Info Dump Of The Week!!! Updates and more...


Another day another blog...but i do have a fair number of important updates about all sorts of things, so I thought I would do one!

Okay, but where to start? Lets go with the general pressing situation.

KF159 - Ray Keith. The 4th record is pressed, the 5th is pressing 2nd of November, so the finished set should be here the first week of Novemeber, and then we will immediately get the box sets packed and shipped. All of tthose who already paid and waited so long will be getting a number of extra goodies to go with it!

Other than that, we have moved (or are in the process of moving) EVERY 12" vinyl release and box set from MPO to our new plant. A huge amount of the releases will be here late this week I am told. We then have to sort through what they have sent because we do not know what parts we will get. 
It all gets a little technical, but in a nutshell, either what we get will be immediately useable so we can press some of the delayed records as soon as paper parts (labels and sleeves) arrive, or it will take a month or so to make the parts useable. I will know more on that soon.

So that plan is this: Get the parts, sort out what we can do, and then press things that need pressing.
Obviously right at the top of that pile are the Dj Force & Evolution Box Sets, and the Moondance Box Sets. With any luck, we will be able to get these swiftly, but I do have to wait and see what we actually get from MPO and then see how long the parts will take. But I am optimistic those will be here in the next 4-6 weeks.

Many of you have also been asking about KF176 - Acen - The Dubplate Mixes. We need to talk about this a little bit because it was so long ago that things have got confused. 

Initially, this release was set up in 2021 to be a "sorry" for those who had to wait two months for their Acen box sets. Looking back, I would KILL for a wait of only two months. And KF176 was ordered in May 2021, so by my measure, is now over a year late. So thats ridiculous, the "sorry its late" record is more than 10 months later than the record its apologising for.
Back in the wistful year of 2021, I was able to bully and complain at MPO about the 2 month delay, and they agreed to press it for free.
Unfortunately, MPO did not press it, and continued not to press it, and we are now moving it to the new plant. 
This means that I would have to bear the cost of giving it away for free. This is of course unfair on me, just as it is unfair on you guys who I promised it to, to now have to pay for it. 

Here is my compromise: I will sell that record for cost price to those who had the Acen Box Set late. It is far from ideal, but it is the best I can do.

Other than that, the plan remains the same on that release. We have a list of who had to wait for their Acen box set, and I will email all of those people with a direct link to KF176 - Acen - Trip To The Moon (Dubplate Mixes) that has it at cost price.

After that, whatever I have left will go for sale on the store as normal.

Okay, so thats all the MPO related stuff. In a nutshell, it is fairly simple - it means KF159 will be our last 12" from MPO, and then every other thing we had there (including the above releases, the Nookie Box Set, Pennywise, Wots My Code, New Decade, The Criminal Minds, and many, many others) are going to land with me as metalwork for the new plant, and then I will pick things to release and will be able to release those fairly swiftly over the next 2-3 months. 

Lets put that aside for now as it is one half of the coin. The other half is what the new pressing plant is already doing. We have had some metalwork from MPO already, and those ones are already in action. So at some point in NOVEMBER (I put February for some reason, no idea why), we are expecting these to lad with us (and again, I have chosen these based on priority and lateness):

KF146 - Liquid Crystal - Remixes 2

KBOGR46T - Baraka - Nutty Bass (Repress)

K18 - Future Primitive (VW Remixes)

K15 - Eko - Renegade Rewind

KFA117 - Knuckles - The Sun Burn EP

We also have these arriving late November / early December, and these did not move from MPO but were already in process:

KF172 - Renegade Bob Ross

KF179 - Ramos

And we have three Box Sets in process:

REC35 / REC00 - Jimmy J & Cru-l-t - In Effect

KF192 / KF193 - The House Crew - Ozomatlis Return Part Two

INFL24 - Ray Keith - 21st Century Junglist

All of this is happening in the next 2-8 weeks. So as you can imagine, its going to be chaotic and I am going to be juggling a lot of releases and all the rest, so as ever, I will appreciate your patience and goodwill. Its been bad for nearly 2 years, but I really am thinking this nightmare will be pretty much done by the end of the year.
And its really pretty good despite the chaose. Things like the Pennywise represses, which I know you are all anxious for, will likely now be early next year whereas if we left them at MPO, you would be waiting until the fucking moon implodes. So this is definitely better lol.

Alright, I think that covers that. Lets see, what else? Well, it seems you noticed and supported the shop expansion. I have been carefully adding new releases from labels that I regard as friends, and for releases that deserve the attention to the store, and they have been selling out almost as fast as I add them. We seem to have a new system falling into place, of shop updates and a Flashback release each Sunday night at 7pm UK time, and then new releases from our label going out on Thursdays at 7pm when we have them. I like this system, so we will roll with it until we need to change it again haha!

Oh, yes, now....we are still working on the Layaway option. This is now the number one update our store needs, so that people can order records, pay for them, and not ship them. Then they can order more, and add the two orders together, and keep doing that until they are ready to ship, and THEN pay shipping. A very useful thing I am sure you will agree. BUT it is also a VERY complicated thing to add to the store. But we are working on it with an aim to add that as soon as we can.

Other than that, the Shades Of Rhythm Box Set has been a huge success, and we will be adding the slightly cheaper 5 vinyl version to the store on Sundays update, alongside a range of Good 2 Go vinyl, restocks on Blue Badger, Overshadow, Amen Brother and etc, and also a bunch of older and long out of stock releases we pressed that the distributor is returning.

I should also note that we are on the last 70 or so fo the DMS remixes of DJ Solo and under 100 on the Pete Cannon / Sikka remixes. I ordered many more of the Dj Solo - Darkage original, double that of the two remixes Eps actually, but we have also sold 70% of those. So in case you had not read it anywhere else, this one will not be going to the distributers. It will only be available from the Kniteforce site, and once it is gone, we will not be repressing because they are 10". What difference does that make...oh yeah, right...Reeewwwiiinnnddddd

I forgot to UK plant does not yet have the ability to press 10". So the few 10" releases I still have at MPO are being pressed by MPO, and will be done in November. They are:

KF185 - Legends Vs Legends Volume 5

KF206 - Jon Doe

KF207 - Jon Doe

Also due in November. Fuck me, its gonna be a busy month.

Right, this blog has been a long one, again, and taken me most of the morning to write haha. So I am gonna leave it there. 

Big ups to you all, thank you for the support, and see you at Clashmouth November the 26th? Because you know we will have all and any of the above with us for then...

Nice one,


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And breath ?

Commented 26th October 2022 04:12


Iā€™m looking forward to Clashmouth. But my bank balance, not so much.???

Commented 26th October 2022 06:04


Wow, you know how to write overwhelming blogs. There's so much coming in and that excites me. ? I can't imagine how it will be when the chaos is over... So you have to create some by yourself to keep it alive ? big ups Chris, you are awesome! āœŠ

Commented 27th October 2022 06:29


At last the Acen dubplate mixes, no worries on paying the cost Chris, it is what it is ..

Commented 27th October 2022 03:42


I don't mind paying for the Acen Dub

Commented 27th October 2022 07:28


Appreciate the update Chris. So realistically how long are we looking at before the Force & Evo boxsets are pressed and sent out?

Commented 28th October 2022 10:24

It depends on the metalwork we get back. IF we get it back and it is instantly useable, before Xmas for sure. If we get it back and we have to make new metalwork from what they supplied, we might still get it by Xmas, but it might be first weeks of January. But my aim and intention is for it to be ready before Xmas.

Replied 28th October 2022 07:36