What is about to happen...

Hello Everyone,

I am sorry it has been a little quiet here. The new store is keeping us all busy, and the KF Council and I have been working very hard to get things sorted, but the result is I now have a ton of information for you! So lets get right to it :)

First up, the store: As promised, we are going to be functioning more and more like a normal store. The more observant of you will have noticed we have added Jedi and Cantina Cuts to the store, absolutely wicked releases from my good friend Edd Jedi, and there will be more getting added soon. As a side note, if you have made an order for these and you are US based, I have not received them here in the USA yet, as we send all records together to save on costs. But your order is coming, I promise, likely with the new releases....And that brings us to...

I was a little torn on how to do the release from here on out because we are not quite a normal store, and not quite just a label any more. A normal online record store would just release new music every week and customers would buy what they wanted, easy peasy. But we are not at that stage. And i still want to save you all postage where I can. So with that in mind, I am trying to group releases together. This means that future updates will sometimes have 3-8 records added to the store at once.

I am very aware that we cant all afford to buy all of everything at once. Still, it seems better to me to drop 8 vinyl EPs at the same time than to do 2 releases a week for 4 weeks, because those of you that DO want to combine postage on larger orders can do so, and those of you that would like to stagger thier purchases can do that as well. To make this better, I have extended the time between us having them for sale, and records being sent to the distributor. This means there will be more time for you to get what you want!

The bottom line is this: Yes, there will be more records dropped at once - we are a growing store of many labels. BUT we will have more stock for longer, so things will remain available for longer.

Well...except for some things, which brings us to whats coming on Monday, and off we go.


First up are the new KFWs! As we all know, these fly fast....