, I had been looking for the track Summer Of 89 since my earliest raving days, but had no idea what it was. I only found out what it was when S.O.R sent me tracks to consider for the box set. My jaw dropped when I heard those awesome strings and bleeps - it took 30 years to find that track and then I get to put it out!!! Oh, and Blame has remixed it. Its....I mean, its exactly, and much better, than you can possibly imagine. I am also finally releasing the full ine up of the vinyl and remixers, and the legendary talent on this release is...well. See for yourself!
We will only have an initial run of 500 of these sets, so they are likely to be gone in an instant, but on the plus side, with the new plant, a repress is possible rather than "forget it, its gonna be 3 years" lol.

End of September:
KF172 - Renegade Bob Ross - Attack Of The Space Squirrels
KF179 - Ramos - Old SKool Vibes

These two absolutely stunning EPs are due to drop at the end of September. Renegade Bob Ross is a relative newbie, but I have to say, his style is maybe my favourite style of old skool, and very few artists can do it. The Sorcerer, Nebula 2, Dave Skywalker, Luna-C, and now Renegade Bob Ross. I am talking about the style of old skool that is absolutely full on no holds barred relentlessly heavy and manic. Its excellent and I love it.
Meanwhile, what a wonderful thing it is to be releasing an EP from Ramos on Kniteforce. Ramos and I have become really good friends in the last few years after patching up previous misunderstandings, and it is such a pleasure to work with him. His new material is incredible and I know this EP is also going to fly out the door in an instant.

KF234 - Ray Keith - Terrorist Remixes
KFP09 - Sunshine Productions - 1990 EP
KFP11 - Jonny L - The Return EP
KBO01 - Al Storm & Euphony - Party people
KBO02 - Euphony - Hardy Party

All of these are due in October. The Ray Keith vinyl is two mixes of The Terrorist - one of which is a fantastic Lemon D remix which was located on DAT about 5 months ago, and would have been on the Golden Years Box Set should we have found it before now. It is, frankly, unmissable.
Meanwhile we have two new Kniteforce Prime releases. They are by Sunshine Productions and Jonny L, and both are as jaw dropping as you can imagine. You might wonder why we are suddenly on KFP09 and KFP11 when the last two releases on Prime were 03 and 04? Well, this is the difference between the new plant and the old one. The old one has sent TPs of KFP06, but not of 05, and still hasnt sent anything else. The new one has 09 and 11 already scheduled. This nonsense is set to continue, so for a while there is gonna be a weird gap where we release KF238 and KFP11 before KF146 and KFP05. It is what it is.
Lastly, KBO01 and KBO02 are two of the strongest new old skool releases...well...ever. When I heard them, I immediately tried to work out ways to grab them for Kniteforce lol. They are from Al Storm and Euphony, and the musci they are doing is simply brilliant. In the end, Al wanted to start up a new label, Bad Onion, and it simply made sense to put them out on that label. But trust me when I say, you are gonna be stunned by these two releases!

REC35 - Jimmy J & Cru-l-t - In Effect Box Set

As many of you know, Jimmy and I have been in the studio remixing old stuff and making new stuff and generally having an amazing time. Working with Jimmy again has been one of the highlights of this year. Jimmy is one of my oldest friends and studio work with him was always wonderful except when we would argue about some stupid shit that I would insist on, usually wrongly, because of my pride. Well, the years have mellowed that considerably, and now working with him is "like before, only better" with the result that our new music is "like before, only better". And I am not kidding. Some of our new material is so obviously us, but also, well, so much better. We have kept very much to our style, but the intervening years, and working with Jennifer Bolton on the vocals have rekindled and magic long missed. It has been beautiful.
This box set will come with two bonus records which are represses and which I am not going to talk about because of reasons. But, you will want them. So there is that...

KF192 - The House Crew - Ozomatlis Return: Part 2
KF193 - The House Crew - Bonus Remixes EP

So this one has NOT been confirmed by the pressing plant yet, but that is simply because it has only just been sent to be cut. By their normal scheduling, this should be ready just before Xmas. And...I mean, what can I say? Its The House Crew. Its the music not featured on the last box set, which, yes, includes Euphoria (Ninos Dream) and many other incredible tracks and thats unmissable...I will update more on this one closer to time....

