Updates, New Stuff, and so on....

Hello everyone,

Sorry for the long silence. Mostly this has been because of long illness. The whole family came down with the dreaded Covid, and it went on for weeks, and then as we were coming out of it, over the hottest few days, our youngest got sick, and then as he was getting better, wifey got sick, and all in all its been a bit rubbish on the health front. House of lurgy, right here. All we could do was manage the store and the business as best we can, and it left little time for blogs and etc.
But we are all much better now, so one we go!

Right, updates first! As many of you will now know, we have got so fucked off with the endless fooling about at our pressing plant that we are moving to a new one. Anything I cut since April has been at my new plant. 
However, it is not a simple job to move plants. All the metalwork and etc for current jobs is at the old plant. Moving that is a huge task, especially when you throw in the incompetence and all around idiocy that we have been dealing with. Not to mention, the new plant has a 4 month turnaround, meaning if something is due to be pressed by the old plant, its a difficult decision to move something that should be pressed soon. It might be another two months at the old plant. But moving it? A month of messing about only for it to end up at the back of the 4 month queue at the new plant.

All of this is to say, as ever, I am doing my best to get this chaos sorted, but it is like dealing with monkeys. We have had the I/J sides of the Ray Keith box set delivered, but nothing else. I have been told July for the Moondance Box Set, but it has not arrived. And we are still awaiting the Dj Force & The Evolution box set, due in April, as you know. And, of course, the now mythical Acen - Dubplate Remixes of Trip To the Moon.
Likewise, the Dj Solo vinyl is long overdue, and so is the Nookie Box Set. Not to mention numerous other EPs - a new Future Primitive repress, EPs from Stu Keating and Ross Fader and Eko and TNO and Wislov.

We have been told the plant has pressed 500,000 records recently. Which is nice. We havent been told what they have pressed. Which is typical of the sort of bullshit we are dealing with. So yeah. I am sure your patience is long at an end with this crap. I feel like I am just repeating myself again and again, and I cannot wait to be shot of this endless fuckery. Frankly, the stress of it is taking its toll on me at this point. I simply cannot see how it can be so difficult to:
1. Press the records and
2. Tell me what is pressed and when and then
3. Send them.
Its their only job. Some of these releases are 14 months late. Thats such an epic bit of fuckery that it is almost beyond belief.

But I tell you this: You will get your records, and it will be worth the wait. Never in 30 years of doing this job have I failed to deliver. 

I am trying to sort something out for those who have waited so long, especially for the Ray Keith box set. While none of this has been my fault, it is still my responsibility, so if I can come up with some sort of awesome gift for those who waited so long, I absolutely will. Your patience is so very appreciated. In all this mess, only 5 or 6 people have lost their shit about it with me. And even with those people, I have been like "Thats totally fair, I don't blame you for being furious, you are right" because its fucking absurd to be waiting like this. It just is. But the vast majority of you have been the most awesome people ever, understanding and brilliant. So my deepest thanks. Lets hope the wait is only a tiny bit longer.

Okay, on to other things...On Thursday, I am releasing my new book, The Rave Commandments. I only have 200 coming initially. I have no idea how many I might need when it comes to selling books lol. These first 200 will be signed by yours truly, and will come with an audio version, recorded by me. And with the digital versions for kindle and ipad and etc. It will also come with the spelling mistakes and errors you would expect lol. I hope you will support the book. Here is a picture of the front cover:

In other news, I have signed the entire back catalogue from The Criminal Minds, as well as a brand new album from them, so thats super exciting.

I have a double EP from Secret Squirrel on its way.

I have signed one of the most amazing old skool tunes but am not telling lol.

There is a Jimmy J & Cru-l-t Box Set on its way for later in the year.

The House Crew's second Box Set has just gone to cut and should be here in time for Xmas.

We have new EPs from Mountain Terrace, NRG, Liquid Crystal, Dwarde and many others!

Tickets to Knite Club continue to sell at a steady pace - I think it is very likely to sell out before the night, so if you are considering coming, stop considering, and start getting your tickets. It is going to be unmissable:


And we have a ton of other things about to arrive and in the works, its all very exciting! So there is a lot of good stuff going on. Here are LOADS of artwork images for you to enjoy, of things that are on their way...

