KC merch and KC tickets and Shades of Rhythm and a lonely apple, twirling in space.

Hello Everyone,

A new blog...but why? Dunno. Its a weird time. But there things of varying importance to tell you...so...

1. We have Knite Club merchandise on sale now on the store...there will be some available on the night as well, but we thought you might wanna grab it to wear before the night, so...yeah. Got some wicked stuff, the usual array plus a split color shirt and a tour shirt...


2. The tickets for Kniteclub are going very well. its only like...17 days away. Jeez, PANIC lol...but we have so many cool things lined up, not to mention we added Ray Keith and Nookie to the already incredible line up...if you havent already bought a ticket, now is the time.


3. We hope to have the Shades Of Rhythm Box Set in our hands in time for the 17th of September. it is coming from our new plant, who are a million times better than the old one. But even so, they are subject to the same issues with getting what they need to make records as other plants, so they havent guaranteed anything. No plants do anymore - they just say things like "the second week of September" lol. But. It will either be here on the 17th or within days of that, so that Box Set will go on sale on the 17th either way on the store.
It will be a 6 vinyl set, with a slipmat, huge 24 x 24 poster, and stickers too....Unmissable in my opinion...Heres some images for you...

4. Lastly, as you know, we are moving warehouse. For that reason, the store will remain open, but we will not be able to post any vinyl out between the 5th and the 12th of September. This does NOT effect the merchandise as that comes from a different place anyway!

And thats it, the whole kit and caboodle!

Have a lovely night and...to save time, I emailed this blog with a few minor adjustments. Thats thinking with portals. but which came first, the chicken or the other chicken? Dunno. Rave on my brothers and sisters...rave on...

Nice one,


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Commented 1st September 2022 09:14


Crap. RMT announce rail strikes for September…15th & 17th. :-( https://www.theguardian.com/business/2022/sep/01/rail-strikes-rmt-dates-september

Commented 2nd September 2022 06:07


Take care while moving the warehouse. Can't wait for the SOR release, big ups.

Commented 2nd September 2022 06:36


How many copies of the SOR box set will there be?I won't have the funds until the following week and I don't want to miss out ? Edit: Never mind, just seen on a previous blog post that 500 are being pressed. Fingers crossed they'll be some left!

Commented 11th September 2022 06:05 | Updated 11th September 2022 06:13


18th Sept ????? SOR

Commented 18th September 2022 06:47


Any update when the SoR boxset will be up on the store? Cheers geez :)

Commented 20th September 2022 11:11


25th sep

Commented 25th September 2022 06:05


Posted 1st September 2022 By Luna-C

Commented 28th September 2022 03:28