So next up, the likely...all of these are coming and should be before Xmas, but heres the deal. This is metalwork we moved from MPO to our new plant. the new plant is putting on an extra shift just to get this music to me. So while yes, these are all definitely coming between now and Xmas, as yet they are not scheduled, and their arrival will be a bit random. I have asked for some to be prioritised, and those are likely in the next month or so, but the rest will come when they do and I will update you as and when...

KBOGR46T - Baraka - Nutty Bass Repress

KF146 - Liquid Crystal - Remixes Part 2

K15 - Eko - Renegade Rewind / Rush'n'Roulette Repress

K18 - Future Primitive - VW Remixes Repressed

KBOOM03 - Citadel Of Kaos - Part 3

KBOOM05 - Citadel Of Kaos - Part 5

INFL26 - Champion Sound  - The Southern Connexion EP

INFL24 - Ray Keith - 21st Century Junglist Box Set

BREED37 - Wislov - The Emotions EP

BREED38 - TNO Project - The Relapse EP

And lastly, these are releases that MPO should be delivering in the next few months. So...I mean, yeah, take these with a pinch of salt. They all should have been here ages ago. But I have listed the ones they said were being pressed or pressing in July and August and are long overdue but maybe have been done? Hard to say:

KF203, KF204, and KF205 - Dj Solo - Darkage EPs (and I just noticed I have put the B Side labels up, but be assured on the other side are the original Darkage, the original Remix of Darkage, and a brand spanking new Pete Cannon remix of Darkage...)

KF200 - Nookie  - The Rest Is History Box Set

KF176 - Acen - Dubplate Remixes

KF166 - Sandman  - The Remixes EP

KFA115 - Various Artists - True Skool EP 14

KHECT11R - Midas - Groove Control / Spinblitz Remixes

REC030 - Sanxion - Distant Lands EP

So thats about it. There are also a lot of other things going on in the background, new signees, new music and remixes, new plans, new digital releases and much, much more. But I think this is enough for now...

Nice one,


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I can’t take this! My head is about to explode! ??

Commented 21st August 2022 12:50


I just looked at my wallet and there was a little white flag waving out of it...

Commented 21st August 2022 02:13


No worries for the boxsets arriving well late, I'm only waiting on two. You guys are waiting on hundreds of each release. Appreciate the goodwill gesture coming when they arrive.. Keep up the good work KF!!

Commented 21st August 2022 06:58


OMD this is awesome sir

Commented 21st August 2022 07:52


Too much lol! :)

Commented 21st August 2022 08:01


Awesome incredible amazing I just wee'd myself a little ??

Commented 21st August 2022 09:23


Oh fuck, not again. “Hey kids, I know it was a phone and electric scooter on the Xmas list this year, however, in the spirit of Xmas we thought it best this year to donate the money for presents to charity! Now, I hear a little mob named Kniteforce are doing some great work with the hardcore unemployed artists and starving youth of England this year. They say we’ll even get records of every donation made….”

Commented 22nd August 2022 02:41 | Updated 22nd August 2022 02:42


Milezee that’s brought tears to my eyes,!!!!

Commented 22nd August 2022 06:16


Gosh, I will need to became a DJ star or some celebrity, because Only Fans will not work for me. I need a doctor, as it seems I am vinyloholic. Who knows, maybe I will have these records free on prescription, as I live in Scotland. This insane music keeps me sane, so these all corrupt f**ks running the shiteshow, better find some funds for me. I am sick of them, and I believe music from and inspired by 90's spirit, is the way to make some change nowadays. XD If we talking delays: Nae bother, as everybody can see system is being demolished. I hope all of these records revolutions in last decades eventually will save us somehow from their grotesque plans. "We are IE", and "We Are The Dreamers Of Dreams" - I hope KniteClub will make bang, as I can't travel to London just now (too far away from the Grim North), but I hope I will make it some day, as for now I will rather buy some records. ...thank You for doing what You doing, and forgive my English as I am from Łódź, Cheers!

Commented 22nd August 2022 08:22 | Updated 22nd August 2022 09:15