Thats....just some of it lol

Nice one,


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My mind was properly blown reading all that… then again seeing the artwork. Whoopieeeee

Commented 8th August 2022 07:17


Wow, insane how long the plant lets you wait, that's ridiculous. Looking forward to all the releases and the delivery of all the open orders, but no stress I know you'll do your best. A little present is always welcome :D Big ups and keep going!

Commented 8th August 2022 07:18


Absolutely loads coming & again I'm worried for my wallet even if I restrict myself. The Bad Onion releases are instant purchases though, no need to even think! Uplift has been playing them on Eruption & they are incredible. Be glad to hear when everything is moved from the French pressing plant.

Commented 8th August 2022 09:44

All of this will be very spread out compared to recent events!

Replied 8th August 2022 01:11


Glad you are feeling better! Me and the fam got Covid a few months back and I'm still not 100%, it proper sucks. I literally just said "wow" while scrolling through that artwork. That's proper!

Commented 8th August 2022 10:37


Really feel for you mate, got everything crossed here for the backlog to be cleared this decade... Just remember, these delays are out of your control and you are doing your best; waiting for our records won't kill us, even if it is frustrating, so try not to stress as that's no good to anyone especially you! :D Besides, the wait will make them all the more amazing when they arrive... and they may be worth more too, being antiques,,, haha ;)

Commented 8th August 2022 11:10


Awesome keep up the great work as per usual I shall wait as long as it takes #Kniteforce crew ?❤️

Commented 8th August 2022 11:43


EXCITED! Especially, with the book update :D Rollin and gorgeous the KF thunder as ever!

Commented 8th August 2022 01:22


Awesome stuff! Very cool

Commented 8th August 2022 02:40


Don't known why 5 or 6 people would lose their shit with you, it is totally out of your hands. Appreciate your hard work Chris.

Commented 8th August 2022 04:04


Alot of good stuff on the pipeline. Glad u guys are feeling better. Just wondering whats going on with KFA. Noticed its been pretty quiet. Also Malice kinda dropped off as well. Just curious if those are still going on

Commented 8th August 2022 05:02

Bioth KFA and Malice have 3 or 4 eps cut and on their way. Both have been revamped and are gonna be more prolific, but its taking time, like everything atm.

Replied 8th August 2022 08:20


Great stuff to look forward too!! ??

Commented 8th August 2022 06:20


Yasss ! So much goodness forthcoming. Looking forward to the new book, all good waiting on the ray Keith , I will say this. Hope they ain't playing akward even more as you is moving plants. Anyhoo keep up the good work KF crew.

Commented 8th August 2022 09:53 | Updated 8th August 2022 09:54


So many good releases

Commented 11th August 2022 06:13


Thanks for the updates, always appreciated. Few quick queries: Any chance you can do an audio version of your first book? Also any chance there will be any Kniteforce footy tops available in the near future?

Commented 11th August 2022 06:34


Holy Shit! not a lot going on then!!! lol Was that new Wislov and TNO project and DJ Luna C!?! I'll look forward to that then : ) Sorry to hear you've (the whole family) been ill, I was going to say I know how you feel! but I don't as I haven't had Covid, I reckon I've been taking the proper vaccine all along! (Speed) at home with a fucked back at the moment! Great to see the book is out, I have a copy of your first one here so thought it'd be worth getting this one! Much Love and Respect from Jake

Commented 11th August 2022 07:03


"It's like dealing with monkeys" ... As an ex-pat brexit refugee, currently living in France, I can confirm. Story definitely checks out. You just forgot to add the words 'lazy' & 'parochial' ... obviously their influence has been rubbing off on you... Run! Run while you still can! ;0) Feel better soon. :0)

Commented 11th August 2022 07:12


Dj Solo....OOOOHHH! A Bit of Wax-Wee just squirted out! Anything on Kniteforce Prime gets me hot, too. And ONE day, I'm sure we'll se The Sandman...!! :)

Commented 12th August 2022 02:45


Good to hear you are all on the mend and as for the vinyl it will turn up when it turns up. All the best.

Commented 19th August 2022 11:48