Essential Updates On All The Things, The Second House Crew Box Set Revealed, Plus so much more you need to know...

Hello everyone

So much to tell you, and to fit it all into one blog is going to be hard. So forgive me if I am a little abrupt! :)

In a nutshell then: The last 3 or 4 months I have been in a long battle with my old pressing plant that has gone like this:

Pressing Plant: Please pay for these records and we will press and deliever them..
Chris: Press and deliver the records and I will happily pay for them.
Pressing plant: Pay for them, and we will deliver them.
Chris: No, because I pay for them and then you don't deliver them.

2 weeks later:

Pressing Plant: Please pay for these records and we will press and deliever them..
Chris: Press and deliver the records and I will happily pay for them.
Pressing plant: Pay for them, and we will deliver them.
Chris: No, because I pay for them and then you don't deliver them.

It has been unpleasant (massive understatement).

But we seem to have sorted it out. So:

KF159 - Ray Keith - The Golden Years Box Set: 3 of the 5 records are pressed, the other two are being sent in the next few weeks, then we will pack and ship. We are hassling them daily about this.

KF186-190 - Dj Force & The Evolution - The Perfect Dream Box Set: Will be pressed in 3-4 weeks. I know this is very late, but still, we hope to have it in your hands by early November at the very latest. Its the best I could drag out of them.

KF230 - Dope Ammo and Moondance - Together Box Set: - We are told this is pressing the first week in December.

I am still trying to get the Mondance Box Set sped up and to us quicker than they have stated. I know if you have purchased that, or the Dj Force & Evolution box set, its been a horrible wait. But I have had to put the Ray Keith Box Set in front of those two simply because while both of those are 5-6 months late, the Ray keith set is now SIXTEEN months late.
Even so, I am on top of all three of these, hassling the plant, and telling them if they dont get these three box sets to me as promised to me, I will cancel them and take them elsewhere. While this is possible, I have been reluctant to do it because it would mean a recut and starting from scratch basically, so would have meant spring 2023 at the earliest. So. This is not the best news ever, but I do think these will be here as stated and at least we have a timescale now. I will update you as they come in. And as ever, deep and sincere thanks for your patience with this.

And I will also make sure every customer who had to wait for these gets some sort of gift or compensation or something to thank them for their patience.

Now, do you all remember in April this year we had had nothing for months, and then we got absolutely loads? Because it seems we have sorted the issues out, that whole craziness is going to happen again, only worse. Because as well as the box sets, I am informed that we are getting the Acen Dubplates (at fecking last), the Dj Solos, Nookie Box Set, and many, many others from MPO, our old pressing plant. A lot of long delayed releases. Some of them perhaps not so high profile as the ones meantioned, but still, there are new KFWs and Out of Romfords and JALs and others.

On top of that, I stiopped using the old plant a number of months ago, and now the new pressing plant is starting to deliver, so we are getting a ton of releases from them. It will seem like things have jumped the queue, but really, its two different queues for two different sets of releases, one much delays, and one on time, but both arriving withing the same few weeks.

And everything is basically expected "end of October / early November".

I am not going to list specific releases, because I have been let down too many times. But it is safe to say...yeah...a lot of releases are on their way. By my calculations, about 35,000 units including box sets and singles. 

I will stagger the releases as best I can over the next 3-5 months, prioritising the most overdue. It is going to be a difficult few months of managing releases and, well, managing storage (I think I might be living in a vinyl fort)...but "too many records arriving" is certainly a much better problem to have than "no records arriving". Still, I thought I better give you a heads up.

In the meantime, I wanted to confirm to you all that we will have the incredible Shades Of Rhythm Box Set in stock next week, and that it will go for sale on Thursday the 6th of October at 7pm. We will only have 500 copies. A repress is possible, but unlikely given the current situation:

And also that we are likely to have the second House Crew Box Set early (what? early? Vinyl arriving early? do you rave sir? DO YOU?) and available in November, so we finally get to reveal it in all its glory...

Some of the other news is a little less fun. As you will all know, prices have gone up everywhere. Kniteforce is currently cheaper than almost every other label, even with VAT added on...but at some point this month, prices for singles will go up a little bit. It cannot be helped. We are paying 25% more for each record than we were a year ago, because vinyl, packaging, posting, printed parts and the cut have all risen in price. 

Of course, VIP people still get 10% off of everything. So I strongly suggest that anyone who buys from us regularly but has NOT asked about being VIP, does so now. We award it based on orders made, so if you have made 3 or 4 orders, it is worth emailing me about it as its not an automatic thing, I have to do it manually. Include your user name, and email me here:

Subject: Can I be a VIPer?

On top of that, because of the vast amount of vinyl we have coming in, we are going to restrict what we give to be distributed outside of our store. Simply put, we are going to try and sell every copy we get delivered directly to customers, rather than give it to a distributor to sell in other stores.

What else? Ah yes, we have moved our digital catalogue to a company that is way better than Labelworx. I wont go into specifics, but if you are a label and you use Labelworx for your digital distribution, I would be very careful.

Anyway, that move is why for a few weeks the KF catalogue disappeared from the digital stores and playlists. They came down from one company, and are being put up by another. Most should be back by now (each site takes its own time to re-upload their content). It is a mad way of doing things, but there it is. Our new digital distributor is Cygnus, who are superb, and because they have such a good set up, Kniteforce is going to massively expand its digital output. Once any vinyl is sold out and not going to be repressed, we are likely to make it available for digital distribution on our site, and then later worldwide. Not KFW mind, as that label is not for digital, and some things we cannot do because we do not have the right to do the digital copies, but...yeah. 

So thats pretty much it. We have an absolutely crazy few months ahead of us it seems. But I really hope all the presold and delayed records will be delivered and everything will be in order by the end of the year. Thats the plan, stan...

Nice one,


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My wallet has enjoyed the breather in releases, thanks for all the great work you all keep doing

Commented 30th September 2022 01:41


Keep up the good work Chris, we all know that Covid has caused a multitude of problems for most businesses and they are still trying to get back on track (although some are using it as an excuse as always). Looking forward to the boxed sets I've already ordered and I'm also definitely on the SOR and House Crew Stuff (as well as DJ Solo & Acen Dubs) when they materialise. I suppose the good thing is, I saw your missus post that she is now cooking superb meals - which means that at least you ain't going to starve during the great vinyl flood of 2022.

Commented 30th September 2022 01:46


I heard Q Project – Champion Sound (Hyper-On Experience remix) – Legend Records [KLEG16A1] on the Jay Cunning We Are Hardcore show on May 17th. And it was immense. Clearly you have tonnes to be working through but when will that be available? Gotta have it! Keep up the good work

Commented 30th September 2022 01:51

We will get that on the go asap. I think it will be available in March 2023. not as fast as I would like, but the big back log is a thing we have to work through before we can get naywhere really!

Replied 30th September 2022 01:52


Just emailed re VIP - I'm having trouble sleeping at night waiting for the SoR drop :D

Commented 30th September 2022 02:08


Does that mean that the previous boxsets and other vinyl only releases are likely to get put up digitally in the future?

Commented 30th September 2022 02:15

The Box Sets are tricky due to licensing issues. Acen, for example, we do plan to make available as digital, after the second box set comes out. But we canot do Shades Of Rhythm as digital stand alone, or House Crew. But basically, if we can, we will, after the vinyl is sold.

Replied 30th September 2022 02:37


Thanks for the updates on the box sets. I think it's all down to me I'm afraid.. bad karma etc! I've ordered most of the box sets. Hopefully being made a VIPer may restore equilibrium?!?

Commented 30th September 2022 02:20


Great work as always, as mentioned above, my wallet has appreciated the breather! With regards to the Acen dubplayes, I am glad I brought the test presses now ?

Commented 30th September 2022 02:45


Brilliant stuff Chris. Sounds like you're about go be inundated with vinyl ? Just emailed about the VIP. Can't wait for the shades of rhythm box set release ? ? Nice one ?

Commented 30th September 2022 03:09


Quote: KevGee .....Hopefully being made a VIPer may restore equilibrium?!? /end quote ^^^^ oooh on a tangent : Vocation - Equilibrium (& everything on Furious Records) would be a great repress if that's a possibility Chris

Commented 30th September 2022 03:16 | Updated 30th September 2022 03:17


I feel your pain, I really do.. Dead Beat Records next release The Shadowman album is now being recut at a new pressing plant because MPO let us down. It's been nearly a year now since we sent it to be pressed and to say it's been frustrating is an understatement. Hopefully we should receive it before Christmas. So I'm happy to wait for my order. Thanks for all your hard work and effort. KutMasterK

Commented 30th September 2022 03:33


Awesome stuff again!

Commented 30th September 2022 03:55


It’ll be a shame if I can longer pick up KF records from small independent record shops. I wanna support both.

Commented 30th September 2022 04:20


As always, super grateful and stoked to receive this box set (when available) Looking forward to having more releases... Soon???

Commented 30th September 2022 05:17


Well Chris its been a while coming, but I think you're finally starting to see the end of the backlog tunnel. My wallet is starting to hyperventilate thinking about all these new releases. Cheers! Looking forward to finally getting my hands on that Ray Keith box set I ordered back in July 2021.

Commented 30th September 2022 06:24


Lots of stuff coming! Thank you :)

Commented 30th September 2022 11:41


That's it with saving some money... :D I hope the releases will come in "acceptable" blocks, because I want a lot of them. Keep up the good work!

Commented 1st October 2022 10:57


Keep up the great work KF ! Ok feel like it's the early 90s walking into a record shop. Can anyone tell me what that track is that has ' idiots, there all idiots' sample. That needs to be in the collection of possible! Ta very much !

Commented 2nd October 2022 03:10


Fantastic work guys, just ordered the SOR boxes and can't wait foe the Moondance stuff. Remember old skool is the future ?

Commented 6th October 2022 06:34


Hello. When will the Box set dj force & evolution be ready?

Commented 18th December 2022 11